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  1. Katie

    New away kit 2020-21

    Not all that keen. Might grow to like it.
  2. If I remember correctly the design for last year’s away strip was strikingly similar to a mock up of yours?
  3. Katie

    Scale Model Fir Park

    Really impressive! Looking forward to seeing it progress.
  4. We’re going to be bottom six aren’t we
  5. As usual with Motherwell it’s the hope that kills you!
  6. Missing three penalties is criminal. As is losing four goals in the first half.
  7. We just doing away with twitter updates, aye?
  8. Especially in light of hearts’ goal last week where it appeared Gallagher had been fouled. As ever, it’s the inconsistency of such decisions that’s frustrating.
  9. Personally, I find the tone of most of the twitter output really grating. Without match updates I don’t see much point in it.
  10. The state of some of these posts. The club has (or at least did have) a database that, in theory, only allowed ‘proven’ Motherwell fans with a track record to buy tickets for games versus the old firm, and people were turned away regularly. What you can’t legislate for are Motherwell fans who then buy Celtic/rangers fans tickets on their behalf - and it happened more regularly than you would think.
  11. When I said I wanted more twitter updates, this isn't what I meant.
  12. Finding the lack of twitter updates very frustrating.
  13. Katie

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I understand people’s concerns but it’s still far too early to make an accurate assessment. It took Gorrin months to get up to speed and play the way we want the new players to immediately emulate.
  14. Katie

    retro kits

    I loved that kit!
  15. Katie

    retro kits

    I started to go regularly to Fir Park in 2004, when the kits had the Zoom sponsor. The less said about that kit the better. If I had my way the kits would always have the hoop.
  16. I hope you’ve got a game of 5s booked.
  17. There certainly seems to be an air of optimism around the club this summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are in for a special season... But I’ll stop short at predicting one
  18. Tremendous stuff. Though I’ll never be comfortable with an association with a betting company, personally speaking, the only real downside here is that i can’t see how any future away kits will live up to this one.

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