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  1. Is there any info on this game? Who scored for us?
  2. I thought some of the lay off headers Scott made in the second half were outstanding. Each time it almost resulted in a goal for Hylton.
  3. Ilic is a superb footballer. Looks a real find. Polworth also was excellent. Scott starting to look like the real deal.
  4. Based on us almost having a new team to pick from, what would be your starting 11? Carson Carrol Hartley Dunne Tait Sloth Campbell Grimshaw Ilic Long Seedorf I honestly just made all that up, but when you look at the squad now we have a huge amount to choose from. And if Tanner is back fit and Turnbull is back before Christmas then it’s looking very promising.
  5. I’m offended that your offended by my offensive quote about offensive Tory posh cunts. I threw in a political curve ball at the end there to make it a bit more offensive to the offended.
  6. Exactly. Stick to the boats you posh cunts.
  7. These guys all might be shite, but there is no doubt we have the coolest looking squad in the SPL. Mega Bar won't know whats hit it.
  8. Craigan will never be back at fir park. Ever.
  9. Right guys what I’ve heard is that Southampton have made a bid matching Celtics offer.
  10. Heard from a few people that Man City have asked Motherwell to be kept up to date with his transfer developments.
  11. As I say, if's and buts. I would love him to stay, but I think Motherwell as a business are looking at the long game and the huge difference the money would make to the club. As you say though plently more fish in the sea!
  12. This could be a disaster for Motherwell as if the deal falls through, then no other club could be willing to pay the £3 million. Might mean he stays with us for another season or the club have to accept a lower offer. All ifs and buts i suppose.
  13. Fair enough, but we don’t know what the other bids were like. Maybe they got 9 bids of around the million mark and then Celtic have came in with 3. As a club I just don’t think that is something we can turn down.
  14. Scott Brown from Hibs to Celtic was around the 4 million mark I think.
  15. Out of interest if you were in Burrows shoes in regards to the sale of our young talent what would you do?
  16. If any club comes in with £3 million or more then he is gone. No way we can risk keeping him and him getting injured or he loses form.
  17. Boy was brilliant, would have him back in a heart beat. Every time he got the ball you felt something was going to happen.
  18. Cadden is a superb player. Would be delighted if he stayed.
  19. Is Polworth really going to fit into the first team? I looked at him as a squad player at the very most.
  20. Based on how Cadden has been performing in his last few games I would LOVE to keep him. Has looked superb. Perfect scenario would be that next season we line up as follows: GK - Gillespie DL - Tait CB - Dunne CB - Gallagher / Maguire / Mbulu DR - Grimshaw MC - Turnbull MC - Campbell MC - Gorrin AML - Cadden AMR - Semple CF - Scott But in reality it will probably be: GK - Gillespie DL - Tait CB - Dunne CB - Gallagher / Maguire / Mbulu DR - Grimshaw MC - Fane MC - Campbell MC - Gorrin AML - Tanner AMR - Semple CF - Scott I think this summer we will be waving goodbye to the following: Turnbull, Cadden, Frear, Aldred, Sammon, Hartley, Johnson, McHugh, Newell and Main. Maybe even Campbell if the right offer comes in.
  21. If the figure of 11k a week is true then I am not going to hold anything against Hastie making the move as I would do the exact same if I was in his position.

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