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  1. Porter put in a real good 2nd half stepping it up and going and collecting then moving on balls that should have been getting delivered to him Sauders is a real good prospect but still made a number of errors, Accies done their job making it tough for him I just wish we had a mature player at the club to coach him through his introduction to the first team Naebody else really gets a mention except for my MOTM , Buzz Smith
  2. ask him what his user name is for steelmenonline.co.uk
  3. Brazilian

    Mark McGhee

    I agree with you Gaag and that we cant change the manager etc but why is it we have no strength in depth? they were his decisions to clear out and not replace I'm also quite angry at him again blaming a young boy for not doing the job he was told to do and then having a go at him as he is subbed because the crowd don't like it, does that mean all the more senior players were doing what he told them to?
  4. Well done Flow in taking this on again hopefully be able to clear some issues up and buy time on others until resolutions are forthcoming. I don't see the personal abuse you speak of but not being you I don't suppose I'd pick up on it, mostly I see frustration and much of it due to the little things which then erupt in major issues when other things are wrong. The phone system is not working!, I'm sure a number of people will be along shortly to mention how for the last two days during business hours they have been calling every half hour to try and find out ticket office hours for Accies tickets. Its all very will having a trick system with automated messages but I'm sure everyone will agree if those messages do not answer your query then rage will ensue . as for Voicemail customer facing functions should not have voicemail on their extensions. If a customer is calling they should get an answer even if that means getting re-routed up the ladder all the way to the top until someone answers. And since i mentioned it,although too late for Accies tickets, Ticket office opening hours what are they again? has the fanbase been informed that reduced hours will operate next week, might make a difference for anyone wanting St Mirren tickets. Half price season tickets, where can I find them, noticed an A4 sheet lying in the office today with the prices. you've mentioned the new database for season ticket mailing is that new new or should I not be on that from the start of this season? What happened to the pitch during the close season? JB told us it was getting ripped up and totallly re-laid all the doubters might have more sympathy had we been told what really happened and the reasoning behind it. Whats happening with the stadium bookies? we were told they would be re-opeing in the next week or two? some months ago, but it doesn't seem to have happened?? I appreciate your efforts as I appreciate everyones effort doing the best for MFC, just sometimes things seems to get put in the way of what is best way forward
  5. Nonsense, I take it you have forgotten the outcry when the midweek Sellik game was called off amongst others when we kept saying we would get the pitch ready in time The ground was clearly frozen solid during the inspection and there is no way fans should be expected to travel not knowing if a game is on or not. 12 o'clock was appropriate that day earlier inspections should be enforced for further travelled fans. there is no doubt the game should have been off that day, the only doubt is in why the pitch was unplayable.
  6. Ask him if he has ever played against any dirty cheating wee barstewards Strikers that go down like they have been shot
  7. Ask him if he knows the Ticket office opening hours
  8. "Petty" issues from the past are why the clubs got a shitty reputation right now If I'd known the Trust representatives just want to brush it all under the carpet I wouldn't have wasted my money on joining the Trust Take the book as Is a final chapter in a series, An Enjoyable read so far
  9. Think its wishful thinking Jay a number of different people have been on here frustrated with the lack of information regards ticket office opening times, I'm sure a number of club employees have noticed these posts as well as the number of complaints about not being able to get the information out of Fir Park but hey nobody seems any wiser Accies have their office open late til 6 every night later on the thursday and have it on there scabby wee site Not sure if the local Police will want a headcount before Saturday ruling out any Saturday morning sales but wouldn't be surprised if that is the case. Still it would be nice to know for those thinking about trying to get tickets.
  10. I really thought we would just about sell this one out, and I guess accies did too making it a top category match Its Hamilton Accies, oor local rivals in a league game. Seems a few of the old heads are making the effort because of the occasion but guess its indicative of the way Scottish football is heading as a spectator sport. Doon the pan!
  11. I'd imagine you can delegate if you can arrange something, they've not asked for passports .............yet!
  12. Aye very well done Now hows about that drink you promised me..........................
  13. but its not been changed :cough: Concessions are available for senior citizens over 60 years of age, for junior supporters age 16 and under, and for full time students. :cough: Anyway back on track, when the fek are these tickets actually going to be at point of sale??
  14. away SUPPORT and talks about fans of visiting clubs, not games thats what makes me laugh as I say not your interpretation just the shambles that it is. and has been pointed out gets ignored most of the time or edited to suit them at the top mind and write to Ian Stillie if you think thats wrong & want to complain
  15. Thats the bit that makes me laugh every time, not your use of it but just the fact that this magnificent charter that gets rolled out every so often (although not by the club this time) Read the charter now and again: here is a direct quote from section 1: Accessibility But then goes onto to make cup competitions special?? the situation this time around is not ideal and the club will struggle to come out of it with limited damage All that I would ask is they do what they say once in a while: already phone calls to the club are feeding all sorts of different rumours about when and with what warning they will go on sale. very frustrating for all concerned.
  16. Probably not be getting season books again Not to say I will not be there but instead of going every week with a season book maybe just go when, work and such like allows, or when the good deals are on pay at the gate. the start of the end of regular attendance, again. J.B's new regime forced me out my season ticket seat when he arrived at first, now the ridiculous shambles of of the SPL and MFC's part in it, is making me consider if its even worth it at all. Norway sounds like a good idea for my funds to go on
  17. Brazilian

    Celtic on Setanta

    Aye ridiculous to be pointing out typos the real question should be what are the Mhankie hordes paying and how many stands are they getting B)
  18. Brazilian

    'Dear Supporter'

    So how is this going?? Has everbody else received their letter from the club? Has anyone actually been up to the Ark and arranged the complimentary tickets for the up and coming matches?? It's no surprise but I have still not recieved a letter to my home address for either of the two tickets registered here. It must be so difficult to send out what 2000-2500 thousand letters?? Was just on the phone to my mate who normally benefits from these freebies and he asked if he was getting any , that got me thinking and you know what these freebies don't grow the fanbase by any significant amount they might boost attendances here and there and my mate and his wee boy might regard MFC as their second/local team but they are never gonna become regulars at the Ark under the current setup with the ridiculous match scheduling, live matches on TV and the suicidal pricing structures in the game. I wonder if the club even study the true impact of the freebies or reduced gate prices for token matches, strikes me that the short term nature of the policy being repeated over and over has never worked and will never work. Merry Christmas everybody I've just depressed myself
  19. Brazilian

    What a Joke

    some would say that was also a section that got the treatment that might have punctured the undersoil heating. We'll never know cause the club tell us one thing and then that doesn't happen. Then they say nothing when questions are asked Now many like myself just don't believe a lot that comes out of the club from certain folk
  20. Last season 1/2 season ticket prices were:
  21. He was not commentating at our game up at Aberdeen. Which surprised me. I think we've missed him, not saying he is infallible but we are MFC and Craigan is still one of the best we have had or a likely to have. I think sometimes recently he doesn't get to concentrate on his own game and gets distracted & frustrated leading to some silly mistakes.
  22. Brazilian

    Accies game

    Can a Mod' please change the title of this thread in case it misleads any other fans that haven't already been misled by the fishel site I've checked with the club and they have said:
  23. Brazilian

    'Dear Supporter'

    Not received a letter for either of my tickets, heard about them hitting front doors last week and thought they might be spread out a little for franking purposes but didn't think we have enough ST holders for them to be spread out more than a week, It won't be like Motherwell FC to miss out on a opportunity to further isolate individual supporters with initiatives so we'll have to wait and see if this letter gets to all the intended recipients. for me and from reading the above, its just yet more spin from him at the top glossing over the complete and utter fuck up that was the latest kick in the teeth incentive campaign Its about time the club realised that calling a spade a spade is whats needed.
  24. Brazilian

    Accies game

    Quite surprised if its pay at the gate Accies website is reporting it as ticket only Thursday, 25 September 2008 Tickets for our next home game v Motherwell, on Saturday 20th December, kick off 12.30pm, live on Setanta, go on sale next Monday. Admission to this match is by ticket only, priced Adults £22 and Concessions £11. Season ticket holders get in as normal on production of their book at the turnstiles. Tickets for Motherwell fans are only available from Fir Park would imagine its almost guaranteed to be a sell out

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