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  1. That's fine. You don't need to stand in a safe standing area if that doesn't interest you. I doubt sitting behind the goal is some fans choice at games. I doubt some want to be sat in the vicinity of a vociferous section full of Bois or others the more sedate setting of the centre stand. But it would seem sensible to cater for as many preferences as possible when you have the opportunity to build something from scratch no?
  2. Stuck away in the opposite corner I didn't realise the pressure on Tait was much less than it appeared through the line of bodies. At the time it was Polworth whom I was most disappointed in. On the back of a poor delivery from a set-piece that overshot everbody moments earlier he was very easily brushed off in the middle of the park before the ball even when don't the wing towards Grimshaw. Highlights might show different of course.
  3. Let's leave the debate about poppies aside folks eh? From the match thread at least. Good old Compost Corner is your place for a good debate about them if the notion takes you.
  4. I can't agree. The team selection was one, as much as availability allowed, that replicated a formation which helped us take the lead away to a team that currently separated by goal difference from Celtic two weeks ago. That had two forwards playing. That was a minute away from going in at the break ahead and that only lost in the last 10 minutes.
  5. Your thoughts and votes please...
  6. Sloth! Truly the greatest player we've (n)ever seen in claret and amber!* *that half an hour in the League Cup apart Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  7. I think my preference, were it financially viable, would always be to remain at a redeveloped Fir Park but important to remember that the world has changed since the likes of Airdrie built their stadium (there is no longer a requirement for x number of seats) and even St Mirren, given that safe standing is now a possibility would help in coming up with a configuration that would be more palatable than say a McDiarmid Park style stadium. It will also be worth keeping in mind that the area around Fir Park is not what it was when the club moved there and nor is Ravenscraig likely to remain as it would if and when we moved there.
  8. As ever thing will come down to perspective and whether you want to emphasise a positive or negative. You can justifiably make the point that we've been two terrific late saves away from going four without a win. You could also argue that we've played three top six teams in a week, and despite often being remarked to be much physically weaker, too open in midfield and shaky defensively we've beaten two of them and only lost one goal in open play. I had been concerned in midweek that we might suffer from the exertions of Ibrox last Sunday but it never quite materialised on Wednesday. I felt there was a noticeable flatness and a definite lack of zip about us yesterday. It really did look like one of those games where at best we were going to draw 0-0 and at worst they'd sneak it with one of their rare, but fairly dangerous, forays upfield. The goal when it came was a bit of a gift but I guess it's the old saying, don't buy a ticket and you won't win the raffle. The conditions warranted such efforts and pleased that both our strikers and slowly but surely adding to their tallies. Livi's penalty looked a stone waller from my vantage point. A daft challenge and even dafter response by turning around and looking as guilty as one can be. But credit to the team and management for getting the win. The arrival of Seedorf brought an injection of pace at the right time and another piece of good fortune that Allan Campbell was in the right place at the right time to grab the winner. Enjoying being third for the moment but regardless of placings just now it is significant he gap being established between ourselves and the teams below us. Getting the win enabled us to move nine clear of Livingston is seventh. We often hear how the league position and prize money can determine the pace of contract negotiations so our good start may enable us to turn attentions to that earlier than might have been the case.
  9. Slim chance but not no chance. I remember going in there after they'd beaten Barcelona the game before and had to chuck on Larsson to help rescue a point against us. Maybe we'll be able to take advantage of some post European weariness on Sunday. They might be going for however many titles in a row but I always feel marginally more confident of sneaking something in there as opposed to Ibrox.
  10. No. 13. Unlucky for some they say. Celtic hopefully.
  11. Your thoughts and votes please...
  12. I'm going to put it out there. I don't give a flying fuck if Rangers do or don't sell Morelos.
  13. More to come says the manager. Make it so...
  14. Your thoughts and votes please...
  15. Wee bit of kit history from the Aberdeen website from a couple of years back. Makes mention of the black and gold briefly and it's brief reintroduction (I had it in my mind it was blue and gold mind you) from the 1990's. Might be of interest... https://www.afc.co.uk/2017/06/26/the-history-of-the-blue-kit/
  16. That's a fair summary. The first half was excellent and it was so frustrating not to get in ahead. You are left wondering what the mentality and strategies of both teams would have been had we gone in ahead. But Rangers scoring saw a big momentum switch. I thought we looked much less structured at the start of the second half. It felt inevitable they would score. We were giving them cheap possession again and again. But, showing how much I know, I felt they scored when we had began to look as comfortable as we had been all half. And we had started creating and getting up the park a bit more. Frustrating not to get anything but a creditible display in comparison to some sides at Ibrox this season. Encouragement to be found in the different style and formation that we adapted to. For a while there we seemed to be set on one style with no genuine alternative. Handy to have that up our sleeves for when the occasion warrants. The challenge, as ever, is to try to reach a similar level of performance on a stinking day in front of 4000 as they did in a full house of 50,000. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  17. One game to go until we've played everyone. Would be nice to finish the first third umm... third.
  18. Your thoughts and votes please...
  19. We must be due our once in a decade league victory in there soon. Challenging for the title, impressing in Europe they'll for a minute expect us to go in there and turn them over. Especially after lulling them into a false sense of security last November...
  20. I think it John Chapman who recounted a tale along the lines of one of the Rangers board apologising to him ahead of the game that they were having a party at full-time and so wouldn't be available for the customary post-match pleasantries. Motherwell of course won 2-0 and upon chancing upon the same individual after the game made a point of enquiring how the party was going...
  21. Oh spirit of Lionel Ainsworth I conjour ye from distant southern non league lands to instil belief, and the odd goal or three, into those fine claret and amber clad warriors on the Sabbath cometh....
  22. I don't know. I think we might be "protected" in January to some extent if Celtic don't meet the original valuation given that he extended his contract until 2021 in March this year. But if when he recovers he doesn't quite reach the heights of last season and we begin to move into that last year then I would think that would be quite a dilemma for the club. Do they hope with a full pre-season he recovers the form of old or begin to lower their expectations a little. Tricky one again.
  23. I don't want to lose full stop and a 3-0 loss does nothing for the goal difference either but the manner in which we lost yesterday will hopefully lead to lessons being learned more than it were a narrow scrappy single goal loss. For there is plenty to learn from. My eyebrows were raised a little when James Scott stepped up to take the penalty. I don't really know who else on the park would have been a candidate mind you but I was impressed at his eagerness and lack of fear in stepping up (I remember thinking likewise when David Turnbull took his first penalty also). It goes down as a miss but at first viewing it seemed more a great save than bad miss. The loss of the first just compounded the frustration. The build up to it has been well discussed, and to be fair to Cosgrove it was a great finish, but suddenly from licking our lips at taking on a team that apparently had to put two full-backs in midfield to put out a team, we were now a goal behind to team with a minimum of six defensively minded players. And we just never really seemed to come to terms with it. The second just seemed to perfectly illustrate the malaise when two of your most consistent performers of the season fanny about, lose possession and gift them what even as early as it came felt like the clinching goal. Their third was another good finish whilst we waited to bring on another forward. It certainly raises major question marks over whether we have it within us to be contenders for in and around 3rd place but the more realistic target of a top half finish remains very much achievable. A defeat to an Aberdeen team, regardless of scoreline yesterday, expected for finish above us isn't going to change that. Given how we defended and the potential loss of Hartley I can't say I'm confident at all and looking forward much to next Sunday though.
  24. Your thoughts and votes please...
  25. For me Aberdeen have enough about them for us to ensure we aren't going in over-confident but they are certainly a team that gives me huge satisfaction dishing out a bloody nose to.

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