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  1. He's not going to change the minds of a chunk of the support though. The die is cast for some and they are just marking time until the next guy comes in and gets told of his failings that make him not good enough. We could get 12 points from the next four games and all it would take it is another loss and the previous four wins would be downplayed. For some he's been living on borrowed time probably since that first run of defeats in the December that followed the 2017 League Cup Final. That he got to another Final, qualified for Europe, has kept the team in the division, rebuilt three, possibly four different teams across his tenure to overcome the challenges of the day, played his part in generating millions of pounds that have put club in its strongest off the field footing for years and achieved everything the board have asked him to achieve doesn't matter. They've decided.
  2. I wouldn't say yesterday has been eradicated from the memory but there are games as a fan it is simply better to put behind you, leave to the coaching staff to do what the need to/should do on the training ground on the back of it, and just move on. And yesterday feels like of those games. The first half left me largely apathetic to the point that I just muted the commentary at half-time and gave it little more than cursory glances in the second half. The "letter of the law" being applied selectively by Madden in both boxes, the remarks from the summarisers about just having to deal the referees decisions when being on the verge of tears the week before when the officials were perceived to have got it wrong, the team simply not turning u. It just felt, like nah, this is a nonsense best perhaps best summed up by Frazzle's tweet about asking if his cardboard cut out could be transported to the pub early in the second half... Moving, very very swiftly, on.
  3. Please put that into practice when you go to post your next joke
  4. Your thoughts and votes please...
  5. I know. Off the back of a bad result you hope you can get back on track as quickly as possible so on the back of three away games in three different countries in the space of a week, an opponent you haven't beaten in the league for nigh on 20 years isn't going to be anyone's fixture of choice. I would imagine I'm perceived by some as a happy clapper but I have to admit there are times when I can see why some folk look at things from almost a worse case scenario. If you have little or no expectation it can act as something of a shield. For me personally in this instance if we get pumped 3-0 or 4-0 on Sunday I'm not going to be very much surprised. But sometimes that little or no expectation can give a team a bit of freedom too. The expectation for many was that with Aberdeen and Rangers coming up in successive games we were looking at nothing from six. We're already three points better off than many expected. There is no pressure on us. Everybody expects us to get pumped. So they can give it a go. Or at least I hope they'll give it a go. That abysmal record has to go sometime. The last Motherwell team to beat them in the league wasn't one who had played in Europe the same season, or were even in the top three or four in the country. It was a team that by rights should have been relegated. You just never know.
  6. It's almost getting like Tories telling the SNP to stop talking about independence and then continually talking about independence. The only ones who constantly harp on about the Cup Finals these days are the ones who want to see the back of him. EDIT: And oh look! There's Yodo skipping along to further re-enforce the point.
  7. It does, but you've gone a little beyond "pointing out" In the space of a couple of posts alone you have alleged that they are going to ignore evidence from other countries when it comes to the re-introduction of supporters and suggesting that their messages are deliberately simplistic with the inference being that they are doing so to garner votes for an election eight months away.
  8. I don't know but he maybe looked at your dig at the Scottish Government, your listing the date of the Scottish Parliamentary elections and had a sneaky suspicion from that you were being political.
  9. Their co-efficient is of course largely derived through the achievements of past sides and not the team we faced this evening.
  10. At least we can quickly put our European exit behind us with a game against a team we have a great league record against. Oh....
  11. This one stings. It wasn't an especially poor performance by any manner of means, we weren't great but for a large chunk of the game we were more than half decent. And I don't think the opposition were particularly startling either. If, as was said Glentoran and Coleraine were roughly a Morton or Queen of the South, then I'd say this lot were perhaps going away to a Killie, Hearts or St Johnstone. Difficult sure, but by no means unbeatable. But a combination of naivety and stupidity cost us dear. Break it right down and your sliding doors moment perhaps, they put the free-header they had in the net, we put ours over the bar. The free-kick given away by Long was naive, the marking in the box appalling. But until then I thought we'd played pretty well. Long did well with the turn and shot, Watt a little unfortunate to get his feet tangled and the shot from close range blocked. But we were matching them comfortably. Their theatrics that were garnering them fouls I think we'd one shot to concern ourselves with. So frustrating for Long to be suckered and the poor defending so close to the break. I thought we started the second half purposefully but without creating a great deal of chances. And you can't then pass up the kind of chance that fell to Gallagher. I was anticipating a change and when McGinley gifted them the opportunity I thought that was the time to go to four at the back and put on a winger. But then Gallagher killed it. If there was some justification in "taking one for the team" with the first yellow, to immediately follow that up seconds later by attempting to strange someone in the box. I mean come on!!! It was done then. The third adds what feels like some undeserved gloss but in much the same way as we were clinical at Pittodrie so too were Hapoel tonight. I don't have Odense, Stjarnan, Katowice or MyPa style regrets but this is most certainly an opportunity lost. Particularly when so much of the damage was self-inflicted.
  12. Yes, Israel but not Hapeol Be'er Sheva's regular stadium which is undergoing works. Somewhere north of Tel Aviv I think I read.
  13. Well I didn't see that coming! It was impressive for a number of reasons. Scoreline - obviously. Performance. Focus. Concentration. Being clinical; and so on. I can't imagine that after 120 minutes and penalties on Thursday night and a journey home (albeit short) and then presumably what would have been a Saturday journey north there wasn't a huge amount of time on the training ground to tackle what was an awful second forty-five minutes on Thursday. But yesterday, when we had the lead was almost a mirror image. Aberdeen barely got a sniff and it was a professional a shutting down of an opposition as you could probably hope to see. How good was it to see us actually start the second half on the front. When they had made wholesale changes looking for a spark, it was us who had the ball in their half and they were defending corners. They didn't get a chance to build up the same momentum that Coleraine did on Thursday. I had my fears about three away games inside a week followed up with a visit from one of the Old Firm and it may yet be that we run of out steam come Sunday but there are times when the confidence is up, which it will be with the four wins in five, that it is no bad thing that the games come thick and fast. This kind of feels like that at the moment. Great to see us capitalise on the opportunities that came our way, to re-affirm what we are capable of when everyone is on it and quite pleasant to be able to look down the table at a few teams for the first time in a couple of weeks.
  14. Mugabi not suspended? If so, and we continue with the same formation there's a decision to be made about who makes up the three at the back.
  15. Your choices for Coleraine :- 1. Trevor Carson 2. Allan Campbell 3. Stephen O'Donnell, Bevis Mugabi, Ricki Lamie Which gives a total after Game 8 : Allan Campbell 16pts (3 MOTM) Bevis Mugabi 9pts (2 MOTM) Trevor Carson 9pts (2 MOTM) David Turnbull 6pts (1 MOTM) Sherwin Seedorf 4pts (1 MOTM) Liam Polworth 4pts (1 MOTM) Stephen O'Donnell 4pts Nathan McGinley 2pts Christopher Long 2pts Mark O'Hara 2pts Declan Gallagher 2pts Ricki Lamie 2pts Jordan White 1pt
  16. Your choices for St Johnstone :- 1. Allan Campbell 2. Bevis Mugabi 3. Declan Gallagher Which gives a total after Game 8 : Allan Campbell 14pts (3 MOTM) Bevis Mugabe 8pts (2 MOTM) Trevor Carson 6pts (1 MOTM) David Turnbull 6pts (1 MOTM) Sherwin Seedorf 4pts (1 MOTM) Liam Polworth 4pts (1 MOTM) Stephen O'Donnell 3pts Nathan McGinley 2pts Christopher Long 2pts Mark O'Hara 2pts Declan Gallagher 2pts Jordan White 1pt Ricki Lamie 1pt
  17. Your thoughts and votes please...
  18. I've said already I know nothing of the player's ability but I've seen the signing labelled panic on a couple of occasions but going by the comments attributed to Robinson that doesn't seem to be the case at all.... Time will tell whether he turns out to be a good signing or not but whether you agree with signing from a rival, signing a player who can't get a game for a rival, signing a player on loan etc. I don't think you can question too much the rationale behind bringing in another midfielder.
  19. Play Academy players Play Academy players Play Academy players Play Academy players....... .....Sign a 34 year old injury prone striker. Maybe there's a hint of a deviation from your oft repeated arguments about the youth players somewhere in there. In all seriousness yes, they could do both, will do both but more to the point they already do both. That there are a few youngsters going out on loan or there is no reserve league does not mean the Academy has been wound up or there is no longer a focus on those emerging from it, nor is it the case that every signing we make is done so with view to a making money on them (albeit it is a big part).
  20. Aberdeen looking for a seventh successive win. This is exactly the type of game Motherwell will......
  21. Can we expect 10 weekly posts demanding he resign instead of Robinson from you if I am?
  22. A loan signing from Livingston after scraping past a part-time team on penalties. "Go for it Alan, that'll really get them all back on side....." I admittedly know absolutely nothing of Robbie Crawford!

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