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    2019-20 Rebuild

    It's the potential requirement for a change of formation be that as a result of personnel changes, or simply when an opponent, in game situation or match warrants it, that left me slightly puzzled at the freezing out somewhat of Danny Johnson. I absolutely backed the decision to give James Scott the game time but wondered if perhaps some of that time might have been useful alongside another striker, in particular Johnson, to see if there was a potential partnership there. I still think Johnson offers something when we play with two strikers.
  2. Ok people, dedicated thread for all discussions, news, opinions and matters arising concerning those who've worn the glorious claret and amber at some point in the past. Do your bidding...
  3. Andy_P

    Livingston Man of the Match

    For the last time this season your thoughts and votes please...
  4. Quite a strange game on reflection but plenty to take from it in the end. I also felt our lead came a touch against the run of play, in terms of the chances created and corners forced by Livi at that point, but we continue to benefit enormously through the presence of David Turnbull. From goals to assists he just brings us so much. The routine from the corner was brilliant too. It was a mad sixty seconds with both sides having penalties saved. Gillespie, as well as being a really decent keeper overall, has proved himself to be really good at saving penalties. Must be about four or five over the season now. I wonder what the scoreline might have ended had Turnbull put his penalty away. A real shame he didn't get the hat-trick but perhaps the experience of being in that situation again of handling two penalties in the one game might stand him in good stead in the future. The substitutions seemed sensible in the context of where the game was at that stage and whilst more by accident than design I think the two debutants will have gained something from that last quarter or an hour or so. Certainly more from having to handle the situation of a game potentially slipping away than playing things out at 3-0 so again in the longer term, it's perhaps not the worst thing for them to have experienced. I hope that we might pick up one or two fans from the youngsters in the South Stand. From being in the proximity of the noise and colour of the Bois and seeing all five goals at "their" end as a showcase for the club it wasn't at all bad. It was interesting to see the names of schools and groups on the scoreboard at half-time and seeing a Boys' Brigade group from Dunblane illustrates the potential reach of these days. That we now have contacts for however many groups or individuals (GDPR legislation and all that malarky taken into account) the clever thing will be to follow up on their interest, get feedback on their day, thank them for their support and ensure we retain contact to help build relationships that may encourage them to return again. The "lap of honour" is something that I enjoy - the opportunity to thank the team and management en masse for their efforts over the season but as ever it is always tinged with sadness at those who have played their last in claret and amber (well, given our penchant for re-signing old favourites, for this spell at least). Whilst the standard of his performances and his ability to play at the pace required was often up for debate I'll miss the determination shown by McHugh. He put his head in where it hurts for the cause more than was perhaps sensible given his head injury so early in his 'Well career. Aldred likewise. He never ever felt like a loan player and the player we saw for the last two years is indistimguishable from the player Bury fans describe. Hastie, I just haven't seen enough to say whether he has won a life changing move on the back of a Ross Forbes style three month purple patch or whether he is indeed the real deal. Rodriguez -Gorrin moving on is a frustration. Just when he got up to speed, was given a chance and proved a perfect foil for Campbell and Turnbull in the midfield, he's gone. And Main. He never recaptured the goalscoring form of his opening three months but played his part in transforming the season, as well as the style of play, in the latter part of the campaign. Let's see what next season holds.
  5. Andy_P

    2019-20 Rebuild

    All being well Inverness will make it past Dundee Utd which would give him three further games as Caley player to use up any suspensions in.
  6. 6-2 win. David Turnbull hat-trick. "Are you watching.....ummm.....Malky Mackay"????
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    St Johnstone Man of the Match

    Your thoughts and votes please...
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    Robinson yer time is up

    Discounting the dismal Scottish Cup exit, by the close of the season Robinson will have delivered pretty much everything that would have been asked of him by the board before the season began. We finished comfortably clear of the relegation battle, a number of young players were introduced and there was a notable player sale through Kipre. That this has been done so whilst debts to former owners will have been further reduced and edging closer towards the break even point the board seek and I'd wager they won't consider this season a failure.
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    retro kits

    This one Gadgey?
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    St Mirren Man of the Match

    Your thoughts and votes please...
  11. Andy_P

    Motherwell v St. Mirren 4th May 2019

    Slightly surprised at the generosity being afforded to St Mirren. I thought they offered next to nothing and were very fortunate to get away with a point. It's one of the mysteries of the season that they have managed to escape from Fir Park with 4 points from about three shots on target. They made no attempt to win the game yesterday and only after we scored did some genuine urgency come into their play. Not to say they haven't got their tactics spot on and achieved what they wanted to achieve of course. If the chance that was blocked on the line goes in it might well have been a different game but for the most part it was a bit of a struggle. In the context of building for next season, maybe no bad thing for us in terms of working out a way to grind out a result in such games. It looked like we'd eventually done that, without panicking unduly and resorting to aimless punts, until unfortunately we messed it up at the death. Like many I found the withdrawal of Turnbull a bit odd and as has been pointed out as we went into those final few minutes it was even more curious to have several players out of position that could have been played in their natural positions. But that in itself doesn't cost us the win. I like Frear and think he does offer something but he blew that opportunity to kill it yesterday big time and we paid the price moments later. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Motherwell v St. Mirren 4th May 2019

    I think the, four on two was it, about a minute before only magnifies the annoyance of conceding. Fucking passback!
  13. Andy_P

    Motherwell v St. Mirren 4th May 2019

    I like the relative closeness and ease of travel that games in Paisley offer so I would be quite happy for St Mirren to stay up. That said for reasons unbeknown I seem to have been scarred by bad results against them more than most over the years so whenever we play them I yearn for us to give them an absolute bleaching (Friday night Barraclough style). I'll settle a for a 95th minute deflected own goal winner off one of their defenders arses all the same of course...
  14. Andy_P

    2019-20 Rebuild

    You don't need to justify your reasons for renewing your season ticket to me or anybody but waiting until the end of August before deciding to whether you renew or not seems a little odd. As you allude to in your post the transformation in style of play and enjoyment levels can be marked within the same season. Who's to say you renew at the end of August after a great start and it all turns to shit? Or a rebuilt team takes a few months to gel on goes on to have a storming campaign but you've missed out. Just seems a slightly odd barometer on which to decide. Each to their own though of course. I get what you're saying about the football too but some of the best football I've ever seen Motherwell play in my lifetime was playing a 3-5-2 formation under Tommy McLean and was packed with "footballers" like Martin, Krivokapic, O'Donnell, Lambert and Coyne. Maybe the players and style of play is more important than the formation itself?
  15. Andy_P

    Dundee Man of the Match

    Your thoughts and votes please...
  16. I'm inclined to think that Rodriguez-Gorrin has had a bit of a raw deal from Scottish officials since he established himself in the side. It reeks of paranoia I know but I am increasingly convinced he's somehow gained notoriety amongst referees and is not being afforded the same leeway that other players in his position get. Can you imagine Scott Brown or Ryan Jack for example walking for what he did yesterday? Unquestionably he needs to be a lot more astute in when to go in but I watched pretendy hard-man MacKinnon last Saturday boot people up and down the park for the best part of an hour before being booked yet in much the same time yesterday Gorrin was off the park for fouls that came no where near the severity or frequency of MacKinnon in the derby. And that has been the case in several games where he seems to get no leeway and gets booked very early on.
  17. Andy_P

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Craig Clay leading Leyton Orient back to the promised land. And I say that only partly in jest. Julian Lillington (Orient/'Well fan known to many) suggested to me the other evening he was a strong candidate for their Player of the Year.
  18. Derek Ferguson (father), Willie Miller (ex Aberdeen), Richard Gordon (Aberdeen fan).... Lewis Ferguson is favourite? Funny that...
  19. You didn't attribute blame to Scott no, but you were fairly dismissive of talk of the inclusion of a youngster as opposed to a more senior player. For me there is a balance to be found here between focusing entirely maximising prize money to the detriment of developing young players and vice versa. There is no guarantee that senior players will get you the desired result. Especially if several of them are potentially biding their time before moving on. You may gain as much if not more from a youngster eager to impress. I give you last season for example and the final two games of the season against Thistle and Hamilton. Again I don't necessarily see why we cannot finish 7th whilst affording less developed members of the team opportunities at the same time. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  20. I'm not disagreeing with your point about the finance but playing competitive games surely has to be better for a player's development than pre-season games. Has it crossed your mind we can do both? We were a misplaced back-pass away from beating Hamilton last weekend whilst including Scott. And it wasn't a youth player either who cost us the win.
  21. You could just as easily argue that the benefits to Scott and Motherwell in the long run are better served giving him experience in competitive fixtures against two sides that were battling against relegation than a closed door against Newcastle's U21's and games against Barrow and Gateshead.
  22. Andy_P

    Hamilton Man of the Match

    Your thoughts and votes please...
  23. Andy_P

    2019-20 Rebuild

    One slight positive we can take from Hastie's mooted move to Rangers, and indeed the McKinstry move to Leeds, is that it does re-inforce the strength and potential of our Academy; both for younger players on our books who we are seeking to retain or those we want to bring to the club. Whilst it warms the heart to read of players who, when they come through say it was the height of their boyhood ambitions to play for Motherwell, there will be countless parents of kids out there for whom Motherwell will be viewed as but a stepping stone for their laddie on his way to the top. These two might not have gone for the sums or at the times of our choosing but it does enable to clearly demonstrate the pathway through to our Academy. "Oh you're considering an offer for your son from Aberdeen. That's fine but only this summer two of our Academy players have moved to one of the Old Firm and one to an English Premiership side (maybe...) and three were involved in Scotland U21's." Not every club can say that when pitching for talent.
  24. I'd argue absolute shite is stretching it a bit but I'm not so sure how much the new contract has had to do with it. He had a good spell of form and a little like the team itself is having a not so good spell of form at the moment. In some respects he's no different to many players who are a bit unknown in the Scottish top flight - and I say unknown in respect of him generally not having turned out at right-back very much before his current spell. You have a certain amount of time where you slip under the radar but it isn't very long at all before what you can and cannot do in a position is sussed by other teams (arguably like the player who's been in front of him since the end of January). He benefited from that "anonymity" but having played against most of the teams now in that role everyone is well aware of his strengths and weaknesses. He wouldn't be my first choice in the position but brain farts like yesterday aside you know you are going to get a certain level of performance and unquestionable effort from him. The catch 22 with him is that good player as he is to have in a squad it has always taken him a few games to get up to speed to get the best from him. In an ideal world we're going to find that elusive left-back, Tait will return to the right and he'll back dipping in and out again here and there.
  25. An annoying conclusion to a game where we only have ourselves to blame for not leaving Hamilton with three points. I'd like to think had there been more at stake for us we would have sought to press home our advantage a bit more, particularly in the first half, and looked to have killed the game off. Instead it was akin to a cat playing with a mouse but somehow letting its prey escape and come back to bite it. Whilst I would obviously have preferred to have won, in the grand scheme it doesn't matter a huge amount. Truth be told I'd ratherhave a fixture or two at Hamilton than in Dundee (be that Dundee or Dundee Utd) so if our lapse of concentration helps that outcome materialise then at least some good might have come of it. It actually felt like they only way they were going to score was from something unexpected. They weren't without their chances but looked absolutely abject in front of goal until we made it so easy for them they couldn't miss. Pre-season game 1 of 2019'20 done and dusted.

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