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  1. The tops are nice, not a fan of the amber top/short/sock combo on the home kit though. A fan of claret/white shorts and stripey socks.
  2. Worth pointing out that is the broadcast press conference. The written press have a separate, and every major daily paper was represented.
  3. Hi guys, not one to normally post on here but felt it was worth clarifying as I was involved in the post-match press conferences on Tuesday night. A lot of people seem angry at Mark McGhee for having a go at Lionel in public to the press. At no point did Mark actually say who it was, even when asked. It was only when Lionel himself appeared 10 minutes later that it became obvious. It's also my understanding that it was Lionel who wanted to come and speak, as the press had originally asked for another player. Hope this helps Scott
  4. Err, aye just a bit! Just tried mine on their and I've base layer under armour that has been a looser fit! I'd suggest going one, possibly two, sizes up from your normal. Certainly smaller than last year.
  5. Tricky Dicky Offiong must be a contender?
  6. scott_mfc

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    There is. It was put in place a few months back. Minimum is a tenner a month if I remember correctly.
  7. Happy days. Pre-order on standby!
  8. Any word on if there's a baby or infant kit with the Macron gear? The guy in the shop wasn't sure the last time I was in a month or so ago. Expecting our first in July and want to get in first before my Celtic season-ticket holding inlaws try and beat me to it. If not I'll just by the Puma one that's on sale.
  9. Just saw the statement on the website. May be a daft question, but do you only qualify for the benefits and become a full member on completion of your final payment?
  10. So can you join up with monthly payments now or not? I've had a look on the Well Society website and it's not very clear as to how to go about it.
  11. I'd go for either of these Kalmaar in Sweden, holds 10k http://www.worldstadiums.com/stadium_pictures/europe/sweden/kalmar_guldfageln.shtml Odd Grenlank in Norway. Nice steep stands and capacity of 13,500 http://www.worldstadiums.com/stadium_pictures/europe/norway/skien_odd.shtml
  12. Anyone got the list of candidates?
  13. May be a daft notion, but if we were to move would we not be able to save a bit of cash by recycling elements of Fir Park? The seating in the Cooper and the South stand for example, pipes from our newly-laid undersoil heating, Furniture/tv's/computers etc from offices and suites already in place. Wouldn't save a fortune but would certainly give us a head start. As much as I agree there are parts of Fir Park that leave a lot to be desired, st least two - fair enough, just two - of our stands are on the face of it in far better nick than anything previously seen at the likes of St Mirren, Killie, St Johnstone, Accies, Falkirk etc before they rebuilt. We are also fairly fortunate that we have a sight on our doorstep such as Ravenscraig that will be fully redeveloped, albeit a bit later than originally planned. In my opinion it would be short-sighted not to try and get a slice of the action and get a prime site before the price begins to creep up. Obviously there are two main factors here. One: selling the Fir Park land and two: getting enough dosh in advance to start building a new one. There are only those in the know at the club who will truly be able to give any sort of indication how far fetched both of these are, but I'm sure a plan is already in place to try and look into sourcing revenue to get the project off the ground as it is something the club were looking at in the past.
  14. In my opinion, barring the game at Kilmarnock, we have yet to look entirely convincing or anywhere near the standard we played at last season. Last night was a hard one to take, as many have said we were carrying the hope of practically every team in the country and we just didn't cut it. I'll be at Fir Park on Saturday but believe a heavy defeat could spell trouble.
  15. Bit of a strange request but I'm looking for help with names of players who played for both Motherwell and Celtic. Preferably fairly decent players! So far I have Phil o'donnell, Tom Boyd, Dixie Deans and Brian Mclair.Tommy Coyne Ignoring all references to falconer, Pearson, McDonald and jim o'brien!

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