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  1. I think I read somewhere that the club are just checking out the quality and availability of the camera feeds tomorrow am before they open it up for sale in case it’s a dud.
  2. Reminiscing about Panathanaikos game in Athens a few years back and i think it'll be similar conditions. Game kicked off at like 10pm local time or something like that, and it was 28/29c even at that time. Team did alright and held their own just about in the first half, but fell apart in the second due to the heat. Difference being that Panathanaikos were clearly several steps above us in terms of squad, performance and experience - Hapoel are maybe only 1 step up on that one. I think if we put in a decent team performance, it'll all come down to how we adjust to the heat. I would certainly argue that our team is fitter than they were back then.
  3. Aye. Apparently he's got a new contract under his nose now - ball is in his court.
  4. Wonder what the clubs travel arrangements will look like. Presumably flying out tomorrow - but the situation with Israel lockdown at the minute probably makes an overnight unpalatable (not to mention expensive) - but I guess it’s too far to travel out and back in the day, players would be fucked. straight home after the match I’d think though.
  5. We haven't played anywhere near as many as them though - so the record could well be broken at some point. Of all the Scottish teams outwith OF - our ten year coefficient is better than all bar Aberdeen. That's respectable if you ask me. I suspect this may well be the end of the line - but I'd be feeling significantly more confident had it been a home tie, rather than necessarily the opposition themselves.
  6. I've also just seen the highlights from their last round. Looks like our mutual loathing of the defensive game is clear to see! Embdy's game! haha!
  7. Fuck it - go out there and give it our best shot. We're a fit team with decent legs, no denying that. They aren't world beaters, but are a good outfit nonetheless - and not playing in their own ground will remove some small element of advantage? Can we dae it? Aye. Do we need the rub of the green? Yup. Will we? Unlikely - but I have everything crossed!
  8. i thought we were outstanding on Sunday. Not just the early blitz, but we totally dominated the midfield and our defence were super comfortable under pressure. If every game was like that I'd be a happy man! Just the shot in the arm we need in time for the game in Tel Aviv.
  9. Promising sounding plans! Commercialisation of the platforms is key to them paying for themselves over time.
  10. am i right in saying we get 50/50 gate splits for revenue? This cup is showing signs of a nice little money spinner for us.
  11. Gaag

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    Ainsworth oot - Akinfenwa in. Job done - can steamroller the rest.

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