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  1. JPR Gordon by a mile, blatant cheating bastard. I was 10 in the main stand with my dad and he had to explain the rules for getting a penalty over and over on the train home, scarred for life and hate any refereeing decision against us now.
  2. phoenix

    Wullie P

    I bet we could get 1000 on the gate next home game if Wullie and Bobby agreed to a half time race across the halfway line and back. Good article that.
  3. Celtic fan jailed in Amsterdam for 2 months gets out on appeal and gets a VIP tour of Celtic park. Does anyone think the shite that comes out of there is true? Not on your life, trying to save face until the next time and then try to blame someone else, it's the Celtic way.
  4. I think he will stay to take us to European glory, lets be honest about it,if Lennon can anyone can
  5. Where is the choice of pick and choose games? I do that now like quite a few people I go to games with. Lower league games are cheaper and most of the time will be better entertainment.
  6. I am not sure if we could match 91 ever again but I am sure the generation in 51 & 52 could possibly have said the same, I think we have been spoiled with our achievements in recent years and the qualification for the champions league may never come again but there is just something special being the winning team at Hampden for a major trophy. How many of us could name the team who walked out in Nancy, Odense, panathinaikos, levante? I bet we could name the next cup winning team for generations.
  7. After watching St Mirren winning the league Cup, would we be happy with another cup win or our progress in the League qualifying for Europe? I would take another cup win, but many are happy with European tours, will be interesting to see how the support think
  8. One of the best posts on here for a long time, we will all be cheering Andy Murray if he makes the final tomorrow and it's the same with all sportsmen, they mature with age and experience. I support our youth coming through, the way we will survive.
  9. It looks like we will be voting against a newco and rightly so. Can we vote out Celtic at the same time as the telly money , sponsorship money etc will all be up in the air. They said quite a few times when they were in bed with each other their desire to go to England so if we are taking the hit lets take the full hit and be rid of the cancer. Lets start our country football SPL without any bigotry or alliance to another country, this is the chance to do it, if we don't where one remains the other will come back.
  10. Wullie P could have had a cigar to celebrate every goal but Bobby G always nicked them.
  11. It is frustrating that we sell players on the cheap but did we not reject a £1m bid for Reynolds. Swings and roundabouts, when the cash is there these days for players most clubs will take it, look at Rangers selling Jelly legs and basically giving up on the title. Of course everyone has a price but also everyone has a price at a time when money needs to be generated. With money behind our club maybe we will be in a position to reject shite bids for players and get what they are worth.
  12. The fence at times was a scary place but at least you had the fence, turn the other way and you had the opposition fans beside you with a fine division between, now that was the scary place. Although times have changed and the younger generation is a lot safer in a stand for our own fans, the buzz is not anywhere near as much as it used to be being a home fan at Fir Park. Appreciated it is a much safer place and a family atmosphere at the club, so the young guys get more of a buzz on away trips. The home games seem to be to try and get that atmosphere into Fir Park and 10 outa 10 for them trying
  13. MJC You must be that fat negative c**t taxi driver who sits at the Cooper end of the East Stand, if your not I suggest you join him as it will be a marriage made in heaven.
  14. As I am like most people in January, total skint, there are a few out there who are not. I am willing to trade a 1951 league cup final programme v Hibs and signed Willie Redpath photie for my £300 to buy into this. Any takers. Otherwise I will go for the installment option. It is just a fantastic opportunity for the fans of the club to also be part of the club.

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