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  1. That second was surely a cross rather than a shot, no? Belter none the less. Hopefully a real prospect.
  2. I'm doing the same. It feels like watching a movie with someone constantly telling you what'll happen next.
  3. What a load of pish. Yeah, chances are we'll be beaten 2-0, 3-0 on Thursday night. But, nothing is set in stone. We a man in behind them, into their box and the keeper takes him down and is shown red, we score the pen and have 75 mins to get another against 10 men. Crazy senario, but not impossible. I'd rather take our best team, give them a game and even if we don't cause a real upset, it'll give the boys experience which carries over to cup games this season.
  4. The tickets sold to away fans are for the lower section of the South Stand, I don't know if they'll do what they did with Pana and split the fans have have some home fans in the South as well, but I imagine it might be a logistical minefield so they'll avoid it when possible.
  5. Read that and just thought it was an interview conducted last week and only printed now on the run up to the game, with no one at the Sun having the common sence to conclude the numbers might have changed by now.
  6. I'm sure we'll hear more near the time, but ideally it would be wonderful were a Russian network to pick up the game and we'd get a feed of it, that said I'm not holding my breath since Krasnodor aren't a big name Russian team. Otherwise, I fear it'll be twitter updates.
  7. ...the shares price for Greggs would fucking skyrocket!
  8. Alexander who was on £11,000 a week? The very same man who turned down an offer of £10,000 a week because it was only a year contract and he wanted to know he'd be employed long term. Yeah, okay.
  9. Well, that'd explain all the pish running down the East Stand stairs when the bogs overflow.
  10. Dave_I

    Michael Higdon

    This is correct. But, during his time playing in Scotland Michael has been doing Scottish Cultural Studies, he passed his final with flying colours by getting the jail for fighting with bouncers after being thrown out a night club. A+ Michael you've really truely learnt what it is to be Scottish, now come play for us. No, but, seriously next time Lennon bumps his manky diseased gums about Hooper deserving a call up for England, McCall should be replying through the press with "How many more goals did he get than Higgy this year?" Higgy for an England call up over Hooper please.
  11. I could be wrong but I believe we were seeded that year in the 3rd round against Aalesunds. I'm sure we were only just seeded though and no other year before or since would we have had enough points to be seeded. It could happen again but we would need a few upsets in the 2nd round to have a chance at being seeded.
  12. Dave_I

    Michael Higdon

    So Bob Molcom was there? And there was bouncin? I am now starting to think we should worry
  13. The fact is doing a guard of honour is the done and sporting thing after a team has won a league or cup. So we must do it, why? Because we are a team above all that petty, childish shite. We're better than that. Lennon has been acting like a petty over-grown child. But see if you've said this AND also said WE shouldn't be doing a guard of honour then you're a fucking hypocrite. You don't act unsporting to someone who is acting unsporting, two wrongs here don't make a right. Maybe some people on here are as pathetic as Lennon but the club is bigger and better than that.
  14. Could be a good first fixture for us, if we win Celtic will go for it to give their fans a good title winning day. That'll open up a 6 point gap with only 12 left to play for. All we would need to do is beat ICT to basically take them out of the 2nd place picture.
  15. Were we not seeded when we got Aalesunds in the 3rd then unseeded in the play off when we got OB?

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