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  1. Getting bored as fuck hearing this already.
  2. Pity that our first really competitive game of the season is in Europe against a team with vastly superior resources and it showed. It was virtually deja vu for our last few games in Europe. Hard to take but not exactly unexpected. Seeing all the new guys playing tonight did give me some real optimism for the coming season though. Thought that we looked like a really decent SPFL Premiership unit.
  3. Can't wait until the season starts, the shite on here is brutal.
  4. Love it, excellent effort UBH.
  5. If he is staying then I am absolutely delighted about that. He is the one person out of all the names that have been linked with leaving us this summer that I had the real fears about, if it happened. Maybe we are just lucky to have a manager with some real integrity and honesty, a very rare thing in most businesses especially football.
  6. Cheers Nicky, you were some player for us. Your not a 'Well player any more so your no concern of mine.
  7. As ever, a big shout to the 'Well Bois (in both stands) made an unbearable game slightly more enjoyable.
  8. dosser1886

    St Johnstone

    Not voting. Good guys, amazing season but that was fucking woeful today bad pitch or not.
  9. Pish game and a pish performance, but after the season that we have had and the fact that they've managed to get us to 2nd I can't really give them a hard time. Could do with my £22 back though, waste of money today.
  10. All the best Randy, top player and top bloke. Never thought I would say this but I must send my thanks to Craig Brown for persuading hime to come. Must be loads of players around that are better than we could afford but look on the Well as an excelent place to go, get some regular football and get yourself into the shop window. Everybody wins. I'm sure it is something that McCall emphasises when persuading players to sign. Hopefully a few more gems to come.
  11. Suprised that we are not getting some guys from down South rather than, ok'ish players from the SPL. Shopping down there has worked for us in the past.
  12. dosser1886

    New Away Kit

    Must say, pleasantly surprised after seeing the new home strip, in the flesh. Looks quite tidy actually.
  13. Ginger wearing a pink goalkeeper outfit......nasty!!
  14. Wee guy coming on to the park during the pitch invasion with the nicked corner flag waving it about was funny as fuck. 2 choirs as others have said was class, took some videos as well which I will try to post when I get a chance. Not ashamed to say that I had a tear in my eye as the guys that are leaving did their lap of honour at the end. Thought McCall handled the timing of the substitutions brilliantly. Struggling to remember a better season being a well fan in terms of quality of play, players at our disposal, and being the second best team in the league by a mile. Good times.
  15. Fair play to all of the players that might be leaving. They have put in a real shift, given us some fantastic seasons and the pleasure of watching some excellent football at times also enabled us to qualify for Europe "again". They have also managed to get better deals for themselves elsewhere. Everybody wins in my book but will be gutted to see any of them go. If they leave the go with my very best wishes, respect and thanks.
  16. Can only echo what everyone else has said. Absolutely amazing achivement for a club of our size, fanbase and finances. Never thought that I would ever see a time that we were in European competition year after year. Thanks and well done to everyone, feckin unbelievable.
  17. dosser1886


    Lasley - immense today.
  18. No thanks - don't like it at all.
  19. Brilliant stuff, what a result. Well done players, manager and fans. Good times being a Well fan.
  20. Raising a glass to Auld Yin as I type. RIP mate.
  21. So happy that you were right M8
  22. dosser1886


    Law - but all the guys were feckin immense.

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