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  1. Mine too, I think my seat is around the Bois area, be interesting to see how (if) designated seating works a that end
  2. I was the same, took a big bag of coins and looked round but couldn't find anyone (steward supervisors didn't seem aware of it) so ended up taking it to the office and leaving it there - they were aware of a collection but had no idea where
  3. Just had mine dropped off too, looks good
  4. Payment sent, thanks for organising this again
  5. That's me and my mate booked up - Down to Bristol Wednesday night then on to Reykjavik on Thursday morning - back to Edinburgh Sunday night - staying at the Hotel Smari.
  6. Ecky

    Peter Millar. R.i.p

    I never knew him as a player but I knew his eldest son well at school and often hung about his house, RIP Mr Millar
  7. Payment sent, going for 2 in a row Cheers Alistair
  8. Hi NottsMFC, With a bit of luck I'll see you somewhere sunny in a couple of months. Cheers Alistair
  9. Thanks to Brazilian for all his work in organising this, it was a really good night and I'd encourage anyone who can to chip in next year. Got a picture of Iain and myself with Shaun and Steven - we were luck enough to have Fraser Kerr as well as Steven at our table. Oddly enough after us both winning a place at the night we also both won prizes in the raffle, so I'm just off to buy a lottery ticket. Thanks again Alistair P.S. I'd just like to add good luck to Steven wherever he finds himself playing next year
  10. Ecky


    2 of us booked up from Edinburgh, Sunday to Thursday, still to sort the hotel but there seems a good choice.
  11. Easyjet Edinburgh to Athens now booked up - price jumped during booking due to high demand. Alistair
  12. Ecky

    Odense Travel Thread

    Monday was cloudy but warm, yesterday was a bit drizzly all day, at the moment its grey and p1ssing it down, but its early so will hopefully clear up (although heavy rain is the BBC forecast so I wont count on it).

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