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  1. Management and players have got to view our situation as a 4 team league now. It's us, Hamilton, Kilmarnock and United. 3 wins from our next 6 should see us relatively safe going into the split.
  2. Not sure what happened. I was at the back of the stand and to me it looked as if the Police were in there looking for trouble, seemed to be just picking guys out at random!
  3. Think yer getting mixed up with the Chairman and the Owner....
  4. I think some folks on here need to realise that our chairman gets no salary for his work, and no travel expenses to get him to away games. So what if he missed the Morton game, can you blame him if he had something 'more important' to do that night.
  5. I think it's obvious who is making the signings....
  6. I think a rousing rendition of 'what a shite away support' is a must
  7. Did The Rangers fans not say back in the day that they would boycott all SPL grounds on their return... seems to me they are falling over themselves to get tickets for this SPL ground!!!
  8. I'd give them one wing of the main stand (Hibs or Rangers) even if the South Stand lies empty. We need every advantage we can get.
  9. Yesterday was dismal, however looking at the positives, it was really only our first real poor performance in the past 6 or 7 games. If we can find the form of recent games again there is no reason why we can't win 3 or 4 of our remaining fixtures. The question is will that be enough? Absolutely noone on here could have predicted that County would have taken 22 points out of 24 in the past 8 games. Even if they had taken 15 points, we would be 4 clear of them and probably with a better goal difference. I suppose we are all hoping that St Mirren do us a turn on Monday night (puts it back in our own hands) failing that I think the only way we can realistically avoid the play off is for Killie, Partick or County to go on a real bad run. Time for togetherness with the fans, players and management... we're in this together.
  10. bigbuff


    I think given the way the season has gone so far with the 3 teams at the bottom, 35 points will be good enough to keep us in the division, that's either 6 wins or 5 wins and 3 draws... can't honestly see St Mirren or County picking up another 7 and 8 wins respectively to get above us... big question is can we get to that points total?? Got to be looking at our home games agains St Johnstone, Kilmarnock, St Mirren and Dundee as must wins. Don't really want to be going into the bottom six without at least a 6 point cushion.
  11. I would imagine that Terry has been called and told he's not getting it :-) hopefully an announcement is imminent.
  12. bigbuff

    Aberdeen Travel

    Drive it every week for work, if driving come off at the harbour turn off before you go into Aberdeen and follow the football traffic signs. Park up on the esplanade, there is plenty of parking along the beach side of the road. From Hamilton via M73 you should be no longer than 2 1/2 - 3 hours if you dont stop.

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