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  1. What do we think about Ian Ross starting on Saturday?
  2. Hearing that the car park is full and they're turning everyone away. There's also apparently long queues on the M80. Delayed kick off?
  3. Are the club selling tickets for the game today?
  4. PressSport Robert McHugh has broken wrist after training with Jags last week. Wrist in a cast.
  5. Grella's initial loan deal at Carlisle in October was extended after the first month until January 1st. Don't see how the clubs could have believed this was still regarded as an emergency loan.
  6. Hopefully here Or here... Should start around kick off. I hope.
  7. Green_Triangle

    Player #4

    I fucking love not having Mark McGhee in charge. I really do.
  8. If anyone has an East Stand ticket they'd like to swap for a Main Stand ticket give me a shout. Club won't change it for me.
  9. We're only gonna have 13 players by the time July 1st comes round. We're struggling to play any sort of team for the Uefa cup games at the moment. Boyle needs to get someone in pretty soon, so we can start to build for the new season. It's looking pretty fecking bleak at the moment.
  10. Yes! Ivan Golac's Motherwell army!
  11. I'm kinda the same! Won 4 games in 24 as Fulham manager. Don't really see the attraction in Sanchez, or why he's regarded as a good manager.
  12. I'm sure he scored twice! He scored a goal at Fir Park as well. Pretty close range finish if i remember, as well as his stormer at Tynecastle...
  13. Best - The day Phil Died. As sad an occasion as that was, I thought the team put in a fabulous performance that day. Worst - I think both performances at East End Park in one season. First one we got beat 5-2, the other we lost in the Scottish Cup. Both performances were worse than dyer.
  14. Seconded! For The People!
  15. Mark Brown could be a shout though? Especially since that Dundee Utd guy is signing for Celtic. That'll knock him down to third choice.
  16. Club Sportif Grevenmacher please! Just for the name!
  17. It's clearly Stevie Craigan.

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