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    Season Tickets

    I’ve bought my first season ticket in 15 years and got one for the weans too. Stuck them on the credit card, so if COVID kills me before the football’s back, my life insurance will cover it and the club still get the money.
  2. It’s effectively a free hit at them. No one expects us to come away with anything from Parkhead. They have been in great form, not conceding a domestic goal in 2019. However, they have got a hard game on Thursday but hopefully they can get the 2-0 victory they need and take the game to extra time and penalties. Hopefully after that, the last thing they will want is Arriybi and Hattie running at them. I’m quietly confident. So much so that I’m swithering about whether to go to the game. It sounds mental but the thought of watching #youngmotherwell is exciting enough, irrespective of the result. Heart says 2-1 Well. Head says 2-1 them.
  3. The_Craig

    Pre Season?

    Playing the Cup finalist back to back? So if we beat Hibs, can we claim to be unofficial Scottish Cup winners 2016 a la Scotland '67...
  4. Just watched the full Q&A - still clear as mud tbh.
  5. This. I do see where you are coming from. However, the rules are set down at the start of the season and every team plays knowing that outwith the top automatic promotion places (1st & 2nd down south, 1st in Scotland), you have to play a playoff round. In England, it gives mid table teams something to play for rather than rendering 5 or 10 games meaningless. Less of an issue up here due to smaller leagues. And if you don't like play offs, you'd have a field day with the Belgian or Argentine leagues and their crazy half seasons.
  6. That was the point I was trying to make. Personally, I'd be in favour of 2 down and 2nd to 5th in the First division playoff for the 2nd playoff place. Just not this season of course.
  7. I think the issue from the Premier to the First is the amount of games that the team that finishes 3rd or 4th has to play in order to have a crack at 11th. Obviously, that was the way that the SPL teams wanted but I think 11th vs 4th/3rd vs 2nd is fairer.
  8. Pity he drinks like George Best as well (allegedly?!?)
  9. Announced on the official site that we've signed Nicky Law's brother Josh on a one year deal. http://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2014/05/21/motherwell-sign-josh-law/ Signed from Alfreton Town in the Conference. Must admit I know nothing about him but if he comes on half as much as his brother...
  10. But Dong-caster is acting on behalf of the clubs. So ultimate responsibility falls upon the clubs themselves. But it again follows my argument that there is no competition for the rights to the SPFL, therefore it's a race to the bottom and the lowest price Sky can get away with. As for Sky not showing the Welsh game, they don't. But they show matches from Norn Iron.
  11. I don't buy that TV is only interested in the OF and without it there will be no TV deal. Certainly tonight there's a Championship playoff on BBC Alba that plenty on my twitter feed are watching instead on the EL final. The issue is there is no competition for the TV rights so we have to take what we get or we get hee-haw.
  12. Imagine group stages of the EL or winning the Scottish would be only things to top the achievements of the current era.
  13. Great stuff! Perfect way to get it done. Solid defensively then with the last kick of the ball. Utter scenes. Although, a load of Dandies are getting their knickers in a twist about a foul on Langfield. I'm not convinced it was a foul.
  14. I like it. The away kit certainly looks "Italian" with the uneven detail around the collar. I particularly like Steelmen below the collar but agree it should be "The Steelmen" or Come on Ye Well... Home top is nice and simple. Not too much fuss except the sides. And Handsome John looking as handsome as ever.
  15. Excellent stuff. I've got a video of it in the loft still. Our auld neighbour had taped it for a reminder of winning 9 in a row but obviously didn't want it and gave it to me. And what an away kit.
  16. FFS. Riordan is a cancer at a football club. I wouldn't welcome him at Fir Park.
  17. For some reason, big Don Goodman was a favourite of mine. His double against Smelltic in the season we beat them in 3 of the 4 games that season stick in the memory (99 - 00?) Even know hearing him commentate on Sky is braw. Still has the mad afro and squished nose. Don Goodman = Hero!
  18. Don't think they can do that as both clubs have to agree the prices in cup ties. Remember the minor stooshie with Hearts and St Johnstone about Scottish Cup prices a couple years back...
  19. I'd just go for "You're not Rangers anymore..."
  20. The_Craig

    Levante (H)

    Big Cummins. Been very impressed with him since the Eberdeen game of last season and another composed performance, despite being only 19.
  21. Beaten by a better side (get your cliche bingo cards out) who are technically miles ahead of us!!! Yeah, they weren't very good on the night but they had taken their chances whereas we would require 4 or 5 chances for a goal. Very much like the PANO matches tbh. Still doesn't make it any easier though. Don't understand why folk have such a hard-on for Hutch though. I'm a big fan but he really seems to have went off the boil so far this season. Granted his red card was for a tackle he had to make but 3 European games and 2 goals sold and a red card. Wasn't at the St Johnstone match but I heard he had a stinker too. Thing was they had 3 in midfield that allowed them to have a man over on Murphy and Humphrey. Murphy done ok in the first half but Humph had one of those nights. I think we're missing Jennings, big time.

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