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  1. Looking at the fixtures pre-split, we should have the following: Celtic - away Rangers - home Hearts - home Dundee United - home Ross County - away This is what we SHOULD have, but as it's down to the SFA/SPFL it probably won't be.
  2. Most managers don't have a Plan B or Plan C to change to, but we don't even seem to have a Plan A. It's like watching childrens' football where the ball is just punted up the field and everyone chases after it. To me, the most frustrating thing is the lack of a settled starting 11. I'm beginning to wonder if the reason we don't see the drum for the half time draw anymore is because it's now being used by the manager to pick the team each week.
  3. This stream is running about 2 minutes behind the actual game
  4. I hope they have learned lessons from their last share issue because the last one was a fiasco. Any project requires a plan and that was clearly lacking.
  5. An Open Letter to the Directors of The Well Society SHARE ISSUE When the Well Society announced a share issue I thought it an innovative idea worth supporting and sent requests for both myself and for my son, unfortunately the actual implementation has been unimpressive to say the least. Despite repeated telephone calls I was never able to speak to anyone regarding the status of my applications nor was there any further information issued even after the deadline for applications had passed. Eventually I raised my concerns using this forum. This did result in a in a response, however the excuses given could best be described as cringeworthy eg “many “hands on deck” needed as possible as we approach Sunday’s massive cup final”. My understanding is that the Well Society has a dedicated resource? If so then that person should be dealing primarily with the WS and only then if they have spare resource should that be utilised elsewhere. On contacting the Club (again) on 21 December I was advised that no-one from the WS was available as they were still trying to get the Certificates out that day. My Certificate arrived on 22 December albeit with both my name and address incorrect, my son’s certificate did not. On going into the Club on the 23 December to return my Certificate for correction and to try and ascertain what the position was re my son’s certificate I found I wasn’t the only person in that position. When undertaking an exercise like this it needs to be treated as a project with all the tasks defined, responsibility for each task allocated, milestones identified and a realistic deadline all agreed up front. This ensures that any issues or “hot spots” are identified early and action can be taken to address. This does not appear to have been done and as a result I consider this to have been a shambles. The WS are quick enough at asking people to “put their hands in their pockets” but do not seem capable of providing a professional service to its members As I write this on 21 January 2018, I am still waiting both for my replacement certificate and my son’s certificate.
  6. The conviction probably affected his Disclosure Scotland and a DS is probably a requirement for a role at the Academy.
  7. What is happening? I sent my application in before the deadline, heard nothing, then phoned and phoned ... and eventually managed to speak to someone and was told they hoped to phone the following week to get payment details. Since then ... nothing. If the plan is to be able to take advantage of the "Double your money" offer then they will need to get a move on. Also, can't talk for others but, I was buying the shares to give to someone for their Christmas but as time passes it seems to be getting less and less likely that the Certificates will be issued in time.
  8. Any further news about the proposed share sale? I can see the idea of MFC shares being considered as a Christmas present for some Well fans and if we want to take advantage of the "double your money offer" then we are running out of time
  9. This is an interesting idea. Are there stamp duty/dealing fee/VAT issues that need to be considered?
  10. Tommy McLean until the end of the season.
  11. Thanks for that. Didn't know that so happy to live and learn as they say.
  12. Don't know if it was or not but it looked like another referring howler today when the Celtic player after receiving treatment was told to leave the pitch and didn't. It looked like he just ignored the instruction and just continued and neither the referee or assistant did anything about it.
  13. Apologies trying to include earlier post in my reply, but my technology is more of an abacus .... Think we used to outsource the kiosks but I thought we had taken it back 'in house'. Like the idea of the free season ticket and agree it's worth investigating, however as with everything the 'devil is in the detail' and it's how it is implemented that will make or break it. For example, as soon as you make something free, people want it. However if they don't then attend the seat lies empty and because it has been allocated the Club are potentially restricted as to how many 'pay at the gate' customers they can allow in or tickets they can sell for premium matches. Issues are not insurmountable but need to be thought through, otherwise end up with more problems leading to complaints and dissatisfaction.
  14. Eh? What are you on about?

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