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  1. Here,your jokes are actually funny after a win grizzly,keep them coming mate .
  2. He's been top drawer for us since he came,it just shows how important it is to have a good goalkeeper in between the sticks.
  3. Gallagher is our best defender and we need to get him back in the team as soon as it's possible no matter what if anything is going on with his contract,get him in the team and help keep us up and then both parties can move on at the end of the season,all that matters is were in the top division come the summer.we need him back and sharpish as the thought of going into a relegation scrap with magloire and lamie is truly frightening.
  4. I wasn't a fan of white but the way we used him wasnt good enough,he got 10-15 minutes here and there when we were chasing a game and even then we still didn't have the sense to get balls in the box to him.that result has well and truly put the cat among the pigeons.
  5. Trying to play out from the back isn't a bad idea but you need to have players that are comfortable on the ball and a midfield that are willing to go looking for it and we have neither in our team,there was one occasion in particular yesterday in the first half where we tried to pass it about the back and it turned into total panic stations,it was actually embarrassing to watch.ive no idea how or what we change,were shite at trying to pass the ball and the long ball stuff is just as bad,for me the only hope we have is for the teams below us to be just as bad as I don't see us doing enough on our own.the sooner this season is over and we can get our biggest rebuilding job underway the better.
  6. I would drop long and bring in another midfielder(if we have anybody fit that is)so we aren't outnumbered in the middle of the park but other than that i agree with the team and formation,that's as good as we're going to get right now, plus it gets away from the disaster that is the 433.
  7. The 4-3-3 needs to ditched and never be seen for the remainder of this season,if we go to paisley and start with it again then I'll have doubts that alexander is the man for us,granted we are ravaged with injuries but it simply wouldn't work even with a full strength side,we can't even try it involving 2 wingers as what we have there aren't good enough.alexander and his coaching team simply have to come up with something,them watching that today has to be the final straw.we really do find ourselves in a mess,a big squad of players and there isn't a formation that really stands out that we would be comfortable playing in.we may scrape by with the odd point here and there and hope the teams below us keep going the way they are but if things really go against us in the next couple of games we are up shit creek,there is zero fight and passion among this current lot,two things that can't be taught.
  8. Have to agree,trying to use st johnstone as some kind of example of how a club should be run is nonsense,aye we're having a shit season but even then I wouldn't swap anything they supposedly have over us.
  9. It's completely self inflicted where we find ourselves,there wasn't a big rebuilding job needing done for once over the summer,we needed maybe 4 players of a standard that could have pushed us on and that's before we even sold turnbull,the club could have been in a really good place but yet we made a total cunt of it by bringing in guys that aren't good enough and then to make it worse we go and bring more players in during january that aren't any better than the shite signed in the summer,you really couldn't make it.two disastrous transfer windows and a change in manager,if we can manage to stay up this season we will have done really well.
  10. The confidence must be completely shot after today and last week and add in the injury list,it's hard to see where points will come from,there's currently 3 teams worse than us but must really fancy there chances of catching us.
  11. Spot on and add in the raft of signings that aren't anywhere near good enough and it's a disaster waiting to happen,terrifying sums it up.
  12. Mind omar daley said he could take usain bolt in a race,if the first thing said about a player is that he's rapid quick,usually means he's not very good at anything else,magloire might be fast but the guy couldn't spell football.
  13. 7 goals and most likely counting at home to hamilton and st johnstone,says it all,it doesn't get much lower than that,we are in serious trouble and our only hope is that 2 of the sides below us stay just as shite or we are fucked,there's no way we are doing this by ourselves.
  14. Injuries or not,that should be polworths last,the guy is a complete chancer.
  15. And there's the customary penalty,how many is that we have conceded now,all we need is a red card and our work is done for the day.
  16. Whoever thought it was a good idea to bring magloire here needs to be shown the door,he looks like a guy that's a million miles away from being ready for first team football(if at all) so what exactly was the purpose in bringing him here,all it does is just highlight our scattergun approach to the transfer window and take anybody available out of sheer desperation.
  17. Just when you thought our summer transfer business couldn't be topped,january was even worse,it's sickening when you see just how bad some of our players really are and there taking a wage out the club every week,while as fans we are putting our hard earned money in one way or another,totally scunnered with this season.
  18. Fucking disgraceful,second week on the trot the game is over by half time,we make even the most average of opposition look like world beaters,I'm totally scunnered with this lot,the sooner this season is over and they can all fuck off the better.
  19. We wouldn't change it even if we had other midfielders available,we really are our on worst enemy,the obsession with a 3 man midfield is beyond a joke now.
  20. Wow just wow,what the fuck are we playing at there,playing the ball about the back and not one player is comfortable on the fucking ball.
  21. Spot on,we are absolutely clueless,it's like watching a bunch of guys that have never played football before,it's embarrassing how bad we really are.
  22. Totally agree,we look outnumbered cause our midfield is over run every single game,the 3 man midfield hasn't work all season but yet here we are playing it again,farcical it really is.
  23. This is embarrassing,we cant even do the basic stuff right.
  24. I don't fancy our chances with the team we have out,to get any sort of positive result our front 3 will all need to be on there game.
  25. At first glance the timing of this does seem suspicious but then again it might just be a coincidence,not much has gone our way this season,from poor signings,changing manager,injuries and some dubious refereeing decisions so gallagher being injured would just add to that.as soon as the talk of a contract extension came up speculation was always going to happen,I'm certain he won't be with us next season,the main thing is we can get him back in the team and we stay up this season.

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