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  1. Robbo is under pressure and rightly so and between his body language on saturday and comments after the game,he looks like he is struggling to find the solution to our problems.granted he has got team selection and substitutions wrong already this season but the players need to be taking there share of the blame,it's there decision making that's been the real problem so far,2 idiotic decisions that led to penalties that have cost us points,grimshaw and ohara daydreaming and losing there man from cross balls has cost us points,donnollys lazy penalty and then half the team were ball watching and allowing livingston to play through us like liverpool has cost us another goal.the manager will always be the first to come under pressure but its high time our players got the finger out and started putting in some performances,were not the greatest side in the world but were much better than what we have served up so far this season.fingers crossed thursday is a turning point for us.
  2. Totally agree,the lad is real quality,i would love to see one of the other clubs he's been linked with like leeds or newcastle take him off our hands and he can showcase his talents at the highest level.sadly i can see him at celtic park,worrying times for us,poor start to the season and potentially losing our best player.
  3. Turnbull to sign for celtic this week according to tomorrows sun.
  4. That's the formation i would like to see us go with starting on thursday,i would start with watt beside lang and bench white.we have played into the opposition's hands so far this season,glentoran will have done there homework and know exactly how to play us,we simply have to shake things up for this game or we could very easily be on the end of a disastrous result.
  5. I'm not saying just cancel contracts,i wish we could with some of the shite we have right now,we should be making players available and telling there agents to try and get them something elsewhere but sadly i think we're stuck with what we have as i can't even see lower league teams down south willing to take any off our hands.we seemed to be in a hurry to get our business done early this summer and it looks like it's backfired big time.
  6. It almost feels like it's sink or swim time already for robinson,stick to what we have been doing and we will be in serious trouble,the fact we haven't scored in 4 out of 5 games so far is a real concern and add in the opposition that we've played and it makes it look even worse.i doubt there will be any money left to bring in yet another striker so we should be actively looking to move some attacking players on to free up some wages and if that's players that have just arrived or signed new deals or whatever then so be it,if there not doing it then show them the door.our forward line is a mess,we have wide men that can't beat there man or even put half decents balls into the box on a consistent basis,we have no one that can hold the ball up or run in behind,we seem to have tried pretty much every combination with our forward line so far and yet we keep saying the same results.i like robbo but he has no choice but to try something different as this formation right now is killing us.our confidence looks absolutely shot,anything other than a win on thursday is unthinkable.
  7. Exactly,stats don't put point on the board,i would happily see us without the ball more often if it actually meant sticking the ball in the net an picking up a win.
  8. Every game so far has been of tight margins and that's yet another we have falling on the wrong side of the line,it's more than just luck or coincidence now and even this early on robinson needs to drastically change things.thursday is giving me the fear now,glentoran will have watched us and know that the longer the game goes at 0-0 were likely to self implode and chuck it away.1 point at home from utd,livingston and accies,fuck me that's truly horrific.
  9. The forward players he has signed have been poor,white should be the guy that's getting thrown on late in games if we're in need of a goal,starting him is a waste of time.the fact that seedorf has been getting a run in the team says it all about the recruitment in the forward line,simply not good enough.
  10. Play like we have been and glentoran will put us out,we have dropped points to the poorer sides in the league already this season,there's nothing to suggest we will do enough on thursday,one goal is all it takes against us.
  11. He looks lost when you see him on the touchline,he doesn't look like he has the answers to the glaring problems in front of us.
  12. The longer it went at 0-0 that was always on the cards,were fucking shite
  13. Were not having any joy in the wide areas right now so i think going 2 up front in a 4321 would be a good shout with turnbull in behind,maybe even polworth in behind and letting turnbull play in the midfield 3.agreed about grimmy i wouldn't be against playing him as the defensive midfielder as for me his best game for us was playing there against aberdeen in the cup semi,atleast we have that option now that o'donnell is here.
  14. Much better from us,the defence was solid,o'donnell is definitely an upgrade on grimshaw and fair play to lamie that was his best game for us.we dominated the middle of the park,no surprise when wee alan was as good as he was today and turnbull is well on the way to getting back to his best,there's work to be done on the forward line though.its disappointing we didn't get the 3 points but that performance is something to build on.
  15. Grimshaw is shite,we then sign a right back who is very decent at this level and were planning on playing him at left back,the mind really does boggle.there's been some strange decisions made by robinson already and were only 3 games in.
  16. The thought had crossed my mind,surely we wont persist with grimshaw and use o'donnell at left back,though nothing would surprise me.
  17. Stephen kingsley would be my shout for left back,done well up here,before playing at a decent level down south,though I'm sure he would be after something more than the short term deal we would most likely be offering.
  18. Saturdays team selection should be interesting,after robinsons scathing comments last night,theres no way we won't be making changes.
  19. He definitely hasnt looked comfortable in the first 3 games,he's head and shoulders above anything else we have at the back,if he gets injured we really are in the shit
  20. Pretty scathing from robinson there,hopefully its the boot up the arse that the majority of them are needing
  21. Agreed,he actually looked pretty decent at times last season in possession but for whatever reason he's now resorting to hoofball stuff,that long ball he played in the second half tonight was that bad,it actually looked like he was trying to score.
  22. We look like a team that's starting from scratch rather than one that should be building on a really good league finish last time out.the fact that we have tried umpteen different combinations up front already is a concern and not one player has done anything worth mentioning,why are we still trying seedorf on the left and the least said about playing long out wide the better,we seen last season when he played there that he offers nothing, we bring hastie on and yet again stick him on the right where right now he couldn't beat a man if his life depended on it.robinson can't legislate for some of the idiotic decisions our defenders have made so far this season and he must be tearing his hair at the likes of the penalty we gave away tonight but he's preached the back to basics stuff since he's been here,well he needs to start that now and play guys where there most comfortable.i really don't have much trouble with the midfield 3 we started with tonight,for me its our strongest but unless we can sort the forward line out and stop giving away stupid possession away from the back,with guys just taking the lazy option and hoofing it up the park were going to continue to struggle,if we can get a couple of points from our next 3 games,i think we will be doing well.
  23. What the fuck were we doing there at the end,seconds to go and were fannying about between the goalie and centre half's instead of hitting long like we did for most of the fucking game.
  24. Another piss poor goal conceded,far to easy yet again.

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