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  1. Totally agree,we look outnumbered cause our midfield is over run every single game,the 3 man midfield hasn't work all season but yet here we are playing it again,farcical it really is.
  2. This is embarrassing,we cant even do the basic stuff right.
  3. I don't fancy our chances with the team we have out,to get any sort of positive result our front 3 will all need to be on there game.
  4. At first glance the timing of this does seem suspicious but then again it might just be a coincidence,not much has gone our way this season,from poor signings,changing manager,injuries and some dubious refereeing decisions so gallagher being injured would just add to that.as soon as the talk of a contract extension came up speculation was always going to happen,I'm certain he won't be with us next season,the main thing is we can get him back in the team and we stay up this season.
  5. I wasn't sure what road we were going down with the players we were bringing in over the summer but the january window was even more baffling,it looked like we were just taking anybody that was available out of desperation,I would have happily settled for a couple of new faces that could have came in and made a bit of a difference from the off but we're now stuck with guys that are either injured or severely lacking in match fitness.i just hope we can hold our nerve and get through to the end of the season.
  6. Totally agree,your taught at boys club football that to stop the goal,you have to stop the cross and yet we have just stood off and let the opposition fire in cross and after cross all season unopposed,it's absolute madness.we need to get away from the 433 now and get another body in the middle of the park,lessons need to be learned starting with the st johnstone game,we need to be harder to beat first and foremost and go from there,not starting with 3 strikers that pretty much hasn't worked all season.we have been all over the place since the summer,the amount of signings we have made that are simply not good enough and what's been witnessed on the park is just as bad.the sooner this season is over with the better,i just hope we will have enough about us to stay clear of the bottom two places,yesterday would have been a massive step towards that but we're now right back in,st johnstone is a must win game for me,not just for the points but to get that disaster of a performance yesterday out our system.
  7. This performance isn't down to the fact we had to play midweek,we have approached this game like every other game against hamilton,we never seem up for these games,it's the same time and time again and the penny never seems to drop,us as fans know exactly how these games will go but it never clicks with players and management.its fucking infuriating that we fall into the trap everytime.
  8. It's shocking mate,you know it's bad when hamilton fans are looking forward to playing us as they know we're an easy 3 points.
  9. Getting spank off a brian rice managed team is the final straw,the sooner this season is over and the majority of these chancers are out the door and stealing a wage elsewhere the better.
  10. We're the only team in the league that consistantly make hamilton look semi decent,far to many players never learn the lesson from previous games against that lot.
  11. I know we don't have any rights to beat anybody but losing to them 3 times already this season is nothing short of embarrassing.
  12. We never looked up for it from the start,we could have all but ended any talk of automatic relegation today and pushed towards 6th spot and we come out and play like this,fucking scandalous.
  13. Fucking stupidity from o'donnell....game over
  14. We better get the finger out,were all over the place here.
  15. We need to get right at them from the start and take our chances when they come,let's not get dragged into another shitfest with them where it's 0-0 with ten minutes left as we know what will happen.
  16. Coming away with 3 points from playing on that shitey pitch,absolutely magic,biggest result of the season so far.
  17. I highly doubt we could sign kelly permanently,the jump in wages he must have got moving down south would rule us out straight away sadly,I'm glad we have him even if it is just short term,he's shown already the difference having a good goalkeeper can make.
  18. I wouldn't have him in say the midfield three but in between there and the strikers could work and allow us to play two strikers closer together,I agree he is doing a good job where he is,it might just be another option for certain games.
  19. I wouldn't be against playing watt slightly deeper,he's definitely intelligent and hard working enough to play in there,mind we did similar with scott mcdonald when we were struggling under barraclough,a wee bit of know how linking the midfield and strikers would be a good thing and I think watt could be the man for the job.
  20. Remove the utd players boot first before you attempt to give him his nose back grizzly,absolutely shocking we didn't get a penalty,just glad it didn't cost us in the end.
  21. Ya beauty,great 3 points,we made it harder than it needed to be but the win is all that matters.i didn't want cole back but he's made me eat my words,he looks a lot sharper this time around and his goals have been invaluable to us,long on the first half showing if he keeps it up can be an asset in the run in and kelly is a goalkeeper that can definitely win us points.all in all its a good night's work,utds dying swan tactics playing for penalties was embarrassing.
  22. We have the chance to go above kilmarnock with a win and in the process close the gap to utd to just 3 points,big incentives for us tomorrow night.
  23. We can give players all the backing under the sun grizzly,some just aren't good enough,I would love to be proved wrong but loaning a guy that can't get a game in the division below isn't what we're needing,I would just rather we didn't bother than another wage going out the door.
  24. I think your spot on there,i have no idea what road we have went down with our recruitment this season,after finishing third,i really believe that our signings will set us back quite a way and it will take a while before we recover from it.
  25. Seen this guy a few times and he's pish,another signing with the whiff of desperation about it.

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