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  1. We badly needed the manager bounce to happen to have any chance of staying away from the bottom two places and it hasn't happen,we really are in deep shit,i genuinely think we could have brought in klopp or guardiola and it wouldn't have made one bit of difference,this group of players have nothing about them and almost positive that there going to take us down.
  2. Agreed,dunne has done us a turn but it's best we cuts ties now and move on and hopefully allow him to get sorted somewhere else.
  3. I hope we're not left hanging about waiting on o'donnell to either re-sign or leave and we're then trying to scratch about for a replacement on a free after the window shuts.
  4. Good news,nothing against the guy but i just don't think he's good enough, hopefully we can get atleast another couple out the door.
  5. Must not lose first and foremost and this game will tell us everything we need to know about the character in our team,lose this then we really are in deep shit but a positive result might just be the thing that turns out season,massive massive game this one.
  6. 3 points against ross county would of course be ideal but this is one of they games that come into the musnt lose catogary.
  7. It was earlier this season texan,the 3-0 game.
  8. We really aren't getting a rub of the green right now,all you need to do is compare the penalty we got denied today as opposed to that joke of a decision at mirren got a couple of weeks ago but having said that hard luck stories won't put points on the board,we need to get things moving and quick,hopefully today has shown alexander who is up for the fight and who he can rely on going forward.
  9. Ross county have a habit of signing ex inverness players,hopefully there daft enough to take him back up the road this month.
  10. There's pretty much nothing between the teams that will be involved in the relegation scrap,it will come down to who wants it more and who's prepared to battle for the lives,two qualities I'm not sure this team have.
  11. We are second bottom and absolutely murder,if that doesn't have relegation written all over it,I don't know what does.
  12. I've got no faith in this current team,even when we were shite under barraclough with guys like straker hanging about,i wasn't as worried then as i am now,atleast that team had guys like hammell and lasley that would run through a brick wall for the club and mcdonald that had that bit of quality and know how,this mob right now have nothing,we have a guy sent off today and he's then having a giggle,we really are in serious trouble.
  13. I can't stand that ferguson,he's a snidey wee nyaff,much like his uncle barry.
  14. Polworth has been pish all season,that should be his last today.
  15. Totally agree,he's had more chances than he should have and yet here we are again and he's still contributing absolutely nothing,mind graeme souness got duped into signing somebody that had never played football before,I'm sure that's what's happened here as seedorf doesn't even have basic game awareness let alone any talent.
  16. Kilmarnock wanting a government loan to help them through to the end of the season while at the same time saying there manager has funds to to sign players in january,they have a brass neck even asking and should be told to fuck right off.
  17. I've no idea if this guy is any good or not but it surely spells the end for white.
  18. What's my problem?,i never said anything about cole.
  19. I'm not expecting a prolific striker to come in but somebody who has a decent enough record would be nice,taking a gamble on someone that rarely scores in the lower english leagues will be a big risk but finances will probably mean that's what we do,we definitely need a bit of luck this transfer window.
  20. More than happy with a point and something we have to build on.its early days but there have been some encouraging signs and hopefully with atleast a couple more additions we can start heading in the right direction.
  21. Goal from a cross ball,what a surprise
  22. I was just about to say the same,o'donnell in particular hasn't shown any desire to even go and close barisic down,we can't keep that up and expect to get away with it.
  23. Seeing that team and the bench really is depressing stuff.
  24. Let's get right fucking in about them,I'm sick seeing us go down without a whimper against this mob.

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