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  1. Dave Collum gave the red decision straight away but I don't think he should have. I was sitting directly behind Collum in line with the tackle and there are at least 3 players between him and the tackle. There is no way he had a clear enough view to give a red card from his position. Did the linesman put his flag up?? I don't think he did and he was looking directly at the tackle with nobody blocking his view. As per usual it was the Collum show. He even warned Kelly for time wasting with 5 minutes of the first half to go. He is an absolute bombscare of a referee.
  2. Thought Mugabi did OK at the back with Lamie and he had couple of flick ons from throw- ins which caused them problems.
  3. Belter of a goal. Go for it now. COYW
  4. It's on Sky Dave so it won't be a freebie
  5. Think we may have won a watch with Slattery. Came on for 5-10 minutes and made more forward passes than the others did in the previous 80. Also he was telling people what to do and his first tackle left the Annan player in a heap. Could be a replacement for Alan Campbell COYW
  6. I was allocated 2 seats in the South stand for myself and granddaughter. Usually sit in Hunter stand. Granddaughter didn't go so I sat in Seat X28 and she would have been in X29. Surprisingly there was a guy on his own sitting in Seat X30. I asked him if he was in the correct seat and he showed me his printed out ticket which confirmed he was in the correct seat. What is the point of trying to socially distance if tickets are issued to strangers beside you ??. Also face masks were asked to be worn especially if you were moving around. Where I was in the South stand I would guess less than 5% of people wre wearing masks.
  7. Daily Ranger now saying Kelly has left QPR and is signing an extended deal at Fir Park. Fingers crossed. COYW.
  8. When did Dundee Utd get in the frame for Liam Kelly? I think he would know he would now be 1st choice at Fir Park and he seems to have enjoyed his time here. If it is another loan then I don't think money would be a problem
  9. New strip can be seen in the official site. What do you think ? Personally I like it especially the fact the band goes all the way round the strip.
  10. You' re right County would be in the playoffs and I think they would beat the contenders from the championship.
  11. If we beat Ross County and Killie beat Accies County are relegated and we are 7th I think. COYW
  12. Cole but only for his finish.
  13. Watched the game on Hesgoals which had no commentary but all you could hear was Mellon shouting well done Archie, keep going Archie, pick him up Archie. Think Archie must be his lovechild. After the 2nd Well goal all you could hear was Fu**ing this, fu**ing that. What a tosser.

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