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  1. real dosser

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    And she travels a fair distance to watch the Well.
  2. real dosser

    Livingston Man of the Match

    Went for Dunne. Thought both him and Alfred dealt with everything Livvy threw at them. Further forward I thought Gorrin, Turnbull, Campbell, Main were excellent and Hastie almost got my vote for a tremendous performance
  3. real dosser

    2018'19 Game 23:Dundee (A) Saturday 26th January 2019

    The team that started on Wednesday MUST start again on Saturday. One of the main problems this season is the fact that the team is constantly changed Given the effort coupled with some decent football at times on Wednesday the guys that played should be given another chance at Dundee. This is the type of game where our young guys should be getting their chance.
  4. real dosser

    Hibernian Man of the Match

    A few to pick from tonight. Turnbull for his goal and performance, Grimshaw for his forward runs (especially second half), Hastie and Gyboly for stretching the Hibs defence on both sides of the park but for his all round performance I went for Gorrin.
  5. real dosser

    Scottish Cup 4th Round Motherwell v Ross County Sat 19th January (H)

    Absolute dross today. No creativity, no heart, no battling for the ball. It was a winner takes all cup game and we did f**k all to win it. my recollection of McCormack's first 45 minutes in a Well strip was that he touched the ball once and that was to hit a free kick ( I missed the first 5 minutes so perhaps he kicked the game off). He was so unfit it was unbelievable. The other new lad looks like he has some tricks and was far better on the left when he swapped with Frear before he was swapped back to the right. Gorrin I thought showed more in his 15-20 minutes than the rest of them did in the whole game.
  6. real dosser

    2018’19 Game 15:Celtic (H) Wednesday 5th December 2018

    Not a great performance but a terrific result considering we lost 2 defenders within the first 15 minutes. People saying we stole a point but after the penalty save Gillespie had nothing to do. Celtic huffed and puffed but were forced to spend most of the game playing across the park. Just enjoy an unexpected point especially after Saturday's performance.
  7. real dosser

    2018’19 Game 13: Aberdeen (H) Saturday 24th November 2018

    Michael Stewart once again showing his total ignorance of anything Motherwell related. Talking mince about Rodriguez being one of the main reasons Well are looking better recently. He hasn't played for about 10 f*****g weeks due to injury. I think somebody told him Turnbull has made a difference in midfield and he saw a number 23 on his shirt and assumed that this must be this guy Turnbull. His only contributions to punditry is to argue with Thomson and talk shite about HIS interpretation of the laws of the game. .
  8. real dosser

    Chrissy Cadden

    Exactly Big Stall
  9. real dosser

    Reserves/Under 20's/Youths

    I don't think he was good enough last season in the few games I saw him but on todays performance he has come on by leaps and bounds and if he keeps progressing like that no matter where he is playing at present we will have a potential match winner in the future. also agree about Mbulu ?? He looks very similar to Cedric when he came into the side at first. Looks athletic, still has a lot to learn and is a confident on the ball ( sometimes too confident) and is always looking to play the ball out of defence. We might just have unearthed another winner here.
  10. real dosser

    Reserves/Under 20's/Youths

    Crags and Steven McManus deserve great credit for putting a TEAM on the park who are extremely well organised, know what they are doing and more importantly can play some great football. There were 11 heroes on the park today but special mention to Livingston, Hastie, Turnbull and Scott. People saying we made a mistake by sending young Hastie out on loan surely saw today that he has progressed and gained so much in confidence that I was quite surprised the Sligo right back came out for the second half given the roasting he took in the first 45 minutes. Terrific performance by the young dossers. Roll on the quarter final.
  11. real dosser

    2018'19 Game 3: Rangers (H) Sunday 26th August

    Said on the way to the game yesterday that I prefer Cadden and Tait playing together on the right as they complement each other. Still of the same opinion. Great performance by everybody and a point was the least we deserved. Gerrard saying if the Gers had defended the two crosses they would have won 3-1. By that logic if it wasn't for a deflection for the first and a goalkeeping error for the third we would have won 3-1. Dry your eyes Stevie you were lucky to get away with a point By the way why was Flanagan the subject of all the booing from the Hunter stand ?
  12. real dosser

    Craig Thomson

    at Aldreds booking he pointed out 3 occasions where he had fouled previously yet Morelos was fouling persistently all game without a word being said to him. As said in another post there were 3 occasions when Rangers players raised their hands to Well players with nothing said. The number of decisions he had to make is irrelevant the whole point is he has to be consistent and he never is as far as Motherwell is concerned
  13. real dosser

    The League Cup 2018'19 Thread

    BBC site says the board are unhappy with Miller both on and OFF the pitch. Don't think he is for resigning more likely he is getting the bullet.
  14. Think the queues were due to the Bois arriving en masse from the Electric. They were all in the road beside Club 100 and then marched round to the gates but it cleared pretty quickly.

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