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  1. Great. One of the gruesome twosome out already. Bring on the Morton.
  2. Noticed that as well. Lasley seems to have disappeared from first team duties. Has he replaced Ross with the youths? Interesting Alexander has changed dugouts. As was pointed out it means he is nearer the linesman and maybe can have more influence without getting sent off.
  3. Every single player a hero today but went for Lamie. He was outstanding and led by example.
  4. anybody got hesgoals link for the game
  5. Only caught the last 20 minutes on hesgoals but we were by far the better team from what I saw. Result puts us 3 points ahead of County with a 10 goal better difference. All in all a good result.
  6. Mugabi has the potential to be a long term fixture in the team the longer he gets to play and work with a decent defensive coach. I've said before he is in the same boat as Kipre was when he arrived, In the game he played as a triallist there was another defender playing as well and anybody who saw them that night thought we had signed the wrong player but the longer he played and got some experience the better he became. I think Mugabi could be the same. He is raw and has rough edges but he is improving week on week so give him a chance.
  7. Bevis for me closely followed by Lamie and Kelly for his performance again and his shouting and organisation of the defence.
  8. never said we played well but there are people on here who expect us to play total football when our objective is to stay in the division. Whether you like the style or not I'll happily take s***e performances from now till the end of the season if we keep getting 3 points and then see what Alexander does with the squad for next season.
  9. hope we play as pish as some on here keep saying and pick up 3 points every game till the end of the season. Alexanders first priority is to keep us in the division and whether you like it or not that is what he is doing. COYW.
  10. StJohnstone tactics kicking in already. Killie going down and appealing for fouls and dickhead Collum giving them every time. Wright sure ain't changed since he walked the Sahara.
  11. Kelly for me. Another couple of vital saves to keep us in it. Good performances from Cole; Mugabi and Long.

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