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  1. Not impressed with what I am seeing at present but I think we should step back a little and look at this season as a whole. Alexander said he wanted a smaller squad and that went out the window due to Covid meaning we had to expand the squad to cover illness and isolating. He had no extra money for that so we ended up with some inferior players just to make up the numbers. We could have played some of the younger guys coming through the system but again because of Covid there is nowhere for the guys below the first team to play and be assessed by the club. In order to give some of the prospects some game time they were sent out on loan to lesser teams where the would get some experience e.g O'Connor at QOS who seems to be doing all right from what I've read. Up until the split at Christmas we were doing OK then the wheels fell off and we have been dire since then but that applies to everyone except the gruesome twosome, Hearts and Ross County. Every team in the league has been dire and some have made the change that folk on here are asking us to do. It ain't worked at Hibs or Aberdeen so I think we should be careful what we wish for at present.
  2. anybody got a stream for the game ?
  3. Picture the scenario. Cup quarter final at the tattiedrome 1 minute gone and Tavernier sets off on a run. Taylor flies into the tackle exactly like Mugabi's. Does Colum give a red card? Absolutely no chance. Gave it today because of the antics of the Hibs players all running over. Worst of all was Porteous of all people running about waving his arms and screaming like a banshee. If you watch it on the box there is no malice or over done force. He plays the ball first and his foot bounces off the ball onto Doig's leg. A yellow perhaps but no way its a red.
  4. Haye's tackle was an absolute shocker then he rolled about as if he was dying to get to half time without even a talking to from thr ref. Assistant was right in line and should have flagged it right away. Surprise surprise miracle in the South stand at half time and Hayes running about like an Olympic sprinter in the second half. Compliance officer should be asked to look into it.
  5. Try daddylive.fun/embed/stream-160.php. Not a bad stream but no sound.
  6. O'Donnell should be off for that tackle after getting a booking earlier.
  7. We have made a right fu**ing arse of this tonight.
  8. McGinley sells the jerseys again.
  9. If O'Donnells is a yellow that's a definite red.
  10. Don't know why they are complaining it's a definite lunge and red card.
  11. Belter of a goal from Roberts after great hold up from Van Veen
  12. Why has Slattery not been playing recently ?
  13. Can`t believe we are one down. They haven't been up the park and get an OG.
  14. Think it looks really smart. Wouldn't be averse to it being used as an away strip.

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