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  1. CSKA Sofia letting Tony Watt leave for nothing this window. Big guy, plays up front. ? Should we be interested
  2. The problem with "pundits" up here is that nobody else agrees with Michael superstar Stewart regarding the laws of the game. He seems to work from a different set of rules to everybody in the world. Then again I suppose he can see why I would say that.
  3. Alan Campbell by a country mile. Back to his best after a few poorer displays. Polworth, Gallagher, Hartley and Scott first half also worthy of mention. Young McIver did OK and Masinga showed up well in his cameo.
  4. Totally dominated a Hibs team who clearly came for a point. Gallagher ( who I think has been a tremendous buy) needs to stop trying to play like Virgil Van Dyke at times . There were three times today where he gave the ball away and set Hibs away on an attack. He's good but not that good. Another poor performance from a ref at Fir Park. Omeonga should have been off for his assault on Donnelly. It was Doidge's third forearm smash before he was even booked when it should have been a straight red.
  5. Agree about Berra. At 0-0 he was taking as long as he possibly could at every throw-in, stealing yards every time and then it was a foul throw every time. Is there still a rule about foul throws? as I can't remember the last time I saw one given. Even after he was booked he was fouling at every tackle and arguing with the ref. McLean is exactly the same, falling down for free kicks every time a player went near him. I thought we would miss that as Naismith wasn't playing. As for big Uchi what can you say a complete waste of a HUGE jersey COYW
  6. BBC summary "once again Campbell, Polworth and Donnelly had fine games and controlled much of the game"
  7. Hope all the Polworth haters on here are watching and see the ball he plays through for the second goal. That's why he gets picked to play in the midfield. Already been said that Campbell, Polwoth and Donnelly were crap but from where I was sitting Campbell scored, Polworth made the second and Donnelly did what he is supposed to do in the middle of the park. Hope the crap continues!!!!!!!! COYW
  8. Budge on STV tonight saying she is looking for a high profile experienced manager and has made no approach for anyone despite what has been said by various media sources. she intends to take her time to draw up a shortlist of candidates before deciding and the new appointment WILL be working with a Director of Football. All sounds like good news to me regarding Robinson continuing at Fir Park. COYW
  9. Jambo website now saying Robinson is 6/4 with Skybet.
  10. Surely they will go for the font of all football knowledge that is Michael Stewart especially as he is the main man for attacks on Levein since he became a"pundit"
  11. Polworth yet again with good performances from McGuire, Campbell, Gallagher and Scott. Not really any failures today with another 3 points in the bag and another clean sheet. COYW.
  12. if Robinson were to leave I think he would take Las with him.
  13. Quality player like Lafferty who managed to get himself sent off in his first game with his new club. Thanks but no thanks.
  14. Parked there today and was a bit wary due to the barriers but the exit barrier rises as you approach it so there isn't a problem at present but there may be if there is an event on in the concert hall or theatre e. g. Panto at Christmas.

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