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  1. Wales\Scotland rugby now off as well.
  2. I was never of the opinion that we were trying to sell him by making the video. It was done (in my opinion) to keep Well fans up to date with his progress and to show the club and physios in a good light and if you listen to what he says in the video he expresses his feeling of being liked and supported by everybody connected with the club when he needed support. Hardly saying he was desperate to leave. Well done the club and the player for today's decision. COYW
  3. Nobody got anything to say about this.?
  4. real dosser

    ? Game on.

    Is there going to be a pitch inspection today or do we just assume the game is on until told differently
  5. Correct Dave. He said on Clyde game is still touch and go but the excellent ground staff will do everything they can to get the game on.
  6. There is a pitch inspection at 12:30.
  7. Robinson has already stated that Watt will be on the bench as he is not up to speed fitness side and also on the role he is going to be asked to play.
  8. Easton off for ACCIES. wiped out by MAIN.
  9. he has just scored the winner in the 91st minute for Birmingham.
  10. Hope the club make Celtic stump up for any cleaning etc.
  11. She's hired a detective to keep an eye on him apparently.
  12. Went to the game yesterday saying to myself at least it's got to be better than the first day of the season. It wasn't. It was twice as bad and far worse than the Accies game. Apart from Gillespie we had nobody who can claim to have played at anything like a reasonable level. Polworth just can't play on that surface but when I saw he was being substituted by O'Hara I said to the guy next to me that we were settling for 0-0. What happened next, long ball into the box Livi score and we are left with nobody on the park capable of making an incisive pass to get us back into the game. Everybody going on about signing a big striker to play up top need to take a reality check. Every team in the country is looking for that player and we don't have the financial clout to compete in that market. Don't get me wrong I would love a big 20 goal a season target man but am realistic enough to know it won't happen any time soon.
  13. Why this great shout to bring back Murphy? He's crocked and ANOTHER winger who we have too many of apparently.

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