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  1. real dosser

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Fairhill they not only would have matched any Well side since then in my opinion they would and could have matched any Scottish team since then for pure footballing ability and enjoyment in watching them. They were a once in a lifetime team and its a pity some of the youngsters on here couldn't have seen them.
  2. real dosser


    To be fair to Alan Burrows ( and I posted yesterday about SSN quoting him ) it seems what he actually said was it would take substantially more than our previous record fee to have any joy in getting Turnbull. He is a better prospect than McGinn was at Hibs and look what they got for him.
  3. real dosser


    Sky sports news flashing up that Alan Burrows has said we won't accept less than £1.75M for Turnbull. Don't think he would have said that as he knows the value of Turnbull to the club and we should be looking at far more than that for him. Think there may be a miss quote somewhere in there.
  4. real dosser

    Livingston Man of the Match

    Turnbull for me for his first half performance but the whole team seemed to sit back after the keeper saved his penalty. Good performances as well from Gillespie, Alfred, Scott and Donnelly playing in midfield (replacement for Gorrin ??)
  5. real dosser

    2019-20 Rebuild

    David I'm not looking to make him a scapegoat I'm only passing on what I hear. I will back him like everybody else in a Well strip.
  6. real dosser

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I heard his agent said he couldn't believe he had managed to get him a 2 year deal with a club of Motherwell's stature. His current team are bottom of their league and he isn't getting a game for them. Read into that what you will. I hope to be proved wrong next season but wouldn't hold my breath
  7. real dosser


    McInnes saying Lewis Stevenson should get it because he has come on OVER A FULL SEASON. Everybody seems to think Turnbull has only played since the turn of the year. Every Sunday and Monday all the writers have been raving about Turnbull and giving him man of the match awards so surely they will vote for him.
  8. real dosser

    St Johnstone Man of the Match

    Turnbull for me. The way he makes space for himself either to make a pass or to pass the ball into the net is incredible. He never seems to get caught in possession. Good performances from Gillespie; Dunne; Gorrin and Campbell.
  9. real dosser

    2018'19 Game 28: Kilmarnock (A) March 2nd 3pm kick-off

    Now if we were honourable fans of a certain club we could all buy a Killie pie; rub it into our seat before ripping it to bits.
  10. real dosser

    2018'19 Game 28: Kilmarnock (A) March 2nd 3pm kick-off

    Scott if its you or the Well Society you can have it for £10 and you can donate £5 to the Society. LOL
  11. real dosser

    2018'19 Game 28: Kilmarnock (A) March 2nd 3pm kick-off

    I still think there is something fishy about all this. I am sure the rule was if a game is abandoned before the start of the second half then fans are entitled to a free entry into the subsequent re-arranged fixture. (I have just looked at the SPFL rules and there is no mention of this) Anyone who was there as I was can tell you there was no way the game could continue when the teams came out after the interval so why did Mr Beaton start the second half ?? Was someone from Kilmarnock FC under the same impression as I was that it was in their interest to start the second half ?? Also the clock at the side of the stand showed 46 minutes when it was stopped. Could this have been used as evidence if required ?? Good to see Motherwell FC are doing the decent thing by offering to pay for fans going back down again on Saturday. I can't as I had arranged other things to do as we had a free weekend. If fans cant or don't want to go back down maybe their £5 can go to the Well Society.
  12. real dosser

    2018'19 Game 28: Kilmarnock (A) March 2nd 3pm kick-off

    Bit like Fir Park there is parking around the stadium but just your luck if you can get a space.
  13. CHRISMFCFAN 1886 aren't all the seats we are allocated at the Tattie Bowl restricted view ?? one of many reasons I haven't gone there for many years.
  14. real dosser

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    have I been sleeping for several weeks or am I just thick. When did Marvin Johnston sign with Sheffield Utd ????? is he on loan or is it a transfer and if so are we due any more money ??
  15. We have taken stick for the best part of two seasons now for being direct and physical yet Hearts are now doing exactly the same + moaning at every decision and diving at the slightest touch yet the media are hailing them for getting back on form now that Ikpeazu and ( Moaning face diving wee B ) Naismith are back. Ikpeazu to me is the rich mans Dolly Manga all muscle and power and very little ability. Their fans also showed their class today by chanting and singing while Well fans are paying tribute to fans we have lost recently. As the saying goes FHW !!!!! Now Michael Stewart and Thomson on Sportscene saying it wasn't a red card and might even have not been a foul. Even Levein saying he didn't think he could defend the tackle. All in all a terrific result especially given the circumtances.

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