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  1. Agree about Berra. At 0-0 he was taking as long as he possibly could at every throw-in, stealing yards every time and then it was a foul throw every time. Is there still a rule about foul throws? as I can't remember the last time I saw one given. Even after he was booked he was fouling at every tackle and arguing with the ref. McLean is exactly the same, falling down for free kicks every time a player went near him. I thought we would miss that as Naismith wasn't playing. As for big Uchi what can you say a complete waste of a HUGE jersey COYW
  2. BBC summary "once again Campbell, Polworth and Donnelly had fine games and controlled much of the game"
  3. Hope all the Polworth haters on here are watching and see the ball he plays through for the second goal. That's why he gets picked to play in the midfield. Already been said that Campbell, Polwoth and Donnelly were crap but from where I was sitting Campbell scored, Polworth made the second and Donnelly did what he is supposed to do in the middle of the park. Hope the crap continues!!!!!!!! COYW
  4. Budge on STV tonight saying she is looking for a high profile experienced manager and has made no approach for anyone despite what has been said by various media sources. she intends to take her time to draw up a shortlist of candidates before deciding and the new appointment WILL be working with a Director of Football. All sounds like good news to me regarding Robinson continuing at Fir Park. COYW
  5. Jambo website now saying Robinson is 6/4 with Skybet.
  6. Surely they will go for the font of all football knowledge that is Michael Stewart especially as he is the main man for attacks on Levein since he became a"pundit"
  7. Polworth yet again with good performances from McGuire, Campbell, Gallagher and Scott. Not really any failures today with another 3 points in the bag and another clean sheet. COYW.
  8. if Robinson were to leave I think he would take Las with him.
  9. Quality player like Lafferty who managed to get himself sent off in his first game with his new club. Thanks but no thanks.
  10. Parked there today and was a bit wary due to the barriers but the exit barrier rises as you approach it so there isn't a problem at present but there may be if there is an event on in the concert hall or theatre e. g. Panto at Christmas.
  11. BBC site says he was man of the match. !!!!!!!
  12. no staff work on Saturdays and it has been used at every game since health centre was built but you'll need to be there early to get a space.
  13. Gallagher by a country mile with good support from Campbell, McGuire and Hylton.
  14. Went for Hylton as he made the difference when he came on but there were lots of good performances with Campbell; Gallagher; Semple and Sedorff giving us something to look forward to.
  15. SSN saying Cadden has signed for the American mob and Oxford are looking to take him on a season long loan. They are also saying Frear is on trial with Oxford as well.
  16. I went to Fir Park and paid during the early bird period and was told by Wendy that I would be informed when my new ticket was ready. I pointed out that the tickets were being renewed from last season. She said that most tickets would be simply the same ticket as last season but all concessions last season were counted the same and the club want to see the percentage of Kids/seniors/students for business reasons so these tickets are being re-done for this season.
  17. Asked him about it at the kids open day . He hasn't made up his mind if he will keep it .
  18. We all know David Turnbull is destined for a bigger club than Motherwell ( or Celtic for that matter) but it's the way Celtic have gone about this that's the problem for me. If there is something dodgy about his knee they could have said to Motherwell what it was and said they were withdrawing from the deal but they put it into the public domain that he has knee problems so now any team who are looking at him will be saying " this is the guy who was supposed to be a superstar but he has dodgy knees so we won't bother". Come next summer Celtic will be back in offering us £400K take it or leave it. It's obviously not a big problem as they still want to sign him and a quote in today's paper says he could have played his whole career without a problem but there is the POSSIBILTY it could cause a significant injury. The damage has now been done as he will be known as the guy with the dodgy knees.
  19. It's supposed to be a minor procedure and Celtic still want him so must be really serious. Norwich appear to have been willing to take him on so did he have a medical with them which showed nothing to concern them?? Photo-shopped pictures and claims of David being a lifelong Celtic fan adding to the usual media response to suck up to the green brigade. THEY'RE AT IT. Congrats to the negotiating team and best wishes to David for his successful procedure (if required) and his subsequent progression at Fir Park. COYW
  20. Neil Lennon interview coming up on SSN. Should be interesting to hear what he has to say.
  21. Great news. We'll done to the fans club for telling Celtic where to stick their re-negotiated offer. Look out for the flak this will generate in the Sun and Rancid. Look forward to hearing how we are the bad guys for wanting to keep OUR PLAYER. Roll on next summer when David has returned and is going to England for £5 million
  22. Today's record saying he is back in Manchester for a second scan. ,???? Scan of what. Looking for a way of dropping the price perchance.
  23. Where was he paraded round the tattiedome ??? The "photo" of him in his Smellic strip looks like a clear photoshop effort to me. Its a picture of a strip with DT's head stuck on top. Mibbees there is something funny going on but I doubt it.

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