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  1. Jamie Murphy meant to be heading to my local team - Burton Albion
  2. i see they are changing their logo - getting rid of teh Macron lettering https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/01/all-macron-kits-to-feature-new-logo-style-from-2019-20-season.html
  3. Faddy training with us ... Guess it's just a favour to keep him fit
  4. i guess by those rules hammell shouldnt have got one ?
  5. Talks have broken down with sheff utd according to twitter
  6. Part of me agrees with the whole boycott thing.... But a bigger part thinks isn't 3 points in our pursuit of a valuable second place more important than a drum or a flag. I shall prob get shot down here but yeah we'd be depriving utd of a couple of grand but what price on us finishing second. All the players have tweeted regularly about the impact the fans who have travelled to the away games have had. Do we really need a drum to get behind them???
  7. On the flip side of that I can't run mfctv on my ipad. Swings and roundabouts eh
  8. Looks like ZFA has signed 2.5 year extension according to twitter
  9. noticed this!! he really has no idea obvioulsy CRAIG BROWN last night admitted he turned down the chance to sign £15million Manchester United new boy Phil Jones for Motherwell. Jones has passed a medical although the deal has hit a late snag with Blackburn and United arguing over his fee.. And Brown, now Aberdeen manager, was recommended the Blackburn rookie centreback last summer. But at the time Brown was happy with his central defensive partnership of Stephen Craigan and Mark Reynolds. The 19-year-old Englishman, who had not played a first-team game at Ewood Park at that point, was offered on loan by former Rovers' boss Sam Allardyce. He also recommended Grant Hanley - now a Scotland cap - and striker Nick Blackman. Brown decided to take Blackman but felt well enough covered to leave Jones and Hanley at Blackburn. The Dons boss told Record Sport: "I was in Qatar with big Sam working on the World Cup for Al Jazeera and he told me all about the three of them. "A year ago they were on the fringe of the first team but we could have had them. "But I decided to go for Blackman because I felt we were okay at centre half with Craigan and Reynolds. We needed a striker, so we went for Nick. "It shows how things can change quickly but at the time it was right for Motherwell."
  10. just looked at the plans..... if it comes off it will be mint!! luckily my little girl was born yesterday .... 1 week early so should be able to get up for the game\!! Mon the well
  11. His 2nd name is Sutton remember .......
  12. And your actually still going ??? you should let 2 of the "pay at the gate people" who arent gonna get a ticket for the game go to Egypt with the women and you go to the game!!!
  13. or i just cant usually be arsed with the children on here
  14. Sorry for not interpreting your initial post as 'tongue in cheek' your not the only one who has mentioned glory hunters etc and i'm sure you wont be the last but i just cant abide people who think there are real fans ie them and then the others in my book anyone that forks out the cash to get in the motherwell end in claret and amber and singing their hearts out are all REAL FANS and I couldnt label any single one of them a glory hunter as i have no knowledge or interest in how many games the've been to how many strips they have or how many posts they have made on a supporters forum!! Mon the well
  15. Urban dictionary ... such a widely recognised source in the use of the english language ;-) so by that I am a glory hunter as I have only been to 2 games this year ... the 2-0 win v celtic and the semi final cheers!!! I really should try harder to become a real fan!!!! like you eh ;-)

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