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  1. Because I, like many others, put hand in pocket every month to contribute to Society and thereby club to keep in afloat. We have seen absolutely nothing this season to suggest investment in any form despite posting profits and selling our best assets. Someone at the club needs to step up and galvanize on and off the park and that should not be the responsibility of a manager just in the door. Woeful leadership.
  2. spot on. Leadership on and off the park is sorely lacking. There are elements of our support passive to our current predicament. Seemingly, the bank balance is being prioritized over ensuring we have a squad for the top flight by both club and elements of our support. I didn’t realize Max Weber was a Motherwell fan but I stand corrected.
  3. Clearly, that’s Working really well at the moment
  4. The silence from the board is absolutely baffling. We find ourselves in the biggest mess in 30 + years. As someone suggested earlier, even Baracloughs team had players like Hammell and Lasley coupled with a bit of quality like McDonald and McManus (not great but clearly good enough and a leader) - this squad has nothing about it. Neither grit, determination or quality. We are sleep walking to relegation. The board should be coming out in the wake of last weeks financial results and at least making it public that they will support the manager to the fullest extent possible. Sadly, once again, the overall leadership is sorely lacking
  5. Board need to get the finger out here. 2/3 quality signings are essential this week
  6. The incompetence of the Robbo era / general administration brought home by a Northampton on loan striker who had won every header whilst long term contracted players have contributed less in 20 matches
  7. Also, absolutely spot on. We need 1-2 players to give the place a lift.
  8. Who is this referee? Can’t say I’m overly familiar but he’s been woeful so far
  9. Hook seedorf bring on smith and push cole wide
  10. Lolworth and Seedorf are shite (again)
  11. very few tbh. McFadden the first time he came back was probably about as exciting as it got but with players like McManus you knew you were getting some sort of pedigree. However, I have made on secret on here that I largely disagree with the signing policy at the club.
  12. With the best will in the world, a loanee from Northampton is hardly going to encourage 250 people to put their hand In their pocket and get a ppv pass.

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