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  1. Kmac

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    Campbell has been woeful
  2. Kmac

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    This reeks of the Hearts game last season where Carson went off and we lost a nothing game
  3. Kmac

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    Gazzy B makes a great point
  4. Kmac

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    We’ve got a chance to open up a 7 point gap on Aberdeen and county, with the later playing at Celtic park. Live and Killie are also playing each other and a draw in that would see us sitting with a healthy gap over the pack. We could be cruising in 3rd and only 2 points behind the old firm after almost the entire first round of fixtures. In light of this.... 2-0 to Aberdeen.
  5. Kmac

    New Year Player Sale

    HOTD for this pish. We haven’t even played a full round of fixtures yet our own fans are now jumping on the “who can we link with rangers or Celtic before we play them next?” Chat. Too much Daily Rangers or Sun readership for some on here if that’s the level we’re sinking to. How about asking how can we build to a decent squad? what do we need to strengthen? Who can we develop until the end of the season with perhaps allowing the club to make their money whilst allowing paying supporters to have a decent seasons football to watch in the meantime?
  6. Kmac

    Which club will take our Manager ?

    Robinson’s record is patchy IMO. Granted, the season has started well however we’ve also played, previously, some of the worst and most brutal football I’ve ever seen in a Motherwell jersey under him. I’m not saying he’s a bad manager at all, just that the hype train shouldn’t be so huge and that I still wouldn’t be despondent if he were to leave.
  7. Kmac

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    The quality of refereeing was fucking woeful. One of the worst displays I’ve ever seen
  8. Kmac

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    This is brutal. Same shite as last week. 1-0 up. Inviting pressure and incapable of holding the ball
  9. Kmac

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    Good penalty save but the decision was a complete joke. justice done
  10. Kmac

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    Casper sloth will never play for Motherwell.
  11. Kmac

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    I take it all back.
  12. Kmac

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    He looks like a striker incapable of scoring
  13. Kmac

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    Miss of the fucking Century
  14. Kmac

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    As mentioned earlier, No. 9 is a problem for sure. I think a mixture of Long and Cole would be a good player but individually, they both lack a lot. Cole works hard but isn't good in front of goal. Long has also missed some sitters, particularly against Hibs however I also have some significant doubts on his attitude. For me, he looks like he can't be arsed half of the time.
  15. Kmac

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    ————Gillespie Grimshaw——Hartley——Gallagher—-Tait ————————-Donnelly Seedorf——-Campbell—-Polworth—-Scott —————————Cole keep it simple. No need for dramatic changes however we do tend to struggle in Perth. 2-1 well

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