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  1. Kmac

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Money shouldn't be a hurdle however come the summer. We have rushed to sell/punt players to pay off soft loans which we have succeeded in doing, thus we're in surplus, with a now higher league position than forecast, hence it's fair to expect a little higher investment in the playing squad, surely? Am I expecting on the other hand, more shite to arrive from the national league, absolutely. Indeed, it could be a relegation fight and over 25 years of coming to Fir Park have certainly provided many darker than brighter days on the whole however It's not something we should be planning for any more... Surely our entire business model, by it's very definition should be planning for success. This year saw us budget for for 10th and at least finish 6th, which is an extra 500K than planned. Is there harm to be done by off-setting and budgeting for 8th place next year? Chances are, after Turnbull, the likelihood of off-loading a youth prospect are low for the time being given the lack of apparent top level talent coming through in the next group. I'm therefore not suggesting we break the bank however an investment in infrastructure is required with the money, as is some short term playing squad investment to give a little back to the fans.
  2. Kmac

    2019-20 Rebuild

    With the best will in the world, if we do finish third, we will be arguably one of the weakest sides in recent times to do so. We have a plethora of wingers/forwards which are utter dross. None of Illic, Seedorf, Manzinga, Ndjoli, Aarons or Hylton will go down in folklore as being anything like top class players. They are mostly jobbers, whereby six small salaries could arguably be condensed into 3 decent salaries and a higher calibre of player (a tactic that I along with others have been calling for). Watt is likely to move on as will Long. The later has been exceptional in the past couple of matches however has been a frustrating figure and questionably does not score enough goals for the amount of opportunities that his pace presents. We are probably looking at a completely new forward line for next season which wouldn't be a disaster. In midfield, we will need to strengthen. Turnbull will be gone and Polworth has blown hot and cold all season and needs competion. O'Hara could however be worth offering a contract to. We need a new right back as Grimshaw still can't defend over 90 minutes and Tait's legs sadly look to be gone. A new centre half would also be welcome as well as a new goalkeeper given that Gillespie will be away. It will yet again be a busy summer rather through necessity than design, particularly when it comes to forwards.
  3. He’s actually quite pish too. Loads of wingers and loads of dross to clear in the summer
  4. Hylton is useless. Sold the jerseys at the goal there
  5. Agreed. They should have ended it with a black screen and white text to the Motherwell Fans reading "This sale will have even more money in the bank and look forward to signing more non-entity lower league English players.... WE GO AGAIN"
  6. What a lot of complete and utter dross that video was. Nothing against Turnbull but it was a lot of self-indulgent shite. From listening to him gushing about Celtic to us basically trying to punt him as some sort of second coming of Christ.... Boke.... Can we just get back to actually showing some decent footage, giving decent match updates and dropping all this misty eyed "we go again" pish?
  7. In the cold light of day, two wins from the next two are an absolute must. We have been utterly shite since the second half against Hamilton at new year. The Alarming drop in form from half time that day hasn’t picked up since. There are clearly issues surrounding the fact of not replacing Cole and Scott and the ability to high/long and have an out-ball which those two gave us. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our summer signings have proven to be completely shite. The calibre/mentality of players like Hylton, Lomg, Seedorf and Illic won’t have the ability or drive to dig us out a hole whilst players like Campbell have gone backwards big time from playing simply too many games and getting ground down. For me, Robinson’s jacket should be on a very shoogely peg at the moment. I understand we might not be able to attract top quality however setting us up to be very difficult to beat when the going gets tough or making sure we give absolute maximum in 90 minutes are both the responsibility of the manager and that has been sorely lacking in the past two months.
  8. Who is this SSB commentator on Motherwell tv?
  9. Got what we deserved. We were fucking rotten from start to finish yet again
  10. Kmac

    2019 Finances/AGM

    Don't hold your breath on that one.
  11. Kmac

    2019-20 Rebuild

    You mean the one where Stevie Hammell magically became in midfielder and we got royally pumped? I think I was suppressing that rather than forgetting....
  12. Kmac

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I'm having Vietnam style flashbacks about Francis Jeffers at this news
  13. You’re completely correct. The league position suggests a decent starting 11 relative to the league but underneath there’s a lot of utter shite in the squad. For a club consistently complaining about a lack of money, we don’t half waste we do have on some utter dross from time to time
  14. —————Gillespie grimshaw—-mugabe—-Hartley—Gallagher—-carroll Aarons—--Campbell—-Donnelly ——Ndjoli ———————Long Subs: carson tait maguire illic hylton polworth seedorf maciver
  15. Kmac

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Can only echo above comments. Bizarre timing and frankly disappointing that our own success is being thrown into doubt by the balance sheet. The prospect of a loan replacement isn’t exactly inspiring...

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