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  1. Kmac

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Has there been any discussions as to whether Cadden is likely to stay? Form has been up and down but he’s still a very big potential contributor to the side and would be disappointed to see him go. Who do we actually have on for next season? Carson Gillespie Fergusson Tait Grimshaw Dunne Hartley Livingston Maguire Gallagher Carroll Devine Donnelly Cadden(?) Turnbull Campbell (Holding Midfielder) Polworth Semple Cornelius (Winger) Tanner (??) Johnson Scott Giving us: —————————-Gillespie——— Tait ———-Gallagher——Dunne——Carrol(?) Cadden————Campbell———(?)———-(?) —————————Turnbull ——————————(?) Subs: Carson Grimshaw Maguire Livingston Polworth (Attacking Midfielder/Striker) Scott It’s a Small Squad and one which really needs quality over quantity, which is why Robinson telling us that bringing in guys from League 2 and non league English fills me with dread. We’re crying out for 3 players with a bit of quality that can actually be a catalyst and an inspiration point for the young guys we’re bringing through. I 100% back the policy of having a young side but that needs to be complimented appropriately by quality over quality IMO. Ps. Someone please have a word with Robinson re. Donnelly, the guy is quite clearly not up to it...
  2. Kmac

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Certainly going to be an interesting summer. For all there have been a lot of positives recently, there is still a large amount of dead wood in and around the squad which needs to be cleared; with wages hopefully freed. That in combination with players out of contract, It’s going to be a busy summer. Whilst I was never really a McCall fan at all, I think that the one thing he got almost spot on, was the mentality of quality over quantity, which I hope Robinson will finally start to utilise. From the out of contact players, I’m hoping that we manage to sign on Cadden and Gorrin again however the others, for me, are a Little bit of good riddance (Newell, Sammon, Donnelly etc) and thanks but no thanks (McHugh, Frear, Tanner). Assuming that Gallagher and Dunne will be the centre Half pairing next year with McGuire as back up, we’re still missing that elusive left back, unlesss of a miraculous step up from livingston. ‘Based on the resignings above, and the introduction of polworth, I’d imagine we’re well covered in central midfield with Campbell and Turnbull (both of whom need to be offered improve/extended terms asap). Aryibi is going to take some replacing and likely another wingers as cover. Up front, we’re seriosly needing quality. I’m assuming Johnson and Main will be offloaded and if we’re to continuing playing 1 up top with Scott playing his first full season next season, we’re desperatly short of 2 quality bodies. If if we can make the two resignings, I’d imagine we’d be looking at 5 players, hopefully of quality coming in with 12 or so heading out. Whilst it’d see us running with a smaller squad, we’d still be looking at 2 great keeper options, (should Carson get back into fitness) Grimshaw, McGuire, Livingston, Polworth, a winger, Scott and new striker all waiting in reserve. Argument could also be made for an additional attacking midfielder and central Defense/ defensive midfield cover...
  3. The quicker McHugh moves on the better. The guy tries hard but he’s as slow as a week in jail
  4. Kmac

    2018/19 Game 30: Hibs (A) March 16th 3pm kick off

    We never really got going, doubling up on the wingers killed our play. I said it last and will say it again, Main isn’t good enough for the level IMO. We badly need to review our striking options. It remains unseen if Hastie will be our player next season and whilst I don’t want to be too overly critical of the guy, the same happened against accies to a large extent as today in that he has a wee habit of drifting out of games if he isn’t getting much joy. Overall, we looked leggy. I’d imagine top 6 will be too much, so I’d personally be looking to shape a side that will take us into next season. Bringing in scott etc. and working on some different shapes.
  5. Kmac

    2018/19 Game 29: Hamilton (H) March 9th 3pm kick-off

    Probably for the better. You can’t question is work rate but he’s not quite got the quality in front of goal to be an spfl striker imho
  6. Kmac

    2018/19 Game 29: Hamilton (H) March 9th 3pm kick-off

    If this game has proved anything, it’s that we’re a good striker away from being quite a decent top six side
  7. Kmac

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Given that he’s played only 10 or so games for us, I’m quite surprised that so many clubs are interested. With the best will in the world to Jake, there have been a lot of boys who have come into the game, made a great impact and faded through a full season. Of course, I hope I’m totally wrong and he is the real deal!
  8. There was fuck all fair play about it. Christie had already been attended to seconds earlier by the physio. Both Christie and physio saw fit to continue and then stopped play conveniently moments later, for a Second time. For a side that has cheated its way to two penalties within two seasons (cup final and fir Park) the hypocrisy of unsportsmanlike behaviour is startling. Robinson should’ve backed Scott in the interview or at least turned the tables and brought up previous actions. I have to agree with the above that instead of praising edouard, he should’ve been asking why the hell he was still on the park. We equipped ourselves well over the piece but I, like every other well fan over the years, am tired of us bowing to pressure from both halves of the ugly divide and would really appreciate if someone would raise their head above it from time to time and challenge the status quo Rant over
  9. 4-1 flattered them big style. We didn’t actually play that poorly. Switched off at the back a couple of times and got punished however the performance wasn’t too dispiriting.
  10. Sorry, but McHugh is not a premier league level player. No idea what his best position is and he’s completely immobile.
  11. Kmac

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Fair play to the club. On paper, it seems a very good signing and brining in a bit of much needed quality. I hope we are able to bring in a few players around McCormack to move us forward. Another striker, attacking midfielder and a winger with quality with a few moving out should set us up well; it seems Dunne and McHugh will be back come the Scottish cup). I do believe that we as a club should always be looking at a policy of a core of “quality” supported by youth (either ours or brought in) should be the model we are working too and one which is sustainable for the ownership model, rather than the mass of lower league England bodies that we’ve been brining in recently.
  12. Kmac

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I’d imagine Newell, Sammon, Main and maybe Bigi.
  13. Kmac

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I don’t agree. I don’t think anything can compare with playing top league competitive football. I agree Scottish football is, mostly, dross however it provides a skill set that will be never be learned playing academy football.
  14. Kmac

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Going to be a busy month (potentially under the guidance of a new manager if today is as much of a shambles as the previous performances). We desperately need an attacking midfielder and two strikers of quality. If we had the budget for 4 players, I’d really like to see a proper defensive midelfider brought into the club to screen the defence. And finally, it goes without saying, someone to play on the left! With Rose and Bowman gone, I’m assuming Sammons loan being cut short, Itll be interesting to see who leaves. Turnbull will be a loss however I think a “smart” agent would get the best deal possible at Motherwell, have him play a full season next year and look to move him on after, with an impressive full campaign under his belt - but it won’t happen. I’m assuming the chocolate teapot forward will be away to and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Main and/or Bigi leave. We really need quality over quantity and head into the second half of the season with: ——————- Gillespie ——Aldred———-Hartley——- Dunne Tait——————McHugh—TBC————-TBC —————————TBC —————-TBC—————TBC Subs: Fergusson Mcguire Grimshaw Livingston Campbell Gorrin Johnson Hastie Scott This does neglect Caden and Tanner whom I’ve heard are not returning until April? Deary me, there’s a lot of work to do!
  15. A few things. 1. Tactics against a team whom were obviously going to sit in, we’re woeful. No width or people breaking lines to create space - how could we have failed to realize that? 2. Campbell is worse than a man short in the middle of the park at the moment and needs a rest. 3. Less than 4 points from the next two games and we seriously need to consider a managerial change in and a playing squad overhaul In January. 4. Please employ a decent commentator for the club services. People are paying to listen to that dross/nonsensical ranting. There is no description of any play whatsoever. and I forgot to add. Bigirimana should be omitted from squads until we can offload him in Jan. The absolutely pathetic attempt at winning the ball before the goal yesterday was unacceptable from a professional player.

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