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  1. Kmac

    2019-20 League Cup

    I’m of course prodding a bit, but I can’t help feel it’s very odd that arguably our ‘biggest profile’ Sumer signing hasn’t really kicked a ball or been near the squad, yet we’ve had 0 updates. Let’s be brutally honest, the summer signings look largely guff, as suspected, rather than some miraculous gems, yet the one guy with even the faintest track record that we’ve brought in, is nowhere to be seen. We badly need a striker and a central midfielder, but I can’t help feeling that the guy we need in the latter has disappeared.
  2. Kmac

    2019-20 League Cup

    I have to ask again, does sloth actually exist? we are crying out for presence in the middle of the park yet the one guy who may be able to provide it has all but vanished
  3. Kmac

    2019-20 League Cup

    Starting to think you’re right
  4. Kmac

    2019-20 League Cup

    Does Sloth actually exist?
  5. Kmac

    2019-20 League Cup

    —————————-Gillespie ———Gallagher———Hartley——Dunne tait——————————————————Livingston Hylton——-Campbell——Sloth———-Seedorf ————————Cole Id suggest a change of shape, otherwise we’re going to get bullied. Does sloth actually exist? Unpopular opinion but Donnelly is actually pretty guff. His Scoring record is very impressive however it’s not been his role in the team, which is to screen the defence where he falls badly short and gets caught the wrong side of the ball almost constantly.
  6. Does anyone have some insight on sloth?
  7. We're at home and quite frankly, I don't expect us to loose at home, in any game. Certainly not expecting us to steam-roller Celtic, by any means however we should be looking to take points off them on our own patch. We do require some changes for last week in my mind. More pace down both sides in order to ensure that we have solid out-ball options (as we will need them) and a little more composure in the middle of the park. Upfront, it's a little bit of a head scratcher. I can see that this might be the type of match for Scott to thrive in and drop deep to collect however he may get bullied too easily. With that being said, I'd go with: -----------------------Gillespie Tait-------Gallagher-----Dunne-----Carroll ---------------Campbell----Donnelly -------------------Sloth Seedorf--------------------------Hylton -----------------Cole Subs: Carson, Hartley, Maguire, Grimshaw, Polworth, Long, Scott Full time: 2-2
  8. Kmac

    Livingston vs Motherwell 03/08/2019

    I’d like to see Sloth coming in for polworth next week. He’s got a little bit of presence about him, which we will badly lack Against a strong Celtic midfield. I thought yesterday’s match would’ve suited a long or cole type pace upfront with long balls and a turning defense critical on a shite pitch -no harm to Scott - whereas next week, I can see Scott being more suited. id also like to see seedorf come in for illic next week. Firstly, to me, he seems like a guy who favors bigger occasions and secondly because we will need outballs much more frequently. If we have money for a good quality striker, fantastic, preferably before next week. If we have money for two players, a defensive midfielder would be a welcome edition also.
  9. Kmac

    Livingston vs Motherwell 03/08/2019

    —————-Gillespie Tait———Gallagher—Dunne—-carroll ————-Donnelly Seedorf——Polworth—-Campbell——Hylton —————-Scott———— Subs: Carson Hartley Maguire Grimshaw Sloth Illic Long 2-1 well
  10. Kmac

    2019-20 League Cup

    Sadly, I inclined to agree. i say that in regards to Donnelly, Illic on the other hand does look like a player so have no real issue with that.
  11. Kmac

    2019-20 League Cup

    Half expecting the see our ‘strongest’ 11 start today with a view to getting them together ahead of next week. with that in mind: —————————-Gillespie Tait————-Gallagher—-Dunne——Caroll ———————-—Sloth ——————Campbell—-Polworth Seedorf————————————Hylton —————————-Scott Subs: Carson Hartley Grimshaw Donnelly Maguire Illic Long
  12. Kmac

    2019-20 League Cup

    ——————-—Carson Grimshaw—Hartley—-Dunne—Livingston ————————-Maguire ————-Campbell——— Polworth—— Long/Cole—————-Scott————Illic Assuming Long and Cole are fit of course. Subs Gillespie Tait Gallagher Donnelly Hylton Seedorf Long/Cole
  13. Kmac

    2019-20 League Cup

    A good performance last night. Far too early to get carried away and to be fair, we should be beating Morton at home, however the visible gulf between the sides was pleasing. We certainly have pace going forward and the three wingers do look good. The issue with Hastie last season was that he stopped being so effective once people found him out, so I’m hopeful we’ll avoid that this term. Pace in the spl can be the difference and we certainly have that. I really liked the look of Maguire when he came on last night. Looked like a player with a new lease of life has has distinct flashes of quality. Donnelly, IMO, is the weakspot. He’s too often caught on the wrong side of play and gets dragged far too easily. Some of his passing is really iffy too, therefore would probably be the one I’d change out for Maguire. Polworth /Gallagher looked decent for their home debut. Whilst we have illic (who showed real flashes of quality) to cover the wingers, I’d imagine that Long/cole will also do the same. Having adequate squad coverage would mean likely bringing in another centre forward. Scott did extremely well as the game went on but it’s too much pressure to ask an 18 year old to lead the line all season (I’m assuming Johnson is being allowed to seek another club). It has the makings for a positive season but as Robinson alluded to, we’re a quality forward away from making it a good one.
  14. Kmac

    2019-20 Rebuild

    So are we to assume he won’t be located in the north east of England? Will he earn the right to play football?
  15. Kmac

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Spot on. You have to earn the right to play football

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