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  1. Rather than jumping two feet first into a tirade after the game, I decided to take a breath and put this into context. It’s utterly appalling that as a club, we have not managed to win against Rangers/ sevco in the league for 18 years - that’s one part of this. In what you can only assume is some sort of mental block, it’s a woefully embarrassing statistic. The performance today, itself, was absolutely appalling. As I commented early in the match, do I expect us to turn rangers over in every match, no, but do I expect us to compete - without a shadow of a doubt. Today, we showed no quality, leadership on or off the park, Grit, ideas or invention. ‘Flat’ did not cover it. Going out with a whimper at home is pathetic. For me, the performance today and Robinson’s subsequent comments were clearly indicative of a spiral of decline which is currently surrounding the Club. In context, we are playing in the middle of a pandemic so yes, there are no supporters and supporter finance (except season tickets and Ppv) but that doesn’t accurately portray a picture as to how/why we find ourselves in our current state as all clubs, bar the Old Firm, are bound by the financial uncertainties which no fans bring. The reality of the matter is this. Last season, we finished 3rd whilst budgeting for 10th and were awarded prize money as such. Yes, we missed out on some home gates however all things being equal, the club should have found itself on a relatively equal footing given that budgeting for 10th doesn’t mean playing the OF at home after the split. Factor is the transfer of James Scott and the announcement of being debt free, we arguably came into the start of the new season with as little impact on the overall, financially, as any club out with the arse cheeks of Glasgow. We released senior pros and large earners in both captain and deputy captain from contracts in the summer and brought in Lamie and White on Pre-contracts, as well as adding Mcginley, Hastie and Lang. We’ve sent our own youngsters on loan whilst bringing in loan players from other sides In the league in a questionable strategic move. We sold our biggest talent to a league rival and bowed out of Europe after netting 750k Euro in prize money, have our captain in the press saying survival is the only objective after 5 matches and meanwhile learn that yet another young prospect is likely gone before seeing First Team action. Throughout the course of all this, the pandemic means that unemployment is rising And times are hard for many, yet I, like most of us on here, will continually put hand in pocket every month to contribute towards the Society, giving what possible to support the club; knowing both the state of transfer fees and prize money generated. I’ve never been one for chanting about sacking a manager or criticizing Burrows but there comes a time, when as a supporter, you think, what’s the point? As Motherwell fan and attending Fir Park for 30 odd years, do I expect to win all the time, absolutely not, but I expect to be entertained or at least feel a sense of pride in the club. The looming apathy of all of the above was manifest in a single match today and thus it’s time for the club to take action. So, now, is a challenge to the Board. Do we believe in Robinson? If so, then as supporters I expect to be entertained and given the state of finance, money must be made available to allow him to bring players to do so. Or, as a board, do you not? If so, the time to act is now, to secure a new manager in time for making changes and new players under that person. Doing nothing will breed apathy and continue the spiral towards relegation which is becoming ever more a possibility. For a fan owned club in the current economic environment (despite the big selling of assets), that’s the biggest danger of all.
  2. Something has got to change. I don’t expect us to pump rangers but I expect it to be a competition. We are devoid of ideas, a plan, energy and quality. From management to playing staff, this is the worst in many, many years. Simply unacceptable.
  3. O’Donnell having a nightmare so far
  4. Well, we’ll have to earn the right to play football and get balls into the box because you know, we’re a young squad and you know financially they are in a different stratosphere but you know we can be really proud of the boys but you know We dust ourselves down and we go again. The Usual Shite. 3-0 to Mordor
  5. You’ve hit the nail in the head. As fans, you pay to see as good a team as possible on the park. Fan ownership means we are all privy to the knowledge of being debt free, Prior. Between player sales, prize money and sell-on fees, we must have netted close to 4 million in profit in the last 2 months yet we are without a stated plan of investment and clearly watching a squad that needs it badly. I refuse to believe for a second that Mcginley and Lamie are commanding the salaries of Hartley and Tait or at least I hope to god they aren’t as they a fraction of those players. So again, I ask the question, where has the money gone or is planned to go? Others have said correctly, that side were there for the taking and you cannot help that feel that had we already invested in 2/3 players of quality that I and others have been crying out for, we would be looking at a playoff at home for a shot at the groups. It’s only correct for the club to now come with a roadmap. We seem to be paying salaries for a raft of players either not good enough or indeed not good enough to even get a look (not to mention permanently crocked Dunne whom I’m imagining is a larger earner) so again, what’s the forecasted return of investment from a fans perspective now? Not in terms of money, but in terms of product.
  6. Well, that was that. I actually don’t think we were bad tonight. We were the better side in the first half and second half we ran out of steam. Two absolutely criminal bits of defending and some ineptitude at set Pieces cost us, however that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone given the way we have started the season. Given the way we have started and the amount of shite in the squad, it’ll be a few years at least before we return to European competition so it will be tough to take much forward from tonight other than a massive case of ‘what if’. We are bereft of any real quality in the outfield other than Campbell but again that isn’t a surprise either. The crucial decision for the board is now stick or twist. Yes the weekend result was decent but I maintain this squad isn’t good enough and needs an injection to start clear of relegation in the long run. The performances of some of the newer bodies do not however suggest that the hiring policy is good enough however to make any real difference.... it’s a puzzle
  7. Yes we did, minus costs which I’m assuming are no more than 250
  8. Well two things are certain. 1) were out of Europe 2) Nathan Mcginley is utterly fucking rotten
  9. Easy to say but can’t help feeling if this was at home, it would be a very different score line. Plenty to suggest we are still in the game. Cannot believe that wasn’t a red card
  10. --------------Carson -O'Donnell----Gallagher---Lamie Grimshaw--------------------------Mcginley ----------------Campbell----O'Hara ---------------------Polworth -----------------Long--------Watt Surprisingly, I am more insecure about getting through tonight that the potential playoff against Plzen. Keep it tight, combative and we will have chances.
  11. Now the question. Can we hold on to a 2-0 lead away from home?
  12. A quick check on sky scanner will show tickets for 500£ return. If we can’t put together the trip for less than 30/40k then we’ve done something wrong. I guess we will need to wait and see what wonderful investments the remaining 210/220k will be spent on
  13. Your last paragraph nails it. We are bereft of quality. We need 2/3 players with experience and of a higher caliber than what we have currently, instead we’ve brought in a desperate loan signing from a team around or at a lower level than us. Robinson needs to raise the bar in terms of mentality and ability in the squad, I cannot for the life of me figure out how a loan signing from Livingston does that. On paper, including the boys on loan (who we will Likely still be paying the majority of salary for given where they have gone), we’ve Got a very large squad. The issue here isn’t bodies, it’s quality. If Campbell is indeed out/injured, the one outfield player we have with that I’m evidence will also not be present - it’s not looking pretty. For the 50th time on this forum, we surely have money to re-invest here given recent developments. Signings such as the one we have made don’t point to that, it’s a show of desperation and padding out a squad.

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