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  1. ————————Kelly O’donell—Lamie—-Mugabe——Carroll ———-Maguire——-Donnelly ——————Slattery Woolery——-Van Veen———Watt 3-0 Hibs
  2. Sorry to spoil the party, but we are shite. We don’t look like a premier league side
  3. I’ve always been a fan of Odoffin who has performed very well in the league in an otherwise crap accies side. Ali Crawford is another I’d realistically like to see at fir park
  4. Not Happening now obviously but a player like Taylor is exactly what we needed when it was mentioned previously. Senior with experience of the league. It takes time for players to get up to speed to the Scottish game, which is fine, as long as it isn’t the players we’re relying on week in week out to get us points.
  5. So we’ve taken what is effectively a punt on another unknown young prospect with a lack of game time. We desperately need leaders and experience
  6. Can’t wait to see the finest that the Exeter Sunday league has to offer
  7. Dreadful. We've known we have needed 2 centre halves and 2 central midfielders since at least March yet here we are4 months later and 10 days away from the 1st league match and still missing a spine to the team. Why are we waiting for the ‘right’ players? When it’s clearly crucial roles, you make your targets the best offers you can or at least offers you believe match their contribution, give them a deadline and move on if they reject the contract - how difficult can it actually be? We need to get the spine of the team sorted and bedded in a week….
  8. Ooft. I hate to say it, but get the Cheque book out burrows. Fucking dreadful
  9. As an aside, we had two obvious jerseys to fill, in Campbell and Gallagher, we’ve achieved neither… rushing is one thing, plugging a leaking roof (as much as I disliked Gallagher) is another
  10. At what point should we rush? 4 weeks Into the league campaign or maybe January?
  11. I’m sorry, I just don’t think that loosing 2-0 at home to a team a division below you, having created one clear chance, is acceptable at any point of the season
  12. Plenty of time to get the bodies in and we’ll be mid table anyway, eh lads?

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