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  1. jim mccann


    Good luck and thank you to Henrik for his efforts. If we do get £500K for him, its a great bit of business.
  2. Footnall Rumours published a post staring David Goodwillie signing on loan for a year: www.football-rumours.co.uk
  3. I'm a web designer too and the current MFC site that s built on Wordpress publishing platform coud be rebuilt into a responsive site pretty quickly especially by two MFC fans
  4. It's down to lazinessss of the web design company who havent taken the trouble to make sure the site renders well on differnet devices such as ipads, tablets and smart phones. The club should be demanding they do something about it.
  5. Its working now. I fixed it!!
  6. According to Skysports Papertalk under Daily Mirror Heading, Stuart McCall is turning down the chance to return to Sheffield United and is set to stay at Motherwell. Skysports Papertalk
  7. Managers come and managers go. Players come and players go, but the club and fans will always be here.
  8. I reckon McCall will stay to see out his 2 year contract, at which point Sevco will end up in the SPL and need a new manager.
  9. From what Nicky Law's saying in the press, it looks like he'll be playing for Sevco next season!!.
  10. We just qualify for league stage of CL.
  11. Great Blog entry that you should read: Rangers newco: A cowardly compromise
  12. That's my theory too. A single year year in Divison 1 and Club 12 come back debt free next season in a stronger financial position.
  13. Congratulations to the Board for stating our decision on the newco admittance to the SPL should be made by the Trust. I hope all Well fans now get right behind the club for showing this initiative, and any fan who hasn't yet renewed their season ticket, well whats keeping you? NB well done to HMFC and DUFC for their statements.
  14. The Board should take note that even Gattuso said No to the Newco.
  15. I don't like the wording of the Club Statement. It suggests they will be voting to allow a newco back into SPL. On moral grounds alone they have to come out and say "No", otherwise they will be condoning the activities of RFC. Let's see a bit of steel from the Steelmen. Let's lead here by example and don't wait behind closed doors and announce "It is a majority decision of all SPL clubs". Show some honesty, integrity and balls by announcing we will be voting No now. You will get plenty of praise from the rest of Scottish football and from the Well fans. The interests of the club are to listen to the supporters and don't allow this newco back into the SPL. I have been a fan for many many years and I will not renew my season ticket or attend any SPL games if the Board votes Yes. I have been holding off renewing my season ticket until the decision is announced. I will be behind the club at the CL qualifiers and cup games, but I will not be back to any SPL games if this newco is allowed to stay in the league. I for one will not miss their sectarianism or tribalism at Fir Park if they get voted out. Big thx to @RabBryson for pic

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