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  1. how you doing mate?

  2. how you doing mate?

  3. AM I in the minority here. I don't think it was such a great save. He guessed the right side that was all. When did the rules change, as far as I was aware (no doubt I will be corrected). The goalkeeper must remain perfectly still on the goal line until the ball is kicked. If he moves and saves it then the kick is retaken. Forster takes a large step forward and too the side thus cutting down the angle just before the kick is taken. I have noticed that goalkeepers seem to be getting away with this more and more. I'm not too sure but I think that a Celtic player was encroaching(lovely word that) into the penalty area on the far side which would also mean that the kick would have to be retaken. ;)
  4. In my experience, the referee usually chivies and harasses the celebrating team to get back up the park for the restart. Judging from the highlights,the ref and the Aberdeen team went walkabout at each of the goals. this was timewasting and something should have been done.
  5. Instead of a bucket collection, why not take a old sheet round the park at half-time, like they did for charity collections, back in the fifties.
  6. I haven't been to the games but have watched them on the TV,highlights etc. and listened to MFCTV commentary. For what it's worth, I'm going to give my opinion. It's time to ditch the golf clubs, playstations,Xboxes,Twitter and Facebook. It's time for extra fitness training,shooting practice, ball control etc. The team's slow, they don't seem to be able to make space for themselves, or see players going into gaps. Scotland's defence crap. Motherwell's defence crap. Anybody notice a common denominator. Coach Kenny Black I really think some of the player's look unfit.
  7. Well Sevco have learned something being in the 3rd division. We were muscled out of every position.We wanted to play tippy tappy stuff and they just went through us. I hope McCall has that shower in for extra training in the next coupla days as they don't deserve time off.
  8. IF I was fit and healthy, wild horses wouldn't keep me away from the game tonight. BUT I'm neither fit nor healthy,so I'll be watching on the TV but will be there in spirit. You might hear me swearing at the ref as far away as Ibrox. Safe journey's to all Dossers, there and back. Oh by the way, GIVE THEM HELL!!!!!!!
  9. From the Fiftie's For ever and ever My heart will be true Motherwell for ever We'll follow you Can't remember any the verses, but can remember this being sung on the buses heading to away games and definately at all the parties,especially at the New Year. House always full of 'Well supporters then
  10. I was at the Flamengo game, standing in my usual position, the wee wooden gate at the right hand stand enclosure next to the home dugout. As usual, I was there early as my mother used to help make the tea for officials etc. and help out in general. In the fifties, when I was wee , I used the players entrance and didn't pay. Whist I was standing there the Flamengo players came out for a look at the pitch and stadium. I took my programme and a pen and went over to this guy for an autograph, he took them of me and vanished down the tunnel. I thought what a cheeky bugger. Twenty minutes later, he returned with the team photo signed by each player. The same thing happened when we played Bilboa. We won that game 3-2 :cheers:
  11. It's listed on ATDHENET. MON THE WELL''
  12. Brazillian, Weeyin Glad to be of service!!
  13. I see what you mean. Switched it off.
  14. Getting nothing on MFCTV. When I go into "Live Matches". I get the stats from the Dundee United game.

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