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  1. Anyone else hearing the St Johnstone tv commentary in the background?
  2. It seems sometimes on here that every interview current or former club employees do, some people are taking it apart and twisting everything that's said to suit their own agenda
  3. I wondered how long that would take. You can't just say that. It doesn't work that way. They dropped down from the Champions League qualifiers and then played clubs from Andorra, Moldova and Faroe Islands. Some of the clubs in that route are nowhere near the level of the clubs in the other route.
  4. They've been throwing themselves to the floor everytime the ball's gone in the box
  5. Why did you quote my post and then ask me that? If you'd read the post I was replying to then surely it would be obvious I was defending him.
  6. Yeah, they're both comparable because a nineteen year old who's played a handful of matches is going to be earning the same wage as the club captain.
  7. It would help if he could take less than three touches to control a pass.
  8. It didn't work out. As I said, whoever took over Hearts fixtures, we should have been due to play them once at home, but we got two home games against both Dundee & Hamilton.
  9. Hamilton might have taken on Hibernian's fixtures, but that doesn't explain why when Hearts were relegated that same season, Dundee weren't given a complete reversal of their fixtures the following season. I also fail to see how Hibernian and Hamilton caused us to be given four games at Tannadice in two seasons
  10. In 2013/14, we had two home games against Hearts, but when Dundee replaced them the following season we had two home games again. Also in 2013/14, we were given two away games against Dundee United, then had two away against them again the following season.
  11. It will be a lot more than one or two, they've probably had more games called off than anyone else in the last few years.
  12. Since the SPFL has 4 divisions, are you trying to suggest he isn't good enough to play in League Two? I'm assuming you were joking since you then suggested putting Reid in there ahead of both Lasley and Carswell. Bit early as well surely for people to start with all the bottom six and terrible season ahead stuff as well. Last season started with a 1-0 win v Hibs, 3-1 defeat v Aberdeen and 2-0 defeat v Inverness so points wise it's the same and those performances were probably as bad as this season's.
  13. Even If they were being left out for today's game, surely at least one of Moore or Erwin should have been on the bench as another attacking option just in case, because once Sutton came on you looked at the bench and couldn't see who else could come on and do something in attack.
  14. That was an embarrassment. Their keeper only had one difficult save all afternoon. Everything was far too slow. Too many players seemed happy to pass the ball back and forward on the halfway line or in their own half. I lost count of the amount of times they had one forward on the halfway line and between him and their midfield we had four players back. Also, I could probably count on one hand the number of times Anier touched the ball in the second half. I know people will blame Stuart McCall and his team selection but the eleven he had out there should have been good enough to win that game.
  15. It got that bad that at one point Ramsden stood telling him to go forward. Yet the times he put good crosses in were the times he got forward and wide. I'd also love to know if the team ever work on defending set pieces. Goals have continually been conceded from corners and free kicks for the last couple of seasons now and every time the opposition get a set piece you worry a goal's coming.

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