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  1. Don't post on here as often as I should, but been catching up on the podcasts over the last two weeks, this one in particular was a fascinating listen. Superb stuff by everyone invioved.
  2. Lee has been in and around the Scotland setup for a few years at under 17/19 level. One of my mates who is a coach with Scotland always said he's a cracking prospect. Surprised we've never seen him get a run out as of yet. Was in the last Scotland under 19 call up.
  3. I'm playing on Saturday too !!! Just got greedy for the Matchday experience, it's an amazing opportunity. What's happening on Thursday mate ?
  4. So who is all in from the forums. I'm away 14 this year. (8home last year)
  5. When are the fixtures officially announced ?
  6. Are you on crack. I'm not gonna say they were terrible, but not a chance were they the best outfield players.
  7. Slane can GTF in my opinion. About 9 first team games total since he left, not a chance he'd be welcomed back.
  8. Good stream available online ?
  9. brazilmfc

    Fans' Game

    Alright chaps Amazing game. Any photos up yet ? Also apologies for the dodgy tackles on away 5 and 8. Scott leitch was our manager, he had words with me, I had to do what he asked lol.
  10. It got messy !!!!! no 8 home team.
  11. Wished I had bid for 4 in the away team. So want to do this but its getting messy !!!!
  12. I bought two tickets for the Game tomorrow. Just got a season ticket and don't need one of the tickets I bought today. Any thoughts ?
  13. Motherwell FC and Reeltime Music are running free weekly music sessions over the next 7 weeks as part of the SPL Music Box project, with sessions taking place within the Davie Cooper Stand – Room 8 on Saturday mornings from 10am-12.30pm for 12-18 year olds. Music Box is supported by Creative Scotland's Youth Music Initiative and will give young people the chance to try their hand at a range of popular music instruments including guitar, drums, bass, vocals, keyboards, Djing as well opportunities for collaboration, band work, recording and performance. Music Box is completely free so why not come along, get involved and get creative.
  14. Joke today from the stewards. No one was causing any harm, having a good laugh, good singing and then the police are trying to tell 70 well fans to sit down, when in the Aberdeen ends there must be 10 times that standing. Kicked off from there with some heavy handed police and stewards. There was no problem until they interfered, absolute joke. Football fans not criminals.
  15. I have been asked by Choose Life to recruit some Motherwell Fans for a discussion group to get some feedback re recent advertising campaigns throughout the community and club. By taking part you will receive £30 worth of love to shop vouchers. The discussions will take place in local venues and last for 2 hours. What is the study about? Leeds Metropolitan University have been asked by the Choose Life Steering group to carry out research aimed at understanding how effectively the Choose Life suicide awareness campaign has raised the awareness of the general public about suicide issues. This research will be used in a report that will lead to the improvement of suicide awareness work in North Lanarkshire. Who is being asked to take part in the discussions? You are invited to take part in the study because discussion groups are being held in the following groups of people from the general public: Young men aged 16-25 Young women aged 16-25 Young men and young women together aged 26-35 Men aged over 35 Men and women together aged over 35 What will the discussion groups involve? The discussion groups would take place in late October/early November at local venues. They will be run by Leeds Metropolitan University, with support from Choose Life, and will last two hours. Your name will not be used in any report following from the sessions. if you want to take part or want more information contact Greg Burgess; [email protected]
  16. Was giving everyone tours the last time I was there at the kit sale. Total Legend !!! Has a nice wee pension in that room !!!!
  17. Anyone know if it will be happening again ???
  18. Hope he bangs in a few goals, not sure though if im honest. This video doesn't fill me with confidence, hilarious though.
  19. brazilmfc

    Ex Old Firm Fans

    Well ! My Faither took me to parkhead when I was younger. I had been to Motherwell games when I was about 10 but then I was brainwashed and went to parkhead for about 3 years. However when I was about 16 I realised that this club really ain't for me. Wish I could turn back the clock, but one thing I don't regret is that seeing players like Ronaldinho, Beckham, Giggs, Gerrard and Larsson was fantastic. I had enough when they played Killie one day and the abuse the Celtic fans gave the team at full time was horrendous, but they won 1-0 !!! Just no right. I went to about 5 well games each season even when my dad took me to see Celtic, but it was just better at Fir Park, I can't really explain why, just love this club. As I say wish I could turn back the clock but it aint possible. I know some fans say, "Well i've supported Motherwell my whole life", I will never have that luxury, but Im sure as fuck trying to make up for it !!!!!! Season ticket holder now for 6 years and will make sure I don't make the same mistake my Dad did when I was younger !!!! While I'm confessing, I played for Airdrie for a year when I was 16 !!!! That's me, feels like counselling !!!!!!!!
  20. brazilmfc

    Scottish Fitba

    Quite worrying reading through this thread. I have had my season ticket for a few years now and unfortunately due to funds it might have to be my last for a few years. However if money wasnt an option I would definitely be buying another. Last night was shocking and agreed scottish football is a state of almost disrepair, but even in times like this we should be rallying round the club. I know it is frustrating as fuck and I did feel the same way coming home from last nights game, but after some reflection I dont think I could ever walk away. The club need the fans no matter what the state and at worrying time like this they need us more than ever. If in 10 years time we are lingering in the 2nd or 3rd division I still couldn't walk away. Through thick and thin !!!
  21. Pretty sure its a fiver at the pitz in hamilton too.
  22. Looks like we wont be training there anytime soon. Motherwell coach accused of verbally abusing receptionist at Ravenscraig http://news.stv.tv/scotland/west-central/2...g-receptionist/
  23. Dont think I've ever wanted to win a football game more in my life !!!!! Hope to god it doesn't turn into another Nancy home leg. C'mon !!!!!!!!!!
  24. Man City for glamour and convenience or Odense for a chance of the group stages ??? I'd take either.
  25. Its rare these days to see players really play for the jersey, but he is definitely one of them. Really loved watching him tonight and lets hope he keeps it going for the rest of the season.

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