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  1. After Celtic, we had the highest amount of possession in a game and the most shots in a game. Good. Then you get to shots on target and we were second worst. 1 shot on target out of 15 is awful. I have to say I'm not convinced of our strikers ability in front of goal. We don't have anyone you could really have any confidence will score you a goal going into a game, no Moult, no Coyne, no Higdon etc. Looks we need to get the shooting practice in.
  2. One of Robinson's biggest flaws is his complete inability to mould a balanced squad. There is always too much of this, not enough of that.
  3. Anyone that thinks Robinson is going to Bournemouth, or any Championship club, needs the interior of their house bubble wrapped.
  4. Outside of Rangers and Celtic the league is utter garbage and much of a muchness. We could finish 3rd or 12th. When I was watching Aberdeen it struck me just how old the core of that squad is. They look tired to me. They were pish last season which is how we managed, somehow, to cling on to 3rd and I don't expect them to get better unless they bring in a slew of new signings which doesn't seem likely given their chat about huge financial loses. Hibs should be doing much better than last season. it will be interesting to see how Jack Ross does. Other than that there is really nothing out there that's above mediocre.
  5. Part of the game is knowing when not to make a challenge. When players make these sort of challenges when it's completely unnecessary it actually really irritates me. It wasn't a red for violent conduct but some times I think players deserve red cards just for stupidity.
  6. I lived down in Moulescomb for a bit in the early 90s. I actually used to get the bus up here at the weekends to go to Motherwell games. The enthusiasm of youth! Remembering going to a Brighton v Liverpool FA Cup match. Think it was 2-2 and Liverpool scored late to take it to a replay but my memory is hazy. It was a long time ago and those were the days of unrestrained, reckless abandon.....
  7. Liam Grimshaw's style of football was made obsolete in 1867 when Queen's Park invented passing.
  8. We missed Hartley defending and attacking corners most of the time he was here. Guy was perma-injured.
  9. You have to assume he's not fit or carrying a niggle or something. Robinson must know what his record is when Campbell doesn't play. If he doesn't know it's P12 W2 D2 L8. Well now it's P13 W2 D2 L9!
  10. Basic decision making right across the board was terrible. Manager trying to be clever with his selections, Gallagher's idiotic penalty give away, Long & Lang missing chances they should be putting away, Donnelly missing a penalty, Lang's daft challenge for a red card. Absolute self destruction tonight.
  11. We have Campbell and Turnbull and one is on the bench and the other is out on the left. Just stupid. These are the players you build a team around. Also - can we start a GoFundMe to buy Ross Stewart?
  12. It was 3-2 to Morton but it should have been 5, 6, 7, 8 to Morton. They absolutely demolished us and Joe Chalmers at left back got one of the worst goings over I've ever seen in football. McDonald on as a sub brought us back into it but even in Extra Time, when you'd have thought the momentum would be in our favour, Morton totally gubbed us and could have scored a 2 or 3 in the last half hour. It was one of the worst humiliations I've ever seen as a Motherwell fan. We've lost to teams like Alloa Athletic or Albion Rovers but they were crappy, scrappy matches that could have gone either way. Morton absolutely pumped us that night and we were an utter shambles. Probably not seen a lower league side roll us over like that since the Ayr United match at Fir Park.
  13. Ha! Includes results like beating Spain in Spain and.....what else? Unless you think 1-0 wins over the likes of Slovakia or Bulgaria are noteworthy. By the way stats from the match; Possession - Spain 75% N. Ireland 25%. Corners - Spain 22 N. Ireland 0. Shots - Spain 25 N. Ireland 1. Fair play to them for winning but it was a fluke.
  14. Barraclough must give a hell of an interview. Last I looked NI U21s hadn't won in 6 games and were second bottom of the group on 0 wins.
  15. Scott Fox has inconsistent to say the least. He was poor at Thistle then had a better spell at Ross County but eventually went off the boil there too. Assuming he will be 2nd choice. Saw him last season play for Partick against Alloa and he was pretty ropey while Jamie McDonald at then other end was outstanding.
  16. I doubt Tommy Wright left St Johnstone to come to Motherwell. His aspirations will either be England or international. The guy knows the league and how to grind out results but I'm not sure I'd especially want to watch his brand of football. They weren't exactly queuing up outside St Diarmid's on match days.
  17. Ya Bezzer!


    This. Guaranteed if the same happened to anyone on this forum at their place of work they would be pissed off about it and probably go on Twitter or Facebook to mouth off. From Tait's point of view the club have done him over. The club however has to take account of the new economic situation and since the contract hadn't been finalised I don't think they did anything 'wrong' but it was definitely an unfortunate situation. The club statement is, I maintain, badly worded and unprofessional looking. A multi million pound business putting out a retort in the form of an emotive press release detailing an employees contract negotiations is embarrassing. It's totally unnecessary. If anything the club comes off as bitter that Tait didn't sign the reduced contract.
  18. Ya Bezzer!


    I don't think anyone did anything wrong in regards to the contract per se, I can see both points of view, but our statement seems a bit petty especially when it's going on about being 'disheartened' and 'accusations'. I don't think we should be going public on this at all but if we are the club should be above emotional language in press releases. Also what do other players think when they see a history of a former colleagues contract negotiations plastered all over the press? Probably aren't that impressed. I wouldn't be.
  19. Lamie is a very Robinson style signing. Big, athletic, maybe not the best technically. Can play left back or centre half. Remind you of anyone?
  20. Glad Maguire has been given a new contract but there's no point in it if he doesn't get game time. Gillespie has been an excellent custodian. Good luck to him. Wouldn't surprise me if Mark O'Hara ended up wearing our shirt again. As for bringing players in, I think we should be cautious when spending money. Although the signs are going in the right direction with Covid I've read that things being back to normal by October is 'unlikely' and by then there might well be a resurgence as we go into winter months. I'd urge financial prudence. The stability of the club has to be put before performance next season as Covid will surely be the biggest test of the club since administration. As it stands I'm unlikely to be a season ticket next season but as always things are fluid.
  21. Ya Bezzer!

    Season Tickets

    Not been paid in months and I strongly suspect if there is any football there won't be fans there, at least in 2020. So right now it's looking like I won't be getting one. It's a tricky situation, I know the club needs the money but I don't have any. It's as simple as that. And in terms of Scottish football governance I'd only expect more confusion, muddle, in fighting and agenda driven decision making. Honestly, I think Scottish football doesn't even know how much trouble it's in yet. It will dawn on them in the coming months.
  22. Looks great so far. Probably the most interesting thing going on in Scottish football right now! People who say things are 'sad' are a real bugbear of mine. It's usually because they have no skills or interests themselves and therefore contribute fuck all. I'm not very handy but I'm learning Punjabi and have a MS Paint masterpiece on the go.
  23. We started terrible, we'd already made a couple of bad mistakes before Ross County scored in 2 minutes. And we looked shapeless until we got a break with the ball falling to O'Hara for the equaliser. After that you could see the team fill with confidence and Campbell and O'Hara were excellent and dominated the midfield. Campbell in particular was fantastic, tonight must be up there as one of his best performances. Tonight showed who we should be building the team around. Watt did well when he came on as well.

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