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  1. Maybe this is harsh on Grimshaw I think if your major skill set or attribute, in his case 'hard working, gives his all etc' can be equally applied to working in a bakery or an Amazon warehouse as it can to being a footballer then you have a problem. Football shouldn't be a non skilled profession.
  2. O'Donnell made what was probably a goal saving tackle. Celtic boy was straight through.
  3. Shape or players? Bit of a chicken and the egg situation. However our midfield has been absolutely garbage in every match I've seen this season. We've had 40% or less possession in 5 out of 9 matches this season and we've averaged 38% over all the matches. I think we've been reasonable at the back, we've scored in most of our games, midfield is where the improvement needs to be.
  4. Mugabi. Has been solid every time I've seen him this season.
  5. Pretty toothless and anaemic performance today but what's really disappointing is how Celtic were obviously honking across the back four and the goalkeeper and we've not managed to create a single real chance or make Hart make a save worth the name. I thought we started the better team but even when we got down the sides we were aiming at one shirt in the box. Woolery and Roberts don't really cut inside off the ball like say Jamie Murphy did and therefore we didn't really have bodies in the box when a couple of decent balls went across the Celtic box. After about 10 minutes Celtic started to come more into it and the goal was coming when it came. After that we were pretty much a deflated bouncy castle. Celtic deserved to win but I didn't think they were really up to much either.
  6. Honestly I'd pick Clark over Kelly right now. He's won trophies, he's more experienced in general but crucially he has more big game experience. It'll be interesting to see what happens with McLaughlin at Rangers cos he has a much better record in goal this season than McGregor but generally I don't think you should be selected for internationals if you aren't playing club football. Maybe goalkeeper is slightly different from outfield positions but overall I'm not keen.
  7. Thank you for saving me some typing! I don't think Woolery has been involved much in the matches I've seen but when he has been there has been some result from what he's doing - a goal, an assist, decent delivery etc. I'd be happy to persevere with him for the moment to see if he can continue contributing to the important part of the game which is setting up, or scoring goals. Totally agree on McGinley/Carroll and the midfield situation.
  8. Well maybe not anywhere but certainly at Tynecastle. Wouldn't exactly say Hearts home results have been poor but they have been better away from home this season. Aberdeen and Hibs went there and got something so I don't think we should be trepidatious about it. Have to say Barrie McKay has looked good since he signed though so our left back will need to be on his toes.
  9. Biggest issue I have with McGinlay is going forward he gives you nothing. Maybe people getting behind him is a problem but defending with the ball in front of him he's OK, made a couple of good tackles today.
  10. Nah. Under Robinson we often looked like we could play all day and not score. Even though we didn't play well today we always looked competitive. When we go forward now we just look like we can score and the stat I just posted proves that. There isn't a lot of quality in midfield but up front and at the back we are much better.
  11. Under Alexander we've scored in 22 out of 25 league matches. That's impressive.
  12. Well that was a strange one. Great that we won but honestly if it had ended 1-1 I would have thought we were a bit on the lucky side to get a point. First ten minutes was great, scored a cracker and could have buried Ross County completely. But then....we just slowly faded out of the game. Ross County gained confidence and started passing it round us pretty well. Liam Kelly was a lot busier than his fellow keeper up the other end and made a few really good saves. When County scored the goal had been coming for a while. Second half continued in the same vein with Ross County the dominate team but to be fair to us we defended relatively well and we looked dangerous going forward most of the time apart a little spell when it was going a bit Robbo long ball-ish. The substitutes perked us up again. Last 10 or 15 minutes you felt like someone was going to win it and thankfully it was us. Watt, who had an excellent game, did the honours. Probably the poorest overall performance I've seen this season. Slattery was good today however the limitations of our midfield was glaringly shown up. Still we hung in there and took our chances. We needed Kelly and the bar but at the end of the day, we've got the three points and even if the overall play wasn't great today you have to credit the players professionalism and character.
  13. Looks like the big difference is that we've just scored much more consistently across the fixtures rather than having feasts and famines.
  14. You can debate the transfer policy, the technical quality of the players at the club and whole bunch of other stuff but I don't think you can argue that Alexander isn't a big step up as a coach from the previous set up. Latterly you got the impression Robinson would take 0 points before a game at Ibrox just to avoid playing it.
  15. Very good result. 6 games in and we've only lost due to a penalty in a close fought match. Some difficult matches coming up but we should be fairly confident going into them.
  16. I missed one. I'd rather have Andy Goram though.
  17. Just as well there were no forums back in the days when we put out a yellow home top!
  18. I notice that the last time we beat Rangers in a League match Andy Goram was in goals - for Motherwell. Rangers haven't started the season brilliantly; there was a three goal margin against a depleted Livingston side, a two goal margin against Ross County and the three other matches have been 1 goal margins (Celtic, St. Johnstone, Dundee Utd). That says to me we should be capable of keeping the game tight if we are on our game. We've defended quite well in the two matches I've seen in person but I do worry about our midfield and the Rangers full backs keeping us pinned back. Barisic has apparently been poor this season though so perhaps that is an area we can exploit. I also think you can cause Rangers problems by playing balls over their centre backs and making them turn. They aren't great when they are facing their own goal. Overall though you'd be delighted with a point. The main thing is we go there and show some serious ambition to take something from the game. If it turns out to be an unlucky defeat like St Johnstone's then I don't think too many people will be cross but let's ditch the inferiority complex please.
  19. Goalkeeper, centre halves and forwards all could have a claim. Have to go for Kevin van Veen though, a goal an assist and some 'watching through your fingers' type challenges on a yellow!
  20. Just a daft wee stat but Motherwell are the only team in the Premiership to score in every league match this season. Hopefully we can keep that up another week at least...
  21. I understand why it's done but as I said in my original match post I think we did it far too early in the match, there was over 20 minutes to play with injury time. Perhaps Alexander wanted to give the 5 at the back a decent run out for the match at Ibrox but otherwise I think it put us more at risk more than anything else.
  22. It was a mixed bag. But I actually applauded him at one point when he booked an Aberdeen player (Ferguson I think) for pulling on Woolery's shirt. That's a big bugbear for me and I think referee's need to clamp down on it. If you are obstructing a players movement by jersey pulling why is that different than chopping him down?
  23. Exactly this. Aberdeen had 23 shots and Kelly didn't have a serious save to make. Pretty much everything they hit that was on target was tame and down the middle of the goal. I would precede with caution on giving the opposition possession. If you have possession you control the game. If you don't you are depending on what the opposition do or don't do. Yesterday Aberdeen couldn't shot for toffee so we got away with it. Does anything think Rangers will have 23 shots at goal and not score? We deserved the win yesterday but the match stats were a bit of an anomaly. Over the season we are going to have to up our possession stats and control the midfield in more matches. If we don't, there will be consequences over the long term. I've not updated my stats yet but I think in terms of headed goals we have 6 and the next nearest team is Celtic on 3. Most other teams are on 1 or 0. It's a good thing that we are capable of scoring in these situations and I'm not making out that it's not but we cannot depend on headed goals across the season. Guaranteed teams will learn and be trying to counter act our strengths as we go into the 2nd phase of the season so we can't be dependent on a single strategy.

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