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  1. Decided to go back and have a look at our strikers since the mighty King Louie arrived at Fir Park. 24 in total. 10 never scored a league goal: - Jordan White, George Newell, Connor Sammon, Ross McCormack, Alex Fisher, Jacob Blyth, Craig Moore, Dylan Mackin, David Clarkson and Theo Robinson. 3 managed to score 1 league goal:- Ross McIver, Christy Mazinga, Wes Fletcher The rest as follows; LESS THAN 20 STARTS James McFadden - 2+6 (2) starts per goal 1.00 Danny Johnson - 12+10 (6) starts per goal 2.00 Nadir Ciftci - 8+3 (3) starts per goal 2.66 Tony Watt - 19+5 (4) starts per goal 4.75 MORE THAN 20 STARTS Louis Moult - 77+7 (38) starts per goal 2.02 Devante Cole - 20+10 (7) starts per goal 2.85 Scott McDonald - 68+4 (19) starts per goal 3.57* Chris Long - 29+10 (8) starts per goal 3.62 Ryan Bowman - 41+31 (10) starts per goal 4.10 James Scott - 21+15 (4) starts per goal 5.25* Curtis Main - 44+3 (8) starts per goal 5.50 * not always played as a forward.
  2. Well I just did 45 minutes of anxiety based house work but credit to the team for hanging on.
  3. Need a wee 'tactical foul' on Barisic IMO. Let's see if he can cover the yards with stud marks in him.
  4. Good start but you can see us dropping further and further back. You know, the usual! Got to keep a positive approach going and neutralise their crossing.
  5. No point bringing in players that are no better or perhaps worse than what we have Taking a punt on players that have poor goal scoring records but *might* get better is the reason our striking options are so poor.
  6. He's failed to score in 11 out of 13 league starts this season. Doubt he's going to fire us up the table. Also Macclesfield fan on YT video says 'Harry Smith is a great aerial threat and a very passionate player however he lacks a good first touch and finishing at times can be poor. '
  7. Not much chance of getting a 1 in 2 level striker at the best of times never mind sitting bottom of the league in January. We need someone that's going to come in and score 5 or 6 goals in the remaining 16 games. Anything more than that would be a real coup.
  8. Hylton was definitely a player who had to be moved on. He showed some promise when he first arrived but he wasn't doing anything for us latterly. I've pointed out that most of our players go downhill badly after showing some initial promise and Hylton falls into the category. That whole trend needs to be looked into but when he left for County he was already deep in a rut. Oli Shaw is a decent player and it's noticeable that Ross County are doing a lot better now that he's getting game time under Hughes but he's only one of probably hundreds of better options we could have gone for.
  9. Perhaps you ought to look around the whole of Europe and across all sports and ask yourself the same question.
  10. Rangers haven't actually been that good over the last 4 matches. They have ground matches out for the most part (1-0, 2-0, 1-0, 2-1) and had more than a little luck. If we are going to beat Rangers I'd suggest there is a possible chance here as frankly they have looked lethargic and uninspired. Of course given our record you can't really predict anything but a pumping but I still think there is an opportunity there if we really bothered ourselves.
  11. He probably does have final say. But that's a whole different thing than a manager bringing in his own players. I'm fine with Lawless being brought in but I'd be surprised if Alexander knows much about him. It seems to me others are identifying players and doing the deals to bring them in and given that our recent transfers have been pretty poor I think it needs a light shone on what exactly is happening.
  12. Unfortunately our fans, as well as most others, tend to be partisan towards their own clubs interests and see things through a rather warped prism. If the roles were reversed most of the folk in here would be doing full 180s. Ultimately the correct decision has been made and the SFA has proven it's self far more competent than the catastrophically inept ghouls running the SPFL.
  13. It's been obvious our transfer policy is not in the hands of the manager for some time. There has been multiple examples of us being linked to a player not getting him that window, changing manager and then bringing in the same player.
  14. Lawless - better late than never I suppose.
  15. Kevin Kyle just revealed on Open Goal that Graham Alexander has some Rangers tattoos.
  16. Was doing all my stats today and noticed a couple of things. We've only scored 3 headers all season and 2 of those were from centre backs, so in other words our midfield and forwards have scored 1 header all season. Obviously a deficiency there. Whether it's the strikers not putting their heads where it hurts or poor delivery or whatever. We've scored 1 goal from outside the box. Again, not really good enough. Also we are one of only three teams in the league not to have scored from a free kick. All these things, for me at least, tend to show up technical deficiencies in our squad. There are too many things we can't do.
  17. PROBLEM SOLVED. Home strip - P18 W2 Away strip - P3 W2 Hey it worked with the Dortmund top back in the day!
  18. We definitely need a striker, actually let me re-phrase that, we definitely need a goal scorer. If we'd had one yesterday we could have had the game put away at half time but if you can't score or at best get 1 then you are always going to drop points. Can you imagine if all the chances that have dropped to Tony Watt this season had fallen to Louis Moult or Tommy Coyne?
  19. We've played well before and not won - say Dundee Utd. I think although the first half performance was much better than Accies or Aberdeen and some players upped their performance levels most of the problems are still there and haven't been cured simply by appointing a new manager. We are 10 without a win and are away at Ibrox next. Then we face Aberdeen with our stinking home record and have an absolutely crucial tie against Ross County. We are still deep, deep, deep in the mire. No one should be getting complacent and we definitely need a talent injection in this window or it's going to be a long hard slog till the end of the season.
  20. In terms of successive league matches without a win this is our worst run in at least 10 years. We had 1 win in 11 and 4 points the season McCall resigned. Currently on 0 wins in 10 and 4 points. Alexander has a lot of work to do. Next three matches are Rangers, Aberdeen and Ross County.
  21. Been coming to be fair. We've just dropped out the game 2nd half.
  22. Watt proving that while he's far from our worst player he's just not a goal scorer.
  23. Could be. But O'hara could be right midfield and Hastie left midfield. That's what I seemed most natural to me just looking at the line up. I guess we'll find out fairly soon!

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