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  1. That’s quite simply sensational from the club. I’ve not bought one in recent seasons but I’ll certainly do so now. Credit to everyone that has made this possible. On the back of the proposed super league and unrest down south, I hope this pledge gets the spotlight it merits.
  2. Not the move he would have anticipated when he threw the toys out the pram in Dec/Jan but a decent move for a player of his standard. I wish him well but I never fully took the guy despite a very good first season at Fir Park and his significant role in Scotland qualifying for the euros. As a captain he let the club down badly and that won’t be forgotten. We’ve lost better centre halves in recent years. Hopefully we can unearth another Kipre, Hutchinson or Aldred.
  3. Go on the Saints, they’ve been very refreshing to watch under Callum Davidson and went about that impeccably tonight. I celebrated Zander’s heroics as much as Watt’s equaliser. And yesterday’s subscription to Premier Sports was worth it to see McInnes, McCall, Weir and Craigan devastated. From a Motherwell perspective, it’s a case of what could have been when you think of both the League and Scottish cup semi final line-ups. In truth though, I’d much rather see a Motherwell squad I have genuine affection for win the cup.
  4. I’ve not been his biggest fan recently but I thought Gallagher was very good tonight and his composure helped us throughout the last 60 mins. Huge credit to Watt too for having barely trained yet helped turn the game around, I love the guy.
  5. Hibs are the third best team in the country by a distance. We took them to penalties and created enough chances late on to win it. Alexander’s tactics may not be pleasing on the eye but we came close to producing a very special win there. If we had a fully fit Watt and Roberts at our disposal, I imagine our approach would have been somewhat different. If any blame is to be apportioned for tonight, it lies squarely with Lawless.
  6. That’s a sore one. From about the 60th minute mark onwards we were very good and gave it everything. Players should be proud of getting ourselves back into the game. Lawless can fuck off though, useless.
  7. During half time in extra time, Jock Brown picked up on Alexander spending a few minutes with his staff before getting in about the players. Anyone else find that a bit weird?
  8. Lobey_Dosser

    Big Dec

    Give O’Donnell the armband just now.
  9. Obviously pleased to progress but there was little pleasure to be gained from that tonight. Kelly and Hastie the positives. With the likely absence of Roberts, Watt and now Campbell in the weeks ahead, I’m grateful we’ve steered cleared of the relegation battle. As for the cup, hard to see this bunch getting any success, the lack of quality and desire was there for all to see tonight.
  10. Dreadful. Can’t be arsed watching extra time.
  11. I don’t think we can have a go at the SFA in this instance. While there may not be a written protocol, there will be an understanding of what is the ‘done thing’ in such circumstances. English football, rugby, cricket and horse racing have altered their fixtures while the decision on the snooker world champs is pending. Had the SFA not done likewise, they’d be open to staunch criticism. With no crowds, the inconvenience is minimal so we might as well take this on the chin and give royalists one less thing to greet about.
  12. Lobey_Dosser

    Big Dec

    Taylor and Considine too unless I’ve drifted off in the final minutes of a game.
  13. Lobey_Dosser

    Big Dec

    Huge few weeks ahead for Gallagher. He’s now fell well down the pecking order of centre halves to the extent his place in the final 23 could be touch and go.
  14. Lobey_Dosser

    Big Dec

    Disappointing result for Scotland but O’Donnell put in some shift, he’ll sleep well tonight. He also spoke well post match, befitting of a proper club captain.
  15. Lobey_Dosser

    Big Dec

    Solid performance from O’Donnell in what was a good game and decent point for Scotland. Plenty for Declan to ponder as he sits on the bench for club and country...
  16. Excellent again today. It was evident from the first minute that we had the bit between our teeth today. Good performances all round with the likes of Lamie and Crawford impressing more and more each week while Roberts has been the catalyst to our upturn in form.
  17. So many choices today, with everyone to a man playing their part. Lamie edges it for me though, his performance level has improved significantly under Alexander and he set the tone early on today with two very clean tackles. He also deserves recognition for holding the defence together when he has an absolute novice alongside him.
  18. Outstanding from start to finish today. The response to the St Johnstone game has been excellent this week. No danger of getting relegated now.
  19. I may have been influenced by Jocks’ commentary but I thought Robbie Crawford was very tidy. I like him.
  20. A very well earned point, plenty of effort and it was evident that we’ve learned lessons from the previous two defeats. We can go to Easter Road with a degree of confidence.
  21. It probably won’t be long until we hear the bold Mo talking candidly on Sportsound.
  22. Fair play to Jordan White. He has his limitations but as he showed at Inverness and now at County, he’ll get on the end of balls into the box and score a few. Unfortunately he joined Motherwell side that has no idea how to get the ball in the box. We are right back in the mire.
  23. Whilst acknowledging the team was decimated by injury, illness and whatever else, that performance was quite something yesterday. If Alexander wasn’t just in the door, you’d be thinking the writing was on the wall. The players that don’t appear to give a shit are obviously the biggest culprits this season but what the hell were we doing in January with this glut of signings that are nowhere to be seen? It worries me that the squad is almost as bloated now during a pandemic as it was when Les was throwing money at it.
  24. Wow. Withdrawing Barry Maguire is one of the most jaw-dropping decisions I’ve seen in a while.

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