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  1. cambo97

    Big Dec

    Maybe a daft question but what can he offer in place of the extension?
  2. No don't, it's a good laugh reading his "insights"
  3. cambo97

    Mfc Podcast

    I don't know if it's just me but there doesn't appear to be a play button on the linked page.
  4. A few people have mentioned that if you buy the shares you automatically become a member of the WS, that not the way I read it. It seems to be more of a case of "as well as being part of the Well Society you can hold individual shares as well". There already must be share holders who are not members of the WS.
  5. I don't think that's the case as Rangers and Partick also replace Motherwell and Ross County as top 6 "seeded" teams. I was led to believe that they reverse the fixtures based on team seeding every year, so if team 1 plays team 2 twice at home before the split one season, the next season it is two away.
  6. I read an article recently (BBC I think) they thought the seven of the eight would be Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs due to size, Hamilton because they were sure that Les Grey would have made sure that the criteria set met the Accies model with the seventh being the Forth Valley scheme as it was already SFA backed.
  7. Yes definitely offside, he holds his flat in front of him along the line of the offense, a free kick he would have just raised his flag
  8. Just football I think, Lawless is saying he's now playing poker rather than betting, so I'm also sure he's not suspended for tomorrow or at least not for the betting.
  9. cambo97


    It says you can't play trialists after the 1st April, it only really applies to the 1st and 2nd Divisions as you can't play a trialist at any time in the Premiership and in the Championship. As has already been said it's very badly worded.
  10. No but there's 8 teams mentioned so the most it is 6. Link to BBC story >> http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-36571259
  11. The BBC mentioned that 13 were from Scotland.
  12. If the talk of Team 11 and 12 is correct, it could be that Accies and Dundee took the fixtures of St Mirren and Partick who had been teams 11 and 12 the previous season. Likewise last season we could have had Team 11's (or 12's depending how the play off winner is allocated) while this season we could have team 5's fixtures.
  13. I don't think Lukas Jutkiewicz should be down as Polish since he was born in England and has never played for Poland
  14. The papers are saying it's an automatic 4 match ban for the red card as he's already had one this season. They can then add on up to 20 matches for excessive misconduct.

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