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  1. Stef

    Baraclough Out

    Having been watching the for the best part of 25 years the total knee jerk reaction from fans on here smacks of glory hunting. We are a small club punching above our position in Scottish football, i will be happy if we aint in a relegation dogfight.
  2. queuing for the underground after the game whilst singing "its my party I'll cry if i want to!" great day out.
  3. Noticed on twitter that Paul Quinn hasn't signed new contract with Doncaster ,could be a perfect replacement for hateley
  4. Spot on. can always remember the huge well support with no pre-planning cheering the united team onto the park in the cup game as a thank you for the two own goals the previous week. The sieb chant was tremendous went on for about 30 minutes, big sieb was a superb player for us. Can remember him claiming a cross at parkhead at the edge of the penalty box then getting up wanting to knock fuck out of Pat Mcginly, good times.
  5. Sure i read that Trevor Steven is Hateleys agent.
  6. Stef


    Whoever is in charge it is more or less a total rebuild i cant see us keeping any of the players who are out of contract.
  7. Tom Boyd cup wining captain or not is a cock
  8. Stef


    If he does go it would be nice if he didnt "rape" the club and take all our out of contract players (apart from Daley).Of the names mentioned i would prefer if we steered clear of Elvis,Adams,Calderwood(s),McPherson wouldn't mind Hartley or Coyle if he would come. What are peoples opinion on Butcher coming back ?
  9. Stef


    If/when McCall goes i wouldn't mind Hartley he has done well with Alloa and should have a few contacts in the game to bring in players as per our recent appointments.I can't see Adams coming here he was subject to fair bit of abuse from our support (surprise surprise) during his time here also he previously knocked back Aberdeen who are seen to be a bigger club than us.
  10. probably bullshit but was mentioned on twitter that we are in for pearson and tade. thoughts?
  11. Stef

    2nd Confirmed

    Can only echoe the above fantastic achievent for everybody at the club from dressing room to board room.
  12. Totally agree as a season ticket holder myself it doesnt bother me if the club reduce prices for a few important games a season to attract a bigger crowd. I would rather sit in a crowd of 10k than 5k also the knock on effect to the support the team cant be a bad thing and if it attracts a few more floating fans back to the games on a regular basis all the better.

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