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  1. AllyMax

    2019'20 Game 6: Ross County (H)

    I blame whoever said earlier that he'd taken us on his coupon. That's just not on.
  2. AllyMax

    2019'20 Game 6: Ross County (H)

  3. AllyMax

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    No, but a decent option would be to stay develop his top level game for longer than 3 months before bouncing himself back down to reserve/lower league football. if Hastie had managed to continue what he started at Motherwell, what do you think his agent could have demanded in say 12-18 months time. At least a move to a bigger club who may want to play him. Erwin is a classic example. In football terms (not financial), is he in a better place now that he was when he left us ?
  4. AllyMax

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Hastie will be the next Lee Erwin. Long term career flushed down the bog for short term money.
  5. AllyMax

    2019-20 Rebuild

    As long as its not Conor Sammon changing his name to get a club, then that's ok.....
  6. AllyMax

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Sorry if I missed this earlier in the thread, but did we ever hear anything of the outcome of the buns/hastie compensation issue ?
  7. AllyMax

    Vs Hibs

    Well, that's a fine win !!!
  8. AllyMax

    Vs Hibs

    We not celebrate goals here any more ??
  9. Not getting replays on this stream but I couldn't see what it was given for.
  10. AllyMax

    Odds and Sods Motherwell Thread

    Was at that one as well :-( Saw most home games in the 74/75 season, got my first season ticket (when it was a ticket and not a 'book') in 75/76 and went almost every week from then to 04/05 when I moved away. Saw more than my fair share of robbings at the hands of the tims/buns/refs.
  11. AllyMax

    Odds and Sods Motherwell Thread

    Was my first ever night watching the 'Well at Hampden that was. I was 12/13 or so. Went home in fucking tears that night.
  12. AllyMax

    Odds and Sods Motherwell Thread

    Later that same season, he did us out of a cup final place with another really dodgy pen against the h**s in the Scottish Cup semi.
  13. AllyMax

    Odds and Sods Motherwell Thread

    Just found this on ya tube. First game I attended against the Buns. Obviously, they get their usual dodgy pen..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyJENCLdOAo
  14. AllyMax

    Livingston vs Motherwell 03/08/2019

    Give them a chance to 'earn the right'.....

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