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  1. Fuck sake Motherwell.....what kind of fucking free kick was that from hastie ? That's utterly pathetic.
  2. FFS, even when we're first to the ball, we still manage to be second to it.....
  3. I'm a jinx. i'll stop watching and we'll win comfortably.
  4. My stream has died. think i may leave it like that.
  5. So we're getting a humping off Dundee Utd reserves. What happened to all this 'we're not taking our foot off the gas' shite from Alexander ? Looks like we went on holiday before the game started.
  6. That was the worst first touch in the history of first touches from SOD there...
  7. FFS.....can someone buy mikes for the commentary team ? Sounds like JB is talking into a tin can on a string.
  8. AllyMax

    Big Dec

    i'd be willing to bet Glass isn't in a job by the end of next season.
  9. Just want to go on ecord before the game as saying that playing Magliore is just plain daft. He's proper full on pish. Would have been better with oHara in there. Probably better with lawless in there !!!
  10. The surge of the Steelmen |!!! Fucking brilliant. I just remember being tense as fuck for at least a week before that, and pacing the living room with shredded nerves all game, going completely ape when each goal went in. Even the build up to the 2nd leg had my nerves in tatters. First goal in the second leg turned it into an experience to enjoy !
  11. First game i've missed this season. So, is Foley not a useless dud then ?
  12. St Mirren get dodgy pen now !!
  13. Dodgy pen for Killie,,,,,3-2
  14. Aye, both the top team and the '2' team. His win rate is less than 25%. Managed 8 games in ireland (4 wins 4 losses) and 5 here (2 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses) so as well as being really inexperienced at any level. he also has a shit record. If we'd employed someone with that record, this forum would be in meltdown !!

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