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  1. Was fly fishing for for trout. Got three and the back of the guy's head I was sharing the boat with.
  2. Yeah, was more delighted with the update notifications on my phone from BBC Sport.
  3. See, this is what happens when I decide I'm going out fishing for the day and not staying in to watch footie. If anyone wants to chip in for permits for Thursday night, I'm open to offers.
  4. If the pools panel are sitting, we'll lose 2-1 to an injury time OG...
  5. I've just had to apologise to my son for raising him to support this team......
  6. This ref is a joke. Have we had a single free kick tonight ? Every time we tackle them, its a foul.
  7. Think we can count ourselves a bit unlucky going in 1 down there. One wee break that we didn't deal with on the half way line and they create and take their only chance of the half.
  8. 'Well TV not working for EU based viewers tonight ?
  9. When I said we could 'unleash the seedorf' I was fucking joking..........
  10. any overseas fans not getting the stream ?
  11. And later in the game we can 'Unleash The Seedorf'
  12. At least we got a goal out of a 'Well player........
  13. Fuck sake.......ballet dance defending.....

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