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  1. That was good. Slattery and Carroll need to keep the heid and Woolery needs to get involved, but other than that, a much better performance
  2. Thats the crappiest goal you'll ever lose....
  3. Or during the game depending on who gets picked......
  4. Can't watch the game but according to BBC we've had 20 shots on goal ?????
  5. Can't watch the game today 'cause of work. Is the Amaluzor guy any good in general ?
  6. Big Dec not in the squad for the Sheep's euro clash. Wonder if he's 'injured' or just found a clause in his contract that he didn't like.
  7. Save by Kelly. Alexander must be blind if he can't see at least one change is needed in midfield.
  8. It's amazing how people can watch the same game and see totally different things. 'Only problem in midfield' is not Crawford, although you can be forgiven for forgetting that Cornelius is actually on the park.
  9. That was some ball from McGinlay to Watt
  10. Section B, wank wank wank......long time since that's been heard at a game....
  11. If that's me you're having a dig at, I can confirm with 100% authority that I do live over the sea.
  12. Don't think you're allowed to say that on here mate
  13. Is it not basically pre-season for them as well ?

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