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  1. He sounds like he'd be a great player. Up there with other brilliantly named players of our past, like Abel Thermeus, Casper Sloth, Esteban Casagolda and Stevie Cowan.
  2. Do you have a preference for male of female or can any blonde with big tits message you ?
  3. Fucking Celtic letting us down now !!
  4. Slattery looks much more effective in that forward position.
  5. Another daft booking for KVV...
  6. Better ball in there from SOD.
  7. Watt, as well as his goals, was pretty much our only mechanism for keeping possession and getting the ball and men forward, Without that, we're under even more pressure than we were in the first half of the season.
  8. They were bang average, but did you see how many times Watt got them up the park by controlling the ball that came to him and drawing a foul or holding the ball up until the rest caught up ? Strangely enough, exactly the same as he did for us in the first half of the season, which allowed us to win games we otherwise had been shite in. Alexander's players/team selections/signings were every bit as shite in the first half of the season as they are now. Difference is, we nabbed a few wins we probably didn't deserve on either balance of play or chances. Our form for 4 months now has been worse than relegation standard.
  9. FFS......Goss with awful ball control; and Donnelly canny pass 3 yds....
  10. WTF ??? Was that not a great tackle ?????
  11. I've got to do it.......(only because my predictions are always 100% wrong, ask any bookie). That team selection will get us humped. (I'd wanted us to play 4-4-2 with a diamond midfield, Tierney at the point. Only thing is, unavailability has changed the 11 i'd have used, but with what's there, i'd have had O'hara in for Cornelius)

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