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  1. So the poor pass that Hylton made to the left towards Long and whoever the other player was didn't spoil that move then ?
  2. We need to bring Watt on for one of the wingers, cause at least he can hold it up.
  3. WTF was that free kick from AArons about
  4. I agree, waste of a jersey.....creates fuck all.
  5. Hardly, he had two men clear on that break and played a pishy wee trickly pass in between them, which is what lost us the advantage we did have.
  6. hylton.......fucking useless wee cunt......
  7. Can someone tell the commentary team that Aarons' first name is not Orlando......
  8. Apart from Hartley losing his man for their goal, that was a tremendous performance. How many times did Alan Campbell pop up in and around the box ? My only criticism is that both Aarons and Hylton lack end product, but, having said that, both got on the ball a lot tonight. Great performance. Long so unlucky not to score and ran himself into the ground.
  9. https://twitter.com/scottmfc97/status/1233069106036908034?s=19
  10. This whole Motherwell TV thing is actually pish, considering the number of games you end up not getting. Time to bin it off I think.

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