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  1. Good point. Anyone who thinks our club TV commentary is bad should tune into Hamilton's stream :-)
  2. What do we want to see from St Johnstone and Accies tonight ? Would a draw suit us best ??
  3. Thanks, was unsure as I knew he turns 23 after season end, so wasn't sure if signing for someone after his birthday negated our training compensation.
  4. Am I correct in thinking that Campbell will go with no compensation due, assuming he leaves at the end of the season ?
  5. Doesn't matter. He' going to provide the final pass for 9 of them.
  6. 10-0 to us. Everyone scoring except Tony Watt.
  7. We'll win every game from now till the end of the season :-)
  8. Bloody hard pick this week........
  9. Think it was that corner they got near the end that was clearly a goal kick.
  10. YASSSSSS Fucking brilliant. A lot of players who (me included) thought weren't up to the job had great games today.
  11. Good tackle from McGinlay there too....

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