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  1. Robbo setting us up for 15 mins of backs against the wall with no out ball.
  2. I'd love to know what Robbo says to the team at half time, cause they always come out half asleep.
  3. Had to go to France just to get to watch this on MFCTV.......
  4. Anyone one watching on Motherwell TV ? Has the stream started yet ?
  5. Freddie Dindeleux wasn't with him, was he ?
  6. Robinson's team talk at half time must have been something along the lines of 'Job done lads, take the rest of the year off....'
  7. The link on the top left.......live game I think it is....
  8. Watching on MFCTV from Paris, France (according to my VPN).
  9. Lazy, unhappy poster. A luxury the forum can't afford. Offload in the transfer window. May find his level at Accies.
  10. The enigma that is Nathan Thomas on the tv tonight. Give some 'Well fans a chance to see him play I suppose
  11. I blame whoever said earlier that he'd taken us on his coupon. That's just not on.
  12. No, but a decent option would be to stay develop his top level game for longer than 3 months before bouncing himself back down to reserve/lower league football. if Hastie had managed to continue what he started at Motherwell, what do you think his agent could have demanded in say 12-18 months time. At least a move to a bigger club who may want to play him. Erwin is a classic example. In football terms (not financial), is he in a better place now that he was when he left us ?

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