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  1. Former Motherwell captain, Declan Gallagher was recalled to the Aberdeen starting 11 and helped cement a continuation of their most consistent run of results in years.
  2. Former Motherwell Captain Declan Gallagher was on the losing side again today, but was considered too shit for a starting place in a team that loses a lot. (I love this post. I get to copy and paste it every week)
  3. That should put an end to all these thoughts I had of winning the league.....
  4. STV News tonight "Rangers scored, with Motherwell manager Graham Alexander claiming it was offside...." rather than "Rangers clearly offside goal was allowed to stand by the officials".
  5. Ex Motherwell defender Declan Gallagher was on the losing side again today.
  6. Declan Gallagher was on the losing side today
  7. Fucking hate Saturday 3.00 PM kick offs cause I'm stuck at work and can't watch. Following a game by BBC text updates is shite :-(
  8. Not watching the game today unfortunately, stuck at work, but to me Woolery looks like he gets in the way of more attacks than he helps... (In the manner of my normal predictive skills, he'll score now.....) Or get subbed !!
  9. Aye, he was but never made a single appearance for them. No good enough for us....
  10. FFS....Woolery has been DIRE and seems to get 90 mins every week. He's fannying about with formations again. Beginning to think Alexander got lucky last year, kind of 2nd Term McGhee'esque. Steadied the sinking ship with what he had and then fucked it with his own 'stamp on things'...
  11. As long as the game doesn't turn out to be a load of 'turkish delight', we'll be fine.
  12. pulsare supra pondus Couldn't manage 'Welcome to our great wee club'......

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