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  1. Find some of the comments on this thread laughable. We were told by NHS Ayrshire and Arran that our full squad had to isolate, we had no choice whether to play the game or not. We literally had no players. The decision to make the full squad isolate was a health board decision, and we've seen this vary across the country. The decision was always going to be overturned as it was a laughable decision in the first place. How many 3-0 defeats have been handed out in England for same reason this season? None. I understand why you would be annoyed at losing out on an easy 6 pts but fuck me, the original penalty was farcical. Every club will have had minor covid breaches. Was only a few months ago Motherwell directors weren't paying any attention whatsoever to COVID rules in Coleraine. If anyone thinks Motherwell should be awarded 6 pts and 6 goals for this then they need to have a word with themselves.
  2. First team, rest of squad waiting on results from today's tests. Squad not trained since Tuesday.
  3. Aye, likes of Power, Dicker, McKenzie, El Makrini, Kabamba, Burke, Broadfoot all sat out the 2nd half for us as far as I'm aware.
  4. Heard it was Watt and O'Hara for you but not 100%.
  5. Score was 3-2 Killie. Not sure who scored for you but it was Kabamba, JJ Hooper (Trialist) and Kiltie for us.
  6. Our last set of accounts had a total wage bill of £3.15m, that was for our AGM in January 2019 Accounts due out shortly for this year. Out that £3.15m, it was made up of the following. 74 football related staff and 20 admin. Turnover was £5.06m but I expect both our staff costs and turnover to be up a fair bit in the next set of accounts.
  7. Maybe start working on your accuracy then! You had 12 shots against Aberdeen and still got scudded 3-0. . We had 17 shots against Accies and still lost 2-0! My point is we don't park the bus, we're incredibly hard to play against but most of that is with us in possession.
  8. We don't really park the bus, we do however play a lot of possession football. We were something like 65% possession on Saturday against St Mirren, think against Livi was 60% which is pretty much how we play. Same away from home, we had 48% possession at Tynecastle, whilst free flowing Motherwell had 41% at the same venue. We had 51% possession at Perth and you guys had 46% (both winning 1-0) I think the press overplay how we defend, it's certainly not 10 men behind the ball that's for sure but we give very little away (8 clean sheets in past 10 games) Will be an interesting game.
  9. There was something a bit off about Burrows' Twitter announcement. It was almost as if he was trying to force through the move to Celtic. Strange.
  10. I know mate, I'm not disputing that! Will also show that we got more points this season and only finished 3rd!
  11. Stronger league now than it was when you finished 2nd IMO but was some achievement. SOD and Findlay were in last squad, Taylor should have been in last squad given he was U21 left back, played over 120 games at left back for us at 21 and we had fucking Shinnie at left back! He's an obvious choice. Brophy is due to lack of options and I'm a bit surprised as he's missed a lot of the season injured but he's no worse an option than McNulty. Turnbull should 100% be in the squad, especially ahead of shite like Burke.
  12. Whilst I think it should be free for anyone who went last night, I can see why the club are trying to minimise losses. Stewards, police, staff etc don't get paid for half a shift last night and need paid again on Saturday. Killie will still lose a fortune.
  13. Aye, ask him why it's £24 for us to get into your place whilst home fans can get in a hell of a lot cheaper whilst you're at it. Cheers

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