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    Mcghee Must Go.......

    True that. We haven't been playing well but still creating enough chances to win games, that's why I had shared McGhee's optimism that we are 'bubbling under the surface'. Now I'm starting to doubt it but as we all know the potential is there. Maybe not to finish 3rd but to at least get ourselves up the table a bit. I can understand why people are frustated with McGhee however it's hard to tell if his tactics are working when the players; for some bizarre reason; are really struggling to put the basics together. Can McGhee really be blamed for the number of slack balls and missed half chances we've had in the last few games?
  2. CoF

    Mcghee Must Go.......

    Pish thread. The in's and out of whether McGhee should stay or go is being discussed in about 6 other threads just now and just about every post is more eloquently put than yours.
  3. CoF

    Fixing It

    We've scored once in the last 7 games. Last win was 2-0 against accies which took is up to third.
  4. CoF

    Accies On Saturday

    Unusual decisions from McGhee today however the systems he has tried clearly haven't been working either. There's time for a change and that time was today, unfortunately it went down the pan too. Regardless of what team formation/selection McGhee puts out is irrelevant if players aren't performing, they aren't winning balls they should be and are making a mess of absolute basic passes/crosses/shots/tackles/headers. There is only so much McGhee can do before the responsibility lies with the players to at least do the minimum requirements on the pitch. For whatever reason that's not happening and I'm not sure how much difference McGhee can make in a situation like that. I think the fact that I started sincerely clapping when we managed to string a 3rd pass together without losing possession sums it up. In comparison to the usual '2 passes and lose it' those odd 3rd passes were absolutely subliminal. Strange days eh.
  5. That's been an on-going problem this season and was blatantly obvious today. Any high balls punted up to the front two probably give the opposition about a 95% chance of regaining posession however we continue to play the high ball into them. To be fair Porter won a few today which is a change from the usual 0.
  6. I canny help but believe McGhee when he says we're due to turn good, I've see glimpses of it in most games this season, especially against Kilmarnock believe it or not. Still clinging onto the hope that good times are just around the corner. After all, who else would step into his shoes just now?
  7. CoF

    Season 09/10

    The Poll is a bit skewed. I voted that I'll not be getting a season ticket but that's because I pay at the gate most games and will more than likely continue to do so. I'm sure others have voted that way too.
  8. As much as it annoys me that McGhee's response to nearly every defeat is that we will 'come good' I canny help but agree with him. I'd love for him to tell us exactly what's wrong and what he is going to do to change it however I think it's a mixture of confidence and luck that is the problem just now. I thought we played no bad last night, dominated for large spells and strung together some decent moves but it was yet another game where we could have played for 10 hours and not scored. We have goalscorers in the team so that's not the problem. As for the goals conceded, the defence did look really really unorganised at times and it's nay surprise at all they scored 2. If it wasn't for the posession we had it would have been more.

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