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  1. Didn't need a man sent off to score so that's a plus.
  2. From what I have looked up a lot of the research has been carried over from the SARS and MERS vaccine programs which got pulled because of lack of funding. So some of these vaccines have been built upon years of development of a similar virus. The Cambridge vaccine got put on hold due to a volunteer falling ill which highlights that companies aren't being reckless and cutting corners. If pharma companies were willing to put lives on the line on rushed vaccines there would have been one out already.
  3. Wait till final whistle. Don't want Bigi to come back and haunt us
  4. Gutted he moved to the OF hope he gets a move in a higher level in the future. Hopefully this £3m will be put to good use in the Championship
  5. I'll put my hands up and admit I was one of the people who were disappointed in his appointment and I am glad that I am not in the board at MFC as I was wrong (like a couple of things in the past). Would absolutely love it if he could win a cup after the work he has done.
  6. From my experience it's usually the same folk who spend their their free time on social media narrating every single bit of trivial activity that goes on their lives that come up with the "sad" comments. I think these kind of projects help you learn some new skills. I'm really liking what I see CoF.
  7. TBH I almost fell for it.
  8. As annoying it is seeing our youth moving on without getting a couple of seasons of being in the 1st team it does show the good work the staff are doing in our youth setup. Whether or not the players who leave early make a good career, it can help us attract the most promising youngsters in the area as we can show that being at Motherwell can potentially allow them to move on for much higher wages. Ideally I would love us to keep our youth players and have them lifting us the occasional trophies before moving on but sadly in the modern day and age we are always going to get bigger clubs pinching them.
  9. I think Mr Burrows put Turnbull under the knife (against his will) to limit his appearances due to some appearance bonus clause in his contract.
  10. Just play games at the Duchy Park. None of this messing around with paying Architects and building stands nonsense.
  11. Esteban Casagolda should be in the hall of fame for his thread on this forum alone.
  12. And they can get away with it by saying how Scotland is a tiny country and we should accept mediocrity. The whole system is a mess and needs revamped.
  13. Did we not screw with a club when we signed Coke?
  14. Really pleased to see that Scott got a couple of goals. Great result.

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