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  1. I've always wondered how teams outside the OF managed to get these promising players in the 1st place. Is it because there is a limit of players teams can put through their academy? or is just them slipping through the net? It is frustrating seeing us lose talent before they kick a ball.
  2. If we got Man U we can be reunited with Trafficlight
  3. DunnyMFC

    Harry Smith

  4. Same I have never seen Motherwell rip a team apart like that. I can still remember the horrible event and the atmosphere after it. Everyone chanting his name to then silence. Can't believe it's 14 years already.
  5. The same critical thinking as David Icke?
  6. None but there is a yellow fever vaccine passport that has been around for decades.
  7. We surely are punching above our weight having giants chasing our players.
  8. Gonna love seeing her spats with Gordon Sawyers
  9. Really terrible news this. RIP.
  10. DunnyMFC


    Really sad about this. He reached out to me and got me into contact with someone who helped me with my move to the Netherlands.
  11. Just waiting for Osvaldo Ardiles to be mentioned in the running as he seemed to always be one of those names journalists put up when we were looking for a manager.
  12. I genuinely starting to think we are going down or finishing in the playoff place. Where's big Les to give us funds for Straker and co?
  13. Semih Aydilek or Dan Twardzik (but he was born in Czechoslovakia)

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