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  1. As far as youth goes, it's also the case, sadly, that the majority simply won't be good enough. For every Hastie, Turnbull and Campbell there's going to be countless others let go each season. I'm not an expert on our youth players at the moment, but I do believe that if we had anyone who was good enough and ready to come through, Robinson would be bringing them through. We'll go through periods where none of the younger players are either ready or good enough. That's just how it works. During those periods we need to find players from elsewhere.
  2. Then you'd still be paying for a stream, so the club makes money either way.
  3. It's now official. One year deal.
  4. Only providing access to season ticket holders would be a huge mistake in my opinion. Imagine how many other fans are out there, both home and away, willing to pay a tenner or whatever for a stream of the game? I honestly think this is the future of football. It's taken this virus to force through changes to the rule saying 3pm kick-offs can't be shown, and now the toothpaste is out the tube I don't know if it'll revert back. It's a revenue maker that will hopefully sit alongside actual ticket money from match-going fans. I don't for a second think that a fan who is able and willing to attend in person is going to change their mind because there's a stream available. Those fans will always go to the games when they can. What this approach does is open up an option for those who can't physically make it to a game.
  5. Not really heard all that much about this, but it's going to be "a thing" before too long with the season due to start soon. So, anyone know how its going to work? I know we had a streaming service in place already, although it was mainly geared towards overseas fans getting access to live games. Now that streaming live games will be open to domestic audiences, what's the story? I know season ticket holders are getting the games for free, but what about non-season ticket holders? Will it be something like a tenner a game? How much of the revenue does the club get? Hopefully we'll get some answers before too long.
  6. Aye, that's something a lot of people are overlooking. We just need to hope this online streaming ticket proves to be a success, at least bringing in some form of money from non-season ticket holders.
  7. We cannot possibly judge him on where we finish in the league. He can only be gauged on how silent he's been on any given matter, don't you know?
  8. Well, it is his "dream move" remember. According to the rags, anyway.
  9. Turnbull is actually a good example. His "big move" to Celtic was derailed due to a knee issue. Now, what would have happened if that knee issue was more serious? In fact, and I really hope this isn't the case, imagine Turnbull returns this season only to break down for whatever reason, and he never hits the heights expected of him? Do you think Celtic will still want him? Not a chance. That life-changing money is gone in a flash. Let's take it even further. His knee continues giving him grief and he never gets back into a groove for us, and eventually drops out of our team. When the time comes and he's quietly released, do you think the fans who bemoan a player leaving too early will give a toss? Of course not. We're more concerned with the next Turnbull, or the new striker we've signed. Turnbull will just be another ex-player who is a "what if?" discussed in pre-match pub chit chat. Players "owe" the club and the fans nothing. It's only ever the good players that are called on for loyalty and "giving back," isn't it? If he was shit we wouldn't be bothered. Hastie was right to take the stupid deal Rangers offered him. He's most likely never going to be better than he was during that purple patch he had for us, so he's right to cash in on it. He could easily go out against Ross County for us and go down with a career-altering injury. You take the money when it's available. Strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.
  10. If all else fails we can just blame his nasty, evil agent for tricking the lad into signing for Rangers.
  11. It's also worth remembering that the manager has seen fit to bring him back. You'd think we'd been forced to take him with some of the patter on here. Shite being spun about how many games he has to play. Absolute nonsense made up on the internet. It's a no-lose situation for us. We've basically got a player back that we've already been paid a fee for. If anything it's the Rangers fans who should be asking questions, not us. Hopefully he does well and manages to forge that relationship with Turnbull again, nab a few goals, get us some points. If he doesn't, we'll send him back to Rangers and he'll be their problem again.
  12. David

    Party Bois

    Maybe he still does.
  13. If we can get Hastie in, then great. If not, that's fine as well. As much as I'd like to see that combo of him and Turnbull again, it's not exactly going to make or break our season in my opinion. He'd be a "nice to have", not a must.
  14. David

    Party Bois

    Bottom line is, if the household in question is blasting music at 2am or 3am then call the cops. Isn't there a law that says you need to pipe down after 11pm or something? No doubt the admin of the WhatsApp group will know the answer to that.
  15. As I said, it benefits both sides. The parent club sees the benefits you mention, while we gain a player that we'd probably have no chance of getting if we were to try and buy them outright. It's a win/win, which is why so many clubs do it.

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