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  1. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I can't really recall any players who've managed to hit those kinds of numbers in the lower leagues yet couldn't make it at the top of our game. I also wouldn't read much into the 20 or so games he played for Aberdeen, he was a young lad then who seems to have come into his game into his early 20's.
  2. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    So no one else coming in during this window. Let's hope we keep hold of our better players as well.
  3. A win or a draw from this is a good result for us, so I'll take either.
  4. David


    Because there's no fun in that, is there?
  5. It's a modern interpretation. Back in the 70's it was all about selling newspapers, today it's about clicks on websites and driving traffic to those websites, so it's essentially the same thing.
  6. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    If a Championship club were willing to pick up his wages then I'd be all over that idea. He's contracted to us until May next year, so even if he did okay-ish in the Championship between now and January I'd be happy enough to let him go there permanently in the summer for next to nothing just to get him off our wage bill.
  7. He's playing today it seems.
  8. Which is ironic, as he initially left West Ham for first team football. I guess at the age he is now he's happy to play backup and earn decent dough.
  9. I think that it's more to do with SEO and website hits to be honest. Articles with "Celtic" or "Rangers" in the title will appear in more internet searches than others as most of the Scottish football internet traffic centres around the both of those clubs. It's shit of course, but media outlets are all about the clicks, and journos need their articles to be getting "views" otherwise they could end up getting grief from those in charge.
  10. David


    If he's found guilty we'll likely see a few interviews where he'll talk about how he regrets his actions, how he doesn't condone such behaviour, how he knows he was wrong and apologises and so forth, with maybe some work with relevant charities chucked in as well. He's not getting sacked because of it.
  11. David


    No chance he gets bumped because of this.
  12. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    It could be said that he "runs his socks off" for the team.
  13. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Can't believe we're starting with this line of chat even earlier this season than we did last season. Why spend money to bring in someone this window? Because the difference between finishing in 3rd and finishing 6th, for example, is half a million quid. We did this last season when we "had nothing to play for" except the prize money that would come in handy when we're all moaning about not being able to afford new players. We should be doing everything in our power to finish as high up the table as possible, from both a competitive standpoint and for the extra money we'd earn through doing so. When we find ourselves in a season where we could finish 3rd and we have a team that's clicked and doing well we need to capitalise on it, because there's every chance we lose players in the summer and find ourselves sitting in 9th this time next season.
  14. Not to mention the fact he's a complete fucking bampot. I doubt he'd have lasted much longer in the game regardless of where he'd ended up.
  15. As unfashionable as it is to say this in this day and age. Shit happens. Any time you see a crowd of mostly males that numbers into the thousands, or even tens of thousands in some cases, you're going to get some undesirables. That's just how it is. If they act up, the club bans them, identifies them to the police and allows the law to take charge of the situation. There isn't anything more that can be done by the football club, and it's certainly not a reflection on said club or the majority of its support. Same goes for racism. Human being have been racist since the beginning of time. That doesn't make it okay by any stretch, but there's always going to be wallopers out there who act like that. Again, clubs can identify, ban, and hand them over to the authorities. Each time we've faced any crowd issues of this type the club have acted responsibly in my opinion.

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