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  1. Make your choice...
  2. That idea may be applicable if we win the world cup. As it is? I don't think so.
  3. If it's sarcasm, you'll know.
  4. He certainly hasn't been at his best for us of late, I'll give you that. But is he "utter shite"? I'd say no. And thankfully Steve Clarke and Graham Alexander seem to think the same.
  5. Like Jacob Brown has over the past two seasons? On last night's performance, O'Donnell was superb. The only thing that really prevents him playing at a level above us is consistency at club level.
  6. Barring injury, I think we all know the answer to that. And it ain't Mugabi.
  7. I do think there's maybe something to that. I know we tend to think that it's as easy as just getting rid of players we don't want, but when managers have to work with limited transfer time due to the windows, and we have players under contract that aren't wanting to move on or haven't been offered anything suitable, it can be a difficult process. I have heard it said that a manager really needs three windows, two of which should be summer windows, to really sort out a team, which obviously isn't always an option, but I think if we can maintain a decent league position Alexander will be given the time needed to put his own team together.
  8. We only need to come out on top more often than four to six other clubs over the course of the season. Would I be right in saying that Graham Alexander teams have a history of playing football that isn't easy on the eye? Salford City fans were grumbling about the same thing it seems. Coincidentally, when Alexander was sacked Salford were 5th in League 2 and unbeaten in their first five games. Now they're 19th with four wins out of 15 this season. I read they're a lot nicer to watch now though, so there is that (legit what I've read, not sarcasm for those who are interested )
  9. 5th in the table after beating Aberdeen 2-0 away from home? Not bad considering our manager apparently hasn't got a clue what he's doing, eh?
  10. Make your choice...
  11. I apologise for my lack of smiley usage, and will make sure to include one in future.
  12. That'll be a bit of a whoosh then? It was a sarcastic post, I'm not actually saying no one should post unless they have hard stats to back up their information! The stats in question are very telling, mind you.
  13. Stats? Pffft! No place for that kind of chat round these parts! who needs stats when you have under-qualified opinions and rants?
  14. David


    A better fan? Not at all, and I never said I was. I'm just not losing the heid because we've lost a few games of football and haven't looked good of late. We've been down this road before, and it's on the manager and his staff to get us out of it. If he doesn't, then there'll be questions to answer. But when we're sitting 7th (on equal points with the team in 5th) I'm not going to cry too much. I know certain people on this forum seem to thrive on the negative, and that's their choice, but I'm not there quite yet!

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