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  1. Is that the same Andy Carroll that West Ham were shopping around to potential buyers last summer and in January for next to nothing yet couldn't get a buyer? The same guy who's been let go and hasn't got a club yet? I don't doubt that clubs down south are awash with money, but just because they're rich doesn't make them absolute mugs. They'll be doing their due diligence before making any signing.
  2. Like it or not, sport is one of the primary avenues for both drinking and gambling. The comparison with smoking and F1 isn't really the same, as it's not like punters were dashing to the corner shop to buy a pack of Benson & Hedges before the racing came on the telly that day. We may not like it, but there are some things that humans should be allowed to do without the government banning them "for our own good." Again, as I said previously, personal responsibility comes into it at some point. No one is forcing anyone to see an advert for Paddy Power and go make a bet. I see ads all the time for shit that I don't do. And if I decide to launch my weekly earnings into a Betfair account and lose them it's my fault, not that of the bookies in question or wherever I may have saw an advert.
  3. Sadly, the entities who would fit within the image we're trying to project either aren't interested in spending money sponsoring a football club like us, or they simply can't afford to match what we're being offered. It's all well & good decrying the evil bookies, but if we knocked back PaddyPower, for example, and took a lesser amount from a different sponsor would we be happy to see the club take less money because of it? Would we be saying "well, it's worth it to be morally in the right" if we couldn't sign a decent striker to score the goals to keep us up, or afford to offer the next Davie Turnbull a contract as he progresses from youth team to first team? I'm all for us being socially aware when we can, but this is still a business.
  4. Even so, I don't think there's many in the EPL who's approach is "fuck it, we have plenty so just get the lad in regardless of his knee being an issue or not." These clubs are looking for value for money as well, and there's no point in spending even a few million quid on a kid who's just had a relatively serious knee operation. I think he'll be here until the summer.
  5. I'd wager that any club who are interested in him will be waiting to see if he's the same player when he returns. I'm not sure January will be enough time for them to assess that.
  6. My question is, where does personal responsibility come into it? I've known people who's lives have been affected badly through gambling as well, but I wouldn't blame the gambling companies. I know many more people who can gamble for a bit of fun and it never becomes an issue. This is a good deal, and unless part of the trade-off is having to sign up for Paddy Power in order to be allowed to buy a shirt I don't see the problem. We've all moaned for years about sponsors on the shirts wasting the look of them, and when we get a deal that allows us to wear or buy them sponsor-free we're still moaning.
  7. I have no idea how that could be a "lose" in all honesty, you can just ignore them. There has to be some benefit to the companies who sponsor us. The way I hear people we want the money on offer, but to offer nothing in return. This current deal is fantastic.
  8. While being sponsored by a betting company isn't ideal, I'm not so sure there's a line of morally superior companies ready to cut us a cheque for sponsorship opportunities. It's a terrific deal financially by the looks of it, and we get our kit with no sponsor this year. Win/win by the looks of it.
  9. As much as the minutiae of social media doesn't really matter much in the grand scheme of things, he should probably know better than to get involved in those kinds of games. He's a Motherwell player, we're still paying his wages, and I assume we're footing the bill for him to see specialists and whatnot, so it's common courtesy to leave shit like that well alone for the time being. If and when he signs for Celtic he can like and retweet Celtic-related pish all day long if he chooses to, but someone should probably be having a quiet word with him. If he thinks that what he's doing goes unnoticed by fans of both clubs and the media then he's incredibly naive.
  10. That will no doubt please certain people on here.
  11. They'll just wear the shirt from last season probably.
  12. Yup, I agree. I know two guys who would have bought the away shirt to wear in Portugal on holiday, but who are now saying they'll pick it up at the end of this season when it's down in price to wear on their holidays next year.
  13. I'd be pretty shocked if this was true. Pleasantly shocked, mind you.
  14. Still another three weeks until the league campaign kicks off so plenty of time. I have no doubt the service will continue as before.
  15. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Hey, I'm just sharing what I've been told by someone who's watched these guys play for their team. Nothing more. I'll judge them when they play for us.
  16. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Just been speaking to a Bradford fan, who says both Seedorf and Cole were at his club previously. He also said both were fucking terrible. Cole described as being really quick but with absolutely no end product.
  17. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    The fact we've offered him a two year deal suggests that he's held in a higher regard than many gambles who get a one year offering. I'm sure there'll be some pleased faces among those who bemoan us offering short-term deals.
  18. With the benefit of hindsight it would probably have made more sense for Turnbull to take the Norwich deal under the proviso that he be loaned back to Motherwell for a season or even two. He'd have been making more money, but still been close to family and friends with the opportunity to play regularly for at least another season. That was obviously before the medical stuff came to the fore, of course.
  19. I guess it comes down to the old "is the glass half full or half empty" approach. Personally, I see it as a sign that our game as a whole is improving and attracting players from down south, who see a move to Scotland as a way to further their careers if they're good enough. Yeah, but you're idea of "used to be" is 30 odd years ago. Aside from the fact that it's still 11 players on a team with a ball being kicked about it's hardly even the same sport nowadays. Back when those players you mentioned were making the move down south the footballing world was a lot smaller. Foreign players from such exotic locales as South America and Eastern Europe were the exception rather than the norm. Clubs have access to a wider talent pool today, so it makes sense that English clubs would choose to look further afield than Scotland and other home countries. Our clubs are doing the same. I don't necessarily believe it's a case of our talent levels dwindling as it is more choice being available from across the globe. Scouting and tracking of foreign players today is totally different from 30 years ago. What other European nations though? The only European nation of similar size to us that I can think of that's really done well producing players is Croatia. The likes of Ireland, Norway, Finland, Slovakia etc are all pretty similar to us when it comes to developing players. The landscape in football has changed drastically over the past 30 years. As I mentioned, it's hardly even the same sport in many ways. Again, you're talking almost 40 years ago when you mention the early 80's. Totally different footballing world, and also a totally different world as far as general society goes. As someone who was a kid back then you had a few options when you weren't at school. Either stay in the house and do fuck all, or go out and play football. Today though? There's internet access, there's Netflix, there's mobile phones, there's Xbox and Playstation. In all honesty, if me and my pals had the option as kids to either go out to a rain-soaked patch of grass with a ball and play football in the cold or stay at home, hook up the Playstation and stick on the headphones and play football online against each other online (as well as against other kids from across the globe) I don't think I'd have played as much football outside either. There will always be kids who play football, but there's more options now. That's just a fact. There's a danger of becoming the very people we used to mock as kids, the types who'd watch a football game in 1990 and say "Pffft, this shite isn't a patch on the stuff from the 50's. I remember when players had proper haircuts and goalkeepers didn't wear gloves." Another thing to consider is that international football is totally different now as well. There's far more fans out there (myself included, in all honesty) who see international football as nothing more than something that gets in the way of club football. As the game becomes more global and fans identify more with club football the international scene becomes less important. You're not blaming them, but you're claiming that unless they head down south they don't have ambition or confidence:
  20. And what issues are those? You're looking at this as purely a footballing issue, which is a mistake, as football is only a part of such a move. The truth is, a lot of players, for various reasons, are happy enough to sacrifice being paid an exorbitant amount of money in favour of being paid very fucking well to play football in their home country. Money isn't everything to many players. Also, often times it's not just the choice of the player. I know for a fact if I walked into my living room this evening and told my other half that she better start packing her stuff because we're moving to Yorkshire, Norfolk or Sunderland she'd laugh in my face and tell me to sort myself out. Her parents are nearby, her friends, her life. Even moreso if we were already living the kind of comfortable life that any player who sees interest from down south is living in Scotland. Some players have children in school, who have their friends and their family around them. Would I, in theory, be able to tell my parents that I'm taking their grandkids down south because making a couple of grand per week in Scotland isn't good enough when I could be making tens of thousands living and plying my trade in some town or city in England? I honestly don't know the answer to that. The simple fact is, every player is different, and those who turn down the riches and competition of down south to remain in their home country are no less ambitious or competitive than players who choose to move elsewhere. Wait, surely if we have Scottish players knocking back more money to play down south and staying up here, and English players coming up to play here it actually shows how well regarded our game is in comparison to the lower leagues down south, no? If our game was in "overall poor health" then wouldn't we have players leaving in droves?
  21. McGinn was a couple of months away from his 24th birthday when he signed for Villa. Bit of a difference moving away from family and friends at 24 years old rather than 19 years old. It's easy for us to say as adults that the smartest move is to England where there's more money and a higher level of competition, but I'm not sure if we'd be willing to do the same at that age given the choice (although I'm sure there'll be a few on here who'll tell me that they moved from Glasgow to London to find work as a chimney sweep at 14 or something). I fully expect Turnbull at 24 years old to be thinking differently about his career than he is at 19. There's really no rush to go down south, he could have signed for Celtic, seen out the entirely of the deal they offered him and still be the same age McGinn was when he left Hibs.
  22. Unfortunately, I think the media scrutiny, in this country anyway, will continue until he either signs for Celtic or moves down south. A slight positive I guess is that in most reports our club is an afterthought. He's "David Turnbull, who's dream move to Celtic sensationally fell through" rather than "David Turnbull, Motherwell player."
  23. As mental as it sounds in this day & age of seeing how quickly a player can be punted, I'd love to see him sign the new deal, play with us for a season or two, then leave with a year on his contract for around £2 million to £3 million.
  24. I'd be hoping that the club had their budget and plans drawn up long before Turnbull's move to Celtic was proposed. And if they changed those plans based on a windfall that was nowhere near being guaranteed then that's been a massive own goal. I'm pretty certain it isn't the case though.

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