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  1. That'll be a bit of a whoosh then? It was a sarcastic post, I'm not actually saying no one should post unless they have hard stats to back up their information! The stats in question are very telling, mind you.
  2. Stats? Pffft! No place for that kind of chat round these parts! who needs stats when you have under-qualified opinions and rants?
  3. David


    A better fan? Not at all, and I never said I was. I'm just not losing the heid because we've lost a few games of football and haven't looked good of late. We've been down this road before, and it's on the manager and his staff to get us out of it. If he doesn't, then there'll be questions to answer. But when we're sitting 7th (on equal points with the team in 5th) I'm not going to cry too much. I know certain people on this forum seem to thrive on the negative, and that's their choice, but I'm not there quite yet!
  4. David


    The thing is, we've been down this road before, haven't we? Fans loved a good moan about the way Robinson set out his stall as well, and it was only when things got really bad and he decided he'd had enough that we switched things up as far as the manager goes. If I was given the option of playing as we are and being where we are in the league table, or playing nice football but being where Ross County are, I know which I would choose. Unless he decides to quit, or we fall into the relegation places, the manager is going nowhere, so it's pointless even looking at that scenario. Especially when he has us sitting 7th in the league and just picked up a manager of the month award. Not to mention he's been allowed to bring in players on long-term deals. This is clearly a project from both his and the clubs viewpoint. Arrogant or not, he's here for the long haul. And for the record, I'd disagree. I think a good percentage of our fans are entirely unrealistic about their expectations from our club. Be that because they've been spoiled of late with top half finishes or whatever, but like most lower league clubs in leagues around the world, playing attractive football comes a distant second to our league position. If we can get points on the board and look decent while doing so, then great, but we all know what the priority is.
  5. I'd happily take a point from Pittodrie at the best of times, and that will never change. This is Scottish football though. I've seen us lose in the past, with everyone talking about how we'll never get anything from our next game against in-form team X, only for us to go in and win comfortably.
  6. David


    I knew we'd see this hysterical reaction when we hit this run of games, so I can't say I'm surprised. For me, Hearts and Dundee United away, with Celtic and Rangers at home was always going to be a tough run of games. I thought we'd maybe get a point out of that lot at best, but although we didn't, we did get a point at Ibrox which was unexpected. The St Mirren game is the only real bugbear I have at the moment. We should have won that one, and although there were extenuating circumstances involved, we didn't really deserve more than the point we got. However, before the aforementioned run we managed to draw away at St Johnstone and Rangers, while beating Livingston, and we beat Dundee, Aberdeen and Ross County at home, only losing to Hibs in the season opener. We're currently sitting 7th, although we're joint 5th really on points with Aberdeen and Hibs, which isn't bad at all. We're playing Aberdeen and Dundee away this month, with Hearts and Dundee United at home. I'd be looking for 4 points minimum from those games, with 5 or more being a good return. Everyone knows the directives our manager has at the start of the season. Avoid relegation, challenge for top six if we can. Personally, I didn't think top six was going to be realistic this season with the quality in the league. I see Rangers and Celtic in some form taking the top two slots, with Hearts, Hibs and Dundee United taking three. It'll likely be between Aberdeen, and one of St Mirren, St Johnstone or ourselves for that final place. If we can nab that we can consider this a very good season. Is the football entertaining? I guess not, but I find it strange when Motherwell fans talk about entertaining football. I honestly don't even realise if we're playing attractive football, as my main concern is us winning. I'm invested in the result, and kicking every ball during the 90 minutes. If entertaining football was the prerequisite for supporting a football team the majority of sides would have no fans. If I want entertainment I'll fire on the Sky box and watch Chelsea or Man City. More often than not the big teams with the most talented footballers can provide entertainment. I watch Motherwell not to be entertained, but because it's just what I've always done.
  7. That's the objective of any manager we bring in, isn't it? As for playing football the right way? If it happens then great, but my main concern is ensuring our premier league status first of all, then hopefully pushing on for top six if we can. Ross County have had plenty of plaudits for their football, and they're currently six points from safety at the bottom of the table. I've seen Livi mentioned as well, having taken points off Celtic. Again, where are they in the league? I'd take not being relegated, some top six (and even top four) finishes, and a few European games over beating either of the Old Firm in the league over recent years.
  8. I don't think for a second that the manager and players do that. Not at all. And that's what matters. The fans opinions on budgets, players, excuses etc matters not a jot. I'm simply giving my own personal opinion. Which is, that we need to be on our game and hope that they're not. If that's the case then magical things can happen. Unless the ref fancies a few free pints down his local, of course
  9. It was a figure of speech. I'd hoped that would be clear, with me mentioning mountains and suchlike. Basically, what I'm saying is that it's hard enough to win these games against Rangers and Celtic without the inept officials being swayed by the crowd and the fact they're under the spotlight. It's not an excuse, I already told you that. It's called going into a game with realism. I also said that for us to win we need Rangers or Celtic to be off their game, and for us to be switched on. However, let's be honest here, if either of those clubs come to play us and they're up for the game and firing on all cylinders it won't matter what we do. As for failing to beat them? I'll take that if it means us having the sort of league record we've had the past ten years or so. It's only three points, after all. There's no bonus points for beating Celtic or Rangers.
  10. No, the refs are inept and they tend to give decisions based on what would be the easiest outcome to deal with. Deny Rangers or Celtic a last minute penalty in their title race and scrutiny follows from all sides. Give the penalty and all he'll have to deal with is the opposition manager raging. It's not a budget "excuse," it's simply fact. Why do you think, 99% of the time the league titles in most leagues are won by the teams who have the largest budgets? When was the last time a non-old firm side won the Scottish league? Money buys quality, and quality more often than not wins games. You may not like it, but that's how it is.
  11. My opinion heading into any game against the cold firm is the same. For us to really have a chance of getting anything we need them to be off their game to an extent, while we're up for it and everything clicks. It's always worth remembering that Rangers wage bill is reportedly over ten times the size of ours, and Celtic's is almost 13 times bigger. I also saw an interesting article a few years back that said that there is less of a resource gulf between Celtic and PSG than there is between Celtic and most of the clubs who sit in the bottom half of the SPL financial table. Think about that for a second. And yes, I know that wages and money don't always win football games, but as we've seen in our game and throughout Europe, most of the time the team with the larger financial resources tends to win out, simply because they have more quality. Throw in the fact that offside goals, penalty decisions and suchlike always seem to go against us in favour of those bigger teams and not only are we climbing a large mountain to begin with, but the match officials are continually causing avalanches to make our job even harder. We live in hope, but as we saw last night, a team can be two goals up and outplaying Rangers and still come away with a draw. That avalanche at the end was sickening.
  12. Don't you find it amazing that of the 11 technically superior teams the majority are behind us in the league? Insane, isn't it? We may be the worst team in the league to watch (we're actually not though), technically inept (not really), and outplayed every week (nope), but we're currently in the top six, have a better goal difference than every team below us, and have won more games. Basically, we're not here by some "small miracle," we are where we are on merit. We've hit a rough patch, as most teams in the league will at various points, but we'll pull through it and will be challenging for top six this season.
  13. Goalkeepers get held to an unfair standard in comparison to their team mates though, don't they? A striker misses a shot, the fans grumble and the game continues. A goalkeeper makes a split decision and it can affect the entire game. Kelly gets the MOTM award for me because he not only ensured we won a point at the end with two excellent saves in succession, but legit saved a penalty in my opinion. That should never have been a retake.
  14. Nah, it was a hell of a finish for the goal. Not often you see them sneak in.
  15. Two good saves. They were literally seconds apart man, come on!
  16. That double whammy of saves at the very end stopped us from losing. He was the difference tonight between us getting a point or getting hee haw.
  17. Man of the match. Or least pish, if you prefer.
  18. The thing is, if we only opt to sign any striker who is better than Van Veen or Watt we could easily end up with no backup strikers. Roberts, to me, is a backup. As such I'd offer him the kind of money that reflects that. Football is a squad game, and although we don't need a huge squad, we do need a squad.
  19. He'll be on nothing come May when his contract is up, though. At that point we can maybe make him an offer and see what he says. If he's offered mental money elsewhere then fine.
  20. Yeah, you don't want to be doing that.
  21. This game will be like every other we play against the teams outside of the gruesome twosome and perhaps the Edinburgh two this season, which means it could really go a number of ways. We could stink the joint out in a draw or loss, or we could just as easily come out and put three past them and look amazing. We're still very much in the running for top six, which is all we can ask considering Rangers, Celtic, Hearts and probably Hibs have four places sewn up, while Dundee United, Aberdeen, St Mirren and St Johnstone will be competing with us for the last two slots. The league this season looks to be the most competitive it's been in a while, and I'm enjoying it. The fans are back, we're in the thick of the race for top six, and we've seemingly brought in some decent players this summer rather than the forgettable crap-shoots of recent seasons for the most part. What's not to like? Roll on Wednesday.
  22. We'll more than likely be offloading Mich'el Parker who's contract is up on January 3rd. He's done nothing since arriving.
  23. Perhaps a little early to be looking at it, but I wonder what will happen with Jordan Roberts? He's on loan with us until January 3rd, but his Hearts deal is up on May 31st. Would we maybe look to pay a small fee to secure his services permanently? We can sign him on a pre-contract in January anyway, can't we? Maybe an option, especially considering Tony Watt may not be staying?
  24. David

    Tony Watt

    It's easy to forget he's still only 27 years old. He's been around for what seems like ages. I'd offer him a five year deal and get him tied down and part of the club for the foreseeable.

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