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  1. Our squad is simply not good enough, in fact it’s as poor as it’s been in years. Our signing policy needs looked at. From our squad I count 9 players who are not good enough to start or come on to change a game. lamie mugabi mcginley grimshaw long lang hastie seedorf white the above list of players says it all and limits us to the ability of changing a game when we are chasing it
  2. What I just watched on BT sport between craigan and ally etc seems more to ‘Robinson to hearts’ than meets the eye. I was confident it would not happen until I seen that
  3. Could it not be case we are playing hard ball with Celtic waiting to get what we want and until then we can’t sign the players we want to.
  4. Again from what I’ve heard an initial offer from Celtic was agreed, as Motherwell media release originally stated. After Turnbull turned down initial terms Celtic withdraw the offer. Then terms were agreed between Celtic and Turnbull, with Celtic assuming the original offer to Motherwell was sufficient. Motherwell have effectively said naw let’s negotiate again. this has been further supported by it being muted by fir park officials that they were supposed Turnbull was at Parkhead for medical when no agreement between clubs was in place. it sounds all very cloak and dagger and I think the fact Turnbull has not been announced suggested something isn’t right
  5. 100% correct - when out of contract the only control we have is agreeing a development fee with other club should one be due. If two clubs can’t agree it goes to a tribunal
  6. From what I’ve heard Turnbull has not been paraded as a Celtic player yet because a deal has not been agreed between Motherwell and Celtic despite agreement being made between player and Celtic
  7. Mates just text me. We remain on track for the domestic treble!
  8. Please close this topic. I apologise for any annoyance this has caused - it was never my intention. I was purely expressing my concern and possibly wrong way going about it but given the financial position of Scottish football and our history and the way it came about i felt was something worth sharing Apologies again, please close
  9. Never mentioned it was a source - more surprised by it being brought up by someone with no interest No source - a subject which I have raised on a forum which should welcome such concern
  10. I have heard today from someone that has little interest in Scottish football let alone Motherwell that as a result of poor cup runs and our poor league position both last year and currently this year that administration may not be far away due to overspending! I was surprised and hurt to hear this and I hope to god this isn't the case! I didn't think it was possible with how club is structured? Correct? Now I'm a Motherwell through and through and hope it's all talk but concerning! Thoughts?! I am by no means here to cause problems etc just something that was motioned to me today
  11. I do agree with comments that it should cover across the board for us all and should be the games further a field - I noticed yesterday that caley must run buses back into town for fans after games which is an impressive idea but back to us - the club should and could look at helping with transport to games But I'm sure the Bois want to continue traveling together in the way they enjoy and they know best - if anything happens we don't. I don't. And they won't want that changing Could someone from the Bois come tell us all generally the organising needed for say a trip like yesterday and costs or even in particular when we have a game when tickets are needed? Would help us understand what maybe can be suggested/done
  12. Was at game yesterday and was an enjoyable trip from start to finish but I was disappointed to hear that the Bois bus never made it to the game. They were missed. Our boys are a credit to our club and after ibrox they sort of put us as fans out there for everyone to see what our club means to us. The Bois do great organising there match days - displays, transport etc etc and the cost must always be tight given the age of some of them and the likely income some may be on - this is probably the reason yesterday happened and they never made it to game - simply their bus would have been cheap as possible and the quality of bus maybe an issue. May I add I have zero input in the Bois this is outsider looking in. My point - why cant the club not assist the boys more with there match day transport to away games. I understand there are people who organise other buses at their own expense but for what the Bois bring to a match day, what they have done for the club and most importantly the fact I feel they simply deserve it would it not be a good touch for the club to help with some costs? Say 50% of there bus with a decent company ensuring they 'make' it to the game? What would that be £300 tops for there bus? I'm sure the players would love it. Yes they probably have a drink on bus etc etc but the club wouldn't be organising it or responsible for it they would simply be giving some contribution to the hard work they do ensuring them and us have a enjoyable day supporting our small club and ensuring we stay up there with the best travelling fans Go on Motherwell FC I dare u to just think about what I've said it would be a statement in a half as a club!
  13. Just in from game, right good game and played well One thing to add - we were right to try score from the strangest throw in given to us and expect it back Merv should have scored! Another thing to add - disappointed the young lads buss never made it! They were sadly missed today but we tried without them!
  14. Scott McDonald wil resign for us on back of today's news Sutton is leaving
  15. A better surface I hope we can actually play on next season!
  16. Definitely be up for a trip of this is confirmed!!
  17. Yes Hugh Keevins and Derek Johnstone you both are total proper undisputed
  18. Today is a massive day goes without saying ..... Being at the game on Thursday all 950 of us were amazing and a credit to our club but .... I wake this morning worried that our crowd will be diluted with them in amongst us, effecting the atmosphere inside our small, old, shackle but classic stadium - the stadium which is ours and stands for all we are All man woman and children, Motherwell supporters all class get on your feet, Motherwell well fans of regular, little or swaying attendance but Motherwell fans of any be loud and join in with the atmosphere - stand on ur feet with the well fan beside you and be part of the atmosphere this will make THEM amoung us be found out and if that's the case sound THEM out and don't let US be diluted! THIS IS IMPORTANT....who's in? I hate the fact THEM lot will be in amoung US lot and the only way to better that is to suffocate them with what we stand for - for what we showed on Thursday. I swear THEM should not be in with US .... If we create an atmosphere that we're all in it together and it's clear people in amoung US are not part of US.... GET THEM TO F#UK!!
  19. I've had it on good authority that same team to start as Thursday with all players fit! Positive start!
  20. Best feeling was looking at my phone at game just after we scored third to see a text from my mate.... 'Rangers will be turning in their graves watching this!'
  21. I've never wanted Motherwell to win so much - been supporting us for some 25years since first game and this is and will be my defining moment as a fan! Scottish cup finals, league cup finals, last games of seasons, semi finals, Europe qualifiers - I now realise they meant little to what these next two games mean to me. I have reasoned with myself, I've talked myself into reality that there is a chance that the positive outcome may not come on Sunday and I'm realistic having watched us all to often that is a high possibility but for these two games, against this team who we play this is my moment as a fan I would even say that if someone offered me an exile from Motherwell for a while, maybe not indefinitely, in return for Motherwell doing this against them I would take that offer! In the last 72hrs I have went from a man who was 'what will be will be' and I will take what happens and go on Sunday to a man who is now going tomorrow, going Sunday and had though every possibility and I'll tell u all this - I have a horrible feeling we will batter them and the establishment will stack them against us, call it paranoid but this is Motherwell and they are them but something feels all wrong about everything that's went before us this season and the last 3 seasons!
  22. Accommodation - I'm having a look at accommodation Reykjavik - where are we all staying and where is cheap?
  23. And yes Pearson was a possible target but he's no winger and we signed out last midfielder in Law....mc call knows he needs that player with pace and directness to continue being a thresh we have been over the years - if ainsworth ain't coming to stay then I beirve Pearson wasn't right person to fill void - but who knows it maybe back on but I worry Pearson is not right fit for us

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