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  1. Haven't seen any of the games, but whats the verdict on Charles Dunne from what you have seen so far?
  2. I would honestly encourage people to get in touch with Craig via Twitter, email or whatever.
  3. Complaining is all fine, but feel free to share your ideas. Assuming you think of everyone being amateurish, I suspect you have a great deal of competence that would possibly steer this into the right direction? Again, feel free to share... Also, as mentioned already, if you know someone 'competent and professional' you should be getting in touch with the WS.
  4. In that case only Marv comes to mind, but I genuinely hope thats not the case. On a complete different note and obviously unconfirmed rumour... We are after Nicky Law... Has anyone heard that too? I suspect someone talking BS though
  5. As much as I would love this to happen, I can not see him leaving the SkySports position... Would be awesome. Like him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZdAOyLKy90
  6. Got mine about 2 weeks ago, possibly even longer...
  7. This whole Samson talk isn't too far off I believe. 2 years ago he had to make the decision between Motherwell and Killie and we all know where he ended up. This could possibly be rekindled fairly quickly. Not saying it would be a good move... I'd rather give a young goalie a shot, before we get Samson.
  8. If Fraser Kerr joins West Brom and gets 3 starts in the Premier League I will pay 50 quid to the board.
  9. I can see Carswell replacing Godwin in front of the back 4. I think thats his position.
  10. In all fairness to Long, he probably had his 2 best games against Rangers, apart from the goal we conceded at Ibrox.
  11. to think Clarkson will replace Sutton is stupid. Clarkson is nowhere near Sutton in regards to goals scored. You can argue about mobility etc, but one thing that Sutton did was scoring goals. Clarkson has scored a terrible 34 goals in around 160 games.That is since he left Motherwell. Sutton scored 98 goals in just over 200 games...
  12. Cant believe we are falling back and spending money on someone injury prone, no tekkies, no speed and no proven goal record! What a waste of money... Underwhelmed is an understatement. I thought we had the best scouting team in the UK....?
  13. I guess whatever the games would have been, people still would complain.... You have to play each team and who knows what happens until even the first game of the season, never mind Xmas or the run into the split....
  14. That's what I am wondering as well.... Didn't see anything anywhere about this 'rumour'

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