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  1. For every £45 top sold, SCDave is given £44.50, with the remaining 50p going to the owners of the sweat shop that make them in Muirhouse.
  2. It really is. SCDave drives around in his brand new top of the range BMW and lives in a highly luxurious city centre apartment. Disgusting.
  3. I really don't see the problem here, we're 3rd in the league and the Scottish Cup is for benders anyway. We're fine, McCall is doing a smashing job.
  4. Can't believe you mongos are on about sacking McCall when there's still paint on the stairs. It's a fucking disgrace.
  5. Dempster didn't give us an explanation, she gave us an excuse then criticised the fans lack of knowledge of what it takes to evacuate a stadium, however irrelevant that may be.
  6. You clearly have no experience of what it takes to run a football match and most likely less of what is involved in an evacuation. (Not sure how that's relevant right enough.)
  7. I totally agree with this. Small number of stewards? I think what you meant to say was "at least every steward in the East Stand" because everyone I heard said that season ticket holders did not need a voucher, which is exactly why I didn't take one. Regardless of Leeann's reply, this situation is still a farce.
  8. It really is like an Eastern European chant. Love it!
  9. No, because I didn't see him. Hence the question in my post. Had I asked him there would be no need for the post.
  10. First half was poor today, Saunders made a few mistakes but hopefully he's getting there in terms of picking up things from Craigan. If Jennings learned to shoot he'd be some player.
  11. How was the patter for you today? I like being an arsehole and I'm very good at it. Also, your hair is very gay.
  12. This is clearly a lot of pish.
  13. mon_da_well


    Jones. Frustrating to watch but good none the less.
  14. Casagolda was good last night. 10 times better than Murphy played.
  15. mon_da_well

    Club Statement

    Such a stupid move. McGhee no.2
  16. Craigan, or literally anyone bar the other named folk.
  17. Most pointless story ever.
  18. Soccer AM has been consistantly shite for about 3 years now.
  19. Don't know about anyone else, but I can hardly make out what they're saying, so any chance of joining in is gone straight away. e.g If I cany hear what's being chanted, I'm not likely to join in with said chant.
  20. mon_da_well

    St Mirren

    Thought Gow did more in 15 minutes than anyone else did in 90.
  21. Encouraging a good atmosphere is a must, but singing songs that no one else knows if totally pointless and a bit gay.
  22. The games at half time were far better than the actually match. Get them every week!
  23. mon_da_well

    St Johnstone

    Humphrey was outstanding today.

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