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  1. Dezz


    Don’t get me wrong, I’m gutted we’ve accepted an offer from them but your post is nonsense. We quite publicy rejected two offers last week - Barnsley and Celtic - and the announcent tonight says we’ve ‘rejected several 7-figure offers in recent weeks’, so we’ve clearly not accepted the first offer that’s come along.
  2. Dezz

    Pre-season 2019/20

    That’s me and 2 mates booked up for the Linfield game. Quite looking forward to a wee trip across the water.
  3. Dezz

    2019-20 League Cup

    Maybe I should have been more clear, I meant QOTS/Berwick would be the good away days rather than EK. I fancy Airdrie or EK we that would give us a local tie against a rival or team we have never faced. Wonder if Darren O’Dea would play if we drew EK!
  4. Dezz

    2019-20 League Cup

    I think I’m right in saying as top seeds we will be at home to the 2nd seeds so that rules out away days to Ayr, Morton, Patrick and 1 other depending on where they draw the north/south divide. For the unseeded teams QOTS, Berwick and Airdrie/East Kilbride would be decent with potential for a good day out.
  5. Dezz

    Robinson yer time is up

    For me, Robinson has done an excellent job. I think it’s easy to forget he’s a young and relatively inexperienced manager himself so will still be learning and developing but in his 2.5 years with us he has; saved us from relegation, taken us to 7th and both cup finals, and now an 8th placed finish with our highest points total since McCall’s tenure. That’s the on the pitch stuff, off the pitch he has dealt with our transfer to fan ownership, reducing budgets and brought in serious cash for Kipre, Hastie others to follow. He identified that the first half of last season was a shambles and managed to instil an entirely different style and philosophy on the squad in the space of 4-6 weeks which has taken us to the 3rd best points total in 2019 and seen the emergence of one of the best ever we’ve seen in years, who’s transfer will likely see the club becoming debt free. Sign him up Burrows!
  6. Dezz

    Maurice Ross

    Yeah they are.
  7. Dezz

    2019-20 Rebuild

  8. Dezz

    2019-20 Rebuild

    On the Continent is fantastic. The depth of knowledge that James Horncastle and Andy Brassell have is frightening, and they’re both excellent at putting it across in a really enjoyable way, it’s not dry at all. Jonathan Wilson is on this weeks show, who I don’t like as much, seems a bit of a weirdo. I’ve given At The Match a couple of go’s now and just can’t get into it. Not sure what it is. To be fair it’s only the first two episodes I listened to so maybe it’s improved.
  9. Dezz

    Post Split Fixtures

    Finishing off against St J and Livi means it’s fairly unlikely we’ll be directly involved in sending anyone down or consigning them to the playoffs which is a bit unfortunate.
  10. Dezz

    Player and Young Player of the Year

    Aldred and Turnbull for me.
  11. Dezz

    Kilmarnock Man of the Match

    Definitely Alex Rodriguez Gorrin. Good all round midfield performance with some composure in amongst his tackling and ball winning. The number of tackles and interceptions he made today was ridiculous.
  12. Echo the comments of others that it was a pretty scrappy game but to go to rugby park and come away with a hard fought point isn’t to be sniffed at. Shout out to Ally Gorrin who was absolutely brilliant in midfield.
  13. Dezz

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    I’m sure I read that Euan Murray ended up playing somewhere mental for a short while, an island in the South Pacific or something like that. Edit : A quick wiki search shows 5 appearances and 1 goal for Western United of the Solomon Islands.
  14. Dezz

    Craig Tanner (the forgotten man)

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s correct. I remember reading an interview with Craig Gordon where he talked about this. After his years of injury problems he had to make a decision between calling it a day and securing a big pay out or taking the contract at Celtic and foregoing any large payout if he broke down again with the same (knee?) injury. Obviously it’s worked out in his case but must be a tough decision for a player to make.
  15. Dezz

    Craig Tanner (the forgotten man)

    I think there was 8 assists to go with those 9 goals as well. If it wasn’t for injury he’d definitely have finished our top scorer last season. He’d be a useful player for the current system so here’s hoping he can recapture some of that ‘hype’ when for again.

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