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  1. Noticed the lot sold for £650, check the loft....
  2. grahamb

    U20 Fixtures

    There should be full commentary tonight on MFCTV as well from Kris Jack and myself. Happy to provide a service to keep people informed and add to whole match day experience for the boys playing.
  3. grahamb

    U20 Fixtures

    No goalie on the bench, Page inbetween the sticks!!
  4. If I remember correctly, Netzer was the nickname for Jim McIlwraith......although it may have been applied to both of them! That as back in the day when nicknames were nicknames - Jumbo Muir, Dixie Deans, etc rather than just shouting Higdon your shite!!
  5. grahamb

    U20 Fixtures

    Believe the club are planning on having full commentary on the game tomorrow for those who are interested in following the progress of the youngsters.....
  6. grahamb

    U20 Fixtures

    Only POD is open for these games, a couple of plugs for Media Dept output; 1. Make sure you pick up a copy of the free 8 page prog at the kiosk, good effort 2. If you can't make it along and want to keep in touch the game will be covered on Twitter and will also have full commentary on MFCTV from just before 7. The youngsters deserve our support against a very strong looking Hibs side.....
  7. As they were leaving the stadium they started to chant Motherwell, Motherwell in response to the Well fans at the other end of the ground. You could also hear them chanting in the streets when the Well fans were allowed to leave the stadium. It would appear we will be forever a huge part of their history given this was their first ever home European tie, and the friendliness between the two clubs.
  8. grahamb


    I must've been in a different Athens from those who thought it was a shit hole, I thought it was okay around the two main squares (Monastaraki and Syntagma) and in the area around the Acroplis - maybe didn't venture off the beaten track too often!! I also found the people really helpful and approachable. The food and drink was well priced for us allowing the Euros to stretch pretty far. We had an enjoyable trip on the Metro up to the game with three Pana fans who were keen to know more about Scotland and Motherwell (one even thought we had an excellent stadium!!). They were really friendly and helpful as well, giving advice about the stadium and their team, and taught me the Greek for arsehole, which has been useful as an insult already. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would return to Athens again for a longer holiday. I guess it has "rough" areas as have all the big cities and towns in Britain, you only to wonder what they thought about Motherwell when they came over here given some thought Athens was a shite hole!!!!
  9. We didn't break the rules as here weren't any at the time, they came in after our admin experience. John Boyle was a step ahead of the SFA and SPL on this one. Doesn't make it right!
  10. McHugh got a hat trick, Erwin got two and Moore for the other. Lee Hollis got 45 minutes in goal, and hopes to get a full week of training after this.
  11. Not sure what the Trust are hoping to achieve here, this is a statement that does no one any favours BUT only appears to have been posted on this forum. It is not on FPC or even on their own website. The Trust should be focussing on the Phil O'Donnell tribute which I believe will be unveiled before the Dundee Utd game. This is the type of nonsense that does the Trust's image no good at all! The sooner thge Well Society is established and Fans "own" the club and we have no need for the Trust of SAC...
  12. Just been informed the email is late this week as the Manager has been having problems with his emal and he has had to send it from Flows email, hopefully normal service will be resumed after the Accies game tomorrow.
  13. While it is commendable this meeting is taking place, it is two months too late. The fans should have been consulted before the SPL met to discuss anything. All of this courting of the fans seems to be a reactive measure given the negative response from supporter's bodies.
  14. I was depressed by Doncaster and Dempster's view on the current standard of play on the field. They seemed to believe the quality was high and the games were worth watching, with Dncaster saying our game is as good as the Championship in England. Maybe I am looking back with rose coloured glasses but the football now is as poor as I can remember (although I believe not necessarily from Motherwell). The focus of the administrators appears to be about bringing in TV and sponsorship money but without considering the product on the pitch. Without tackling both we are finished and heading for the Armagedon Neil Doncaster has predicted.
  15. Obvioulsy not planning on us being in the League Cup Final the day we are planned to play Kilmarnock ;-)

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