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  1. John Martin is still with us, but Matt Thomson passed away about 12-14 years ago.
  2. mfc1886

    Pre Season?

    Tait, Laing and someone I didn't recognize sitting in the stand at yesterday's game.
  3. mfc1886

    St Johnstone

    Vigurs for me. He's beginning to look like the player we thought we signed in the summer.
  4. Definitely Saturday. Apologies for any confusion. I was asked to post this on behalf of a WJ committee member and I just copied and pasted it from the thread on FPC. Should really have checked it first Can any mods change the date in the topic heading? EDIT: Date changed.
  5. WISHAW JUNIORS v MOTHERWELL X1 - Saturday 3rd August Hi fellow 'Well fans. Once again 'the mighty' are sending a team up the road to Wishae to our modest wee ground to provide the opposition for our final pre-season match before the Junior season starts. K.O. is 2.00 this Saturday at THE BELTANE(its right across the road from Wishaw General). Admission is £4.00 for adults £2.00 for pensioners. Kids go free if they are with an adult. Chapmans pies in the snack bar - stars of the future on the pitch - what more can you want.
  6. Brines is a fud. Gave Higdon nothing and let Wright climb all over him at every high ball. Bit of a European hangover I thought today, but happy with a point after going down to 10 men and facing a penalty.
  7. A Motherwell XI are playing Wishaw Juniors next Saturday to mark the official opening of Beltane Park, Wishaw Juniors new home ground. Kick-Off is 2pm. Good chance to see some of our younger players in action.
  8. Don't know if this is the correct place for this, so, mods, feel free to move it if needed. Anyway, a guy I used to work with is involved with the Giffnock North AAC and he asked me if I could post this up to see if anybody is interested. I realise that most of the buses will already be leaving from pubs, but just in case anybody is looking for somewhere to have a beer before the game.............
  9. mfc1886

    Cup Final Tickets

    I did that at the semi-final, my mates had to hold me up to get me through the turnstile. Stayed sober for the replay and the final.
  10. mfc1886

    Card Suppliers

    Unfortunately they're not owned by the Thomson family any more. Now owned by a Czech company and not doing great, a lot of redundancies lately, so not likely do be doing anybody any favours.
  11. mfc1886

    Player Budget

    Stuart McCall on the BBC site Talking about losing Blackman...... Also seems to think that none of the current squad can replace Reynolds.
  12. mfc1886

    Thanks Youngy

    IMO Youngy is due respect, thanks and sympathy in equal measure. Even though I agree that he did not do a good job in the games where he took charge, there's no way that he deserves some of the criticism on this thread. As well as his obvious lack of experience, he also had to contend with other major obstacles. Lack of training facilities due to the weather. Lack of moral. The Jennings situation. Uncertainty over the new manager. By his own admission, a lack of the "skillset" required at this level. The opposition being the top three in the league. These are all major factors in the results over this period. I'm sure that many of the posters on this board are more than competent in their jobs, but are not capable of stepping up and running the company.
  13. Very sad at any time, but especially at the festive season. My thoughts are with your family. RIP

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