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  1. Dallas refereed the quarter–final between the USA and Germany. Early in the second half, he declined to award a penalty kick to the USA after a shot by Gregg Berhalter was blocked on the goalline by the outstretched arm of defender Torsten Frings. Dallas defended his decision on the grounds that Frings did not intend to handle the ball, commenting "If it's not intentional it's not a foul, no matter where it is."
  2. Obviously anti Celtic but.
  3. I wasn't exactly being serious. But it wasn't exactly any worse of some of the suggestions when everyone should know that some of the money goes to Hutchison, some goes to Boyle, some goes to 'running of the club' and some goes on a replacement.
  4. Or put some into the Well Society, Hutchison matches it. Allow The Well Society to give it back to MFC, then pay him the rest. Sorted.
  5. If you gave a mention to Stiff Little Fingers and I would backed you the way. :-) If the SFA want to get away from 'It's all about the Old Firm' it would be a fine start to announce that the 'home team get the West Stand'.
  6. Yeah. That's what I said mate. And give him a cuddle.
  7. A teenager should play 2 games a week. Easy. But maybe Bigi or Grimshaw for Campbell, with a cuddle, would be fine. Keeps players happy.
  8. I know Gordon Dalziel. He likes Motherwell but there is no way he is a Dosser - especially against the Currents.
  9. If they sign a pre contract there is no danger of losing out if they get injured. They've got a contract. Hutchies last game was versus Aberdeen. He was man of the match.
  10. Oops sorry. I thought this was the former players thread.
  11. Waldo


    Boom boom clap. Boom boom clap. Boom boom clap. How much would I owe you?
  12. Waldo


    He's our captain and relieved he was our captain that remained in the top league. Gentleman, 'baller and gorgeous. Thanks Keith. Coaching career is coming.
  13. Was Hammell signing again a disaster, was Lasley, was Pearson (the first time), was Craigan, was McDonald, was McFadden (the first time), was Phil? FFS, get a grip, some of youse know as as much about football as The Daily Record!
  14. I've met him. I was not impressed. If you want a fan engagement employee, give a part time job to someone like Dougie Arnott
  15. Awww come on. At least wait until Saturday evening!
  16. Oh,I know. And I've got a different opinion. I thought we showed more fight today than we have on a long time and I think, for the first time in a wee while, if we continue like today, we've got a chance of not finishing 12, 11.I don't think it was attitude today, I think it was individual errors. If I am right, we can sort that. Glass half full and all that
  17. You never watched the game. In football there is pish and pish. Last 3 games, Accies have been pish. We may have been. But I know who has the best chance of staying up!
  18. Can the WS set up a similar site to this? Invite only & part of the 'bonus'. It'd rule out some roasters. I am sure someone at Fir Park could help.
  19. Waldo

    Roger Hynd Rip

    No. Within context it was a good thing. In the same way your pal calls you a prick. Too many snowflakes in this country now.
  20. Waldo

    Roger Hynd Rip

    I remember at school, he punched me in the gut because I called my brother by his first name, not his nickname. Mr Hynd was a good laugh and a good guy. RIP sir.
  21. Waldo


    Yeah, but we've got a 'fitness coach' for that now.

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