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  1. Toss up between Slattery, Woolery and Ojala for me. Gave it to the Woolery for the goal, he's also dynamite in the air. Special mention to McGinley and Mugabi too.
  2. Slattery is a very clever player, getting him on a three year deal is a cracking bit of business.
  3. Is there anyway to get non rangers commentary? I'm just about putting my boot through this telly.
  4. Happy with the points but that was a hard watch yesterday. Surprised to see people give O'Hara and Slattery praise, I thought they were both miles off it. I'm sure Slattery will turn out to be a solid acquisition, but he was all over the shop yesterday. Aside from the obvious Tony Watt, I thought Ojala was our best player (apart from his honking distribution). Defensively he was really solid and won everything in the air. I'm not one for giving players pelters too early, but I'm not confident about Woolery, he's giving me major Seedorf vibes and just doesn't seem capable, more than happy to be proven wrong of course. Still on the fence about GA, but it's good seeing a manager with a bit of passion.
  5. ''Extremely dangerous from Tony Watt pushing Sean Kelly into the goalkeeper there, he should be cautioned for that'' Marvin Bartley's take on it...
  6. Marvin Bartley is talking some amount of shite here.
  7. Commentary has been good on Dee TV - not overbearing and very balanced. Much better Lewis Irons hitting out with cliches every sentence, and Jock Brown consistently misnaming black players.
  8. Deserved. Can't expect to win a game when the midfield can't pass to each other.
  9. Woolery is murder. He's got that Seedorf thing about him, looks like he's never seen a football before.
  10. Nothing sticks upfront when Watt doesn't play.
  11. Slattery is a player, could tell within about 5 touches he's a step above in a footballing sense. Exactly what we've been needing. As for KVV, it was pretty surreal seeing someone in a 'Well strip play that good, his first touch and awareness was just next level.
  12. Not a fan, I've not liked any of our black kits. The cash converters black one was a particular a mile out, this one just about looks as bad. Can we just appreciate how fucking class the Motherwell digital media team are though? The video production, social media work and photography is absolutely 10/10. Putting every other SPL team to shame.
  13. Excellent performance from Lamie. Won everything.
  14. Crawford. He won a lot, pressed all game and was tracking runners all over the place in the second half, very good game.

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