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  1. Seedorf just tackled Robbie Crawford. Positive start!
  2. Maybe I'm going bonkers, but what has that penalty got to do with Mugabi? I thought it was for Dec putting both arms on Erwin's back. Erwin then takes a tumble to force Madden into making a decision.
  3. I can't help but feel losing players like Tait and Hartley have been a bigger loss than we anticipated. It seems that their omission has left a hole in the team. We have nobody on the pitch to rally the troops and the team seems utterly devoid of passion. Tait was really good at putting in one of those hard challenges when the game needed it, the sort of challenge that added intensity and drive to games when we really needed it. Hartley was an average footballer, but clearly cared about the team and winning and that's what the side is lacking badly. He seemed like a good motivator. The only similar player left is Campbell, but his bite has disappeared and he generally seems like a shell of himself. I really don't think Gallagher has stepped up to the captaincy very well either, although a good player on his day, he just doesn't come across like a leader to me. The team is just utterly devoid of any drive and it's blatantly obvious.
  4. Another Polworth love-in from Jock Brown/Lewis Irons. They speak about him like he's Xavi.
  5. Davis could've been off there. Of course there wasn't a peep from the bangers commentating. Even though Tony Watt grabbing a jersey five mins prior was 'absolutely inexcusable'.
  6. Elliot Frear was miles better than every single winger we have in the squad this year.
  7. Long never has any idea what he's doing when he gets the ball. Napper down, run, take a heavy a touch, fall. Every single time.
  8. I don't think Mugabi is the problem. He played okay today, and is much improved overall. Seems like an easy scapegoat due to some wobbles early in his 'Well career. Our midfield and general shape is a bigger problem. Most games pass Polworth by, and there's very little creativity in the team aside from him. However, Watt should have scored twice today, and that could have changed the game drastically.
  9. O'Hara has absolutely zero awareness. Caught every time today, and loads of time this season.
  10. That was really grim today. Grimshaw at his best is poorer than Tait at his worst. We need to sort that position out pronto, but I fear he's in for the season as he's one of Robinson's favourites. Hylton should be on the pitch every day of the week over Hastie. He has his dodgy moments, but Hylton generally makes a lot more happen than all of our other wide players combined (White's chopped off goal for example) Hastie went cold just before we sold him and he's looked like a riot so far. Also, playing Seedorf on the left does not work, it was blatantly obvious last season. We just looked like a boys club today, absolutely toothless and devoid of motivation and ideas. I fear getting rid of Tait and Hartley has removed some much needed experience from the squad. Mugabi is clearly shaky, but I don't think the defence was the main issue today. Using Seedorf and Long as target men is a wild strategy for starters, and consistently playing players on their weaker side gives us zero going forward.
  11. Clay is a strange one, I'd give him man of the match yesterday solely on the basis of getting stuck into their midfield. However, I agree with the sentiment above that we really should of been pushing for an attacking minded midfielder, and Clay doesn't seem like he's this type of player. We had no threat coming from the centre what so ever yesterday, and were second to almost every loose ball. McDonald can't play the lone striker role, his first touch is far too ropy and this resulted into pinball far too many times, we need Moult back pronto. Tait is good at going forward, and his delivery is great but I'm yet to be convinced that he's any more positionally (is that a word?) aware than Josh Law was, they look like pretty similar players thus far.
  12. Craig Clay, best of a bad bunch - at least he got stuck in.
  13. Tait. The three new boys look like good additions.

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