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  1. That was really grim today. Grimshaw at his best is poorer than Tait at his worst. We need to sort that position out pronto, but I fear he's in for the season as he's one of Robinson's favourites. Hylton should be on the pitch every day of the week over Hastie. He has his dodgy moments, but Hylton generally makes a lot more happen than all of our other wide players combined (White's chopped off goal for example) Hastie went cold just before we sold him and he's looked like a riot so far. Also, playing Seedorf on the left does not work, it was blatantly obvious last season. We just looked like a boys club today, absolutely toothless and devoid of motivation and ideas. I fear getting rid of Tait and Hartley has removed some much needed experience from the squad. Mugabi is clearly shaky, but I don't think the defence was the main issue today. Using Seedorf and Long as target men is a wild strategy for starters, and consistently playing players on their weaker side gives us zero going forward.
  2. Clay is a strange one, I'd give him man of the match yesterday solely on the basis of getting stuck into their midfield. However, I agree with the sentiment above that we really should of been pushing for an attacking minded midfielder, and Clay doesn't seem like he's this type of player. We had no threat coming from the centre what so ever yesterday, and were second to almost every loose ball. McDonald can't play the lone striker role, his first touch is far too ropy and this resulted into pinball far too many times, we need Moult back pronto. Tait is good at going forward, and his delivery is great but I'm yet to be convinced that he's any more positionally (is that a word?) aware than Josh Law was, they look like pretty similar players thus far.
  3. Craig Clay, best of a bad bunch - at least he got stuck in.
  4. Tait. The three new boys look like good additions.
  5. Law goes with my best wishes, It was never going to be easy when your right midfielder in Ainsworth gives you zero protection. I lost count of how many times he was left two players on the right while Ainsworth stood at the half way line. The abuse he got from the east stand was largely unmerited in my book, especially in comparison to Hammel, I'm almost certain we lost more goals from the Left. One of our best players throughout the Baraclough downward spiral, and put in a solid shift during the playoff games. However, he shouldn't be too hard to replace or improve upon, a steady squad player at best. You're either amazing or shite at Motherwell, that seems to be how it's looked at.
  6. Kennedy is not a right back, he got caught out of position a good few times yesterday. However, I do like him and he definitely doesn't lack effort when playing, I still think he's a decent centre half. We missed Josh Law yesterday, there was zero width or forward play down the right, and he's one of the only players in our team who can whip in a decent cross/take a good corner - Marvin wasted a good few corners yesterday and had a generally frustrating game. Cadden had a decent outing, at least he didn't look out of his depth, I'd be happy to keep him in the team for now. On another note, some bloke in front of me went completely mental and left when Chalmers was getting stripped, "Fuckin Joe Chalmers, am I fuck staying to watch this celtic cunt try and play fitba". Fries my brain.
  7. I'll be pretty sad to see Ainsworth go, he is unplayable when he's on form, and he's the best striker of the ball that we have. However, I'd take Chris Humphrey in the starting line-up every week over Ainsworth, Humphrey ran himself into the ground every single week and provided good cover at the back. Ainsworth is a great out ball, but provides Josh Law zero cover, which results on a two on one situation nearly every time. On the flip-side, it offers Dom Thomas a chance to really make his mark on the first team.
  8. Referee blew absolutely everything today, it was frying my brain. No idea what happened at the end, but it looked pretty soft as there didn't seem to be many, if any Hamilton players appealing. Fine effort from everyone though, McDonald was the pick of the bunch, completely ran himself into the ground. Special mentions for Josh Law, Johnson and Pearson as well. If we turn in performances like that for the rest of the season, we'll finish top six no bother.
  9. 'WellMagic!

    Josh Law

    I've always thought Josh Law has been a solid right back, especially at the tail end of last season. His use of the ball is generally good and he can definitely whip in a dangerous cross. I would agree that he needs to improve in a positional sense, but it doesn't help that Ainsworth and Johnson offer little to zero cover and he's often left to mark two men. Coming from the sixth tier in England, I think he's done very well - definitely no worse than Hately or Ramsden.
  10. Louis Laing in centre midfield, trying to ping passes about like Xabi Alonso. No.
  11. This. McGhee done this brilliantly first time around. Jim Paterson came back from pre-season looking like The Hulk and Steven McGarry actually started playing good football. Lets hope he can do the same again.
  12. Mixed feelings. McGhee got us playing the most attractive football I've ever seen in 23 years as a Motherwell fan. He was also an asset to the club throughout the Phil O'Donnell tragedy. The way he touted himself to other clubs left a particularly sour taste in my mouth, and I'm pretty sure in his first interview as Aberdeen manager he said something along the lines of ''Sadly, I didn't get the Celtic job'', ridiculously unprofessional. However, there is no loyalty in football, and if he give our players a kick up the arse and gets us up the table, I'll not be complaining. Very much on the fence at the moment.
  13. The Evening Times are reporting that Simo Valakari has applied, apologies if this has already been mentioned. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/13783196.Simo_Valakari_applies_for_Motherwell_manager_s_post_after_Ian_Baraclough_exit/
  14. Usual pish today. I'd give the back four pass marks (aye, even Josh Law). Joe Chalmers should've done better for their goal but I thought he was one of our better players overall. Kennedy was our best player by a mile, definitely looks like he could be a very good centre half. The middle of the park is definitely our biggest problem, we are completely lifeless without Pearson. Grimshaw looks horrendous on the ball, Lasley is too slow and Jake Taylor is the most anonymous footballer I've witnessed in my entire life. Robinson should've scored in the first half but looked half decent apart from that. I'd stick with him for the next two games at least, could become handy after some more game time. I'm not even going to entertain Baraclough's post march garbage this week, his patter absolutely drains the life from my soul. I reckon his time is up if we don't get a result against Morton or Partick, we can't afford to let this stagnate any longer.
  15. Not surprised by list of players being let go. What the fuck happened to Nathan Thomas, I forgot he even existed until right now. Does anyone know Conor Grant's Scotland situation at Everton? I'd be inclined to take him back on loan for next season if that was an option, looks like he could useful in the middle of the park, very good with the ball at his feet.

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