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  1. What a buzz that result was, more than happy to find my initial worries about Hammell seem unfounded, even though it's very early days. Like @grizzlyg says, it's utterly bizzare Alexander signed the majority of the starting 11, only to play them out of position and force them into playing absolute nonsense. I always thought the majority of the blame lay with Alexander, but the amount of penetration we had on Saturday was a mental change. Next week will be a good indication of solid progress. I really liked the balance of Goss, Slattery and Cornelius. The enhanced width on the pitch really benefited Goss, his passing was sublime all day (aside for a 15 min drop off just before half time) You never know, maybe the Nick Daws recruitment approach is in fact good, but Alexanderball was the sole problem, Joe Efford even beat a player with a stepover!
  2. Watt was the only player the ball would stick to up top, his hold up play was great and he rarely lost the ball. He dragged us through a good few games. The way I see it, his overall play helped keep us out of a dogfight, rather than his goals. His decision making was mince a lot of the time, granted, but things certainly went downhill after he left. We created virtually nothing in the final third the second half of the season, and nobody could relieve any pressure so we were under the cosh constantly. Agree on KVV. He is mostly useless. Lazy, greedy and refuses to move. Essentially a glorified human bollard.
  3. The only thing I can take from this, is that there must have been splits all over the place under Alexander. Player fallouts, Las leaving, bringing in a lot of new staff, and signing players as backup when we have youth backup - it makes some sense.
  4. Josh Ginnelly seemingly been punted by Hearts. First bit of business?
  5. Valakari was my choice and he was moderately exciting for me. More managerial experience, both at the top of a league with a modest team, and at the bottom with Tromso. Then adding his experience managing in Europe, knowledge of Scottish football and general enthusiasm in applying three times. I'm not daft though, I know he was still a risk, the main one being he has no managerial experience in Scotland. However, Hammy has no experience managing anywhere. On paper, various parts of the Hammell appointment makes sense, club history, finances, transition time, understanding of youth. However, on the other hand, we're giving the job to Hammell and Kerr, two coaches with virtually zero experience at this level, at a time when our squad generally seems humped. We're also risking losing seemingly good academy coaches if everything goes tits up. Simo with Hammell as assistant was what I was hoping for, it seemed like the best balance overall. In theory, Las would have been a better choice After all, he applied twice before and was rejected on the grounds of not having enough experience. Unfortunately, Las at 'Well seems like another thing Alexander fucked up. Again, more than happy to be proven wrong and he has my full backing. Wonder if or when we'll see Faddy join the coaching staff?
  6. I know this appointment probably makes sense, but I can't help but feel it's a bit uninspired. Feeling rather deflated about it and I'm not sure why.
  7. Alexander stripped all the enjoyment out of going to FP for me. It was fucking diabolical, even when we won. I'm happy he's been papped. He's the first manager we've had in a while I just could not deal with and I'm generally sympathetic towards our managers. It was heaps worse than Robinson, McCall and even dare I say, McGhee at times. He sold our only attacking threats, played CBs at fullback, loaded the defence from 60 mins onwards, ostracised our best remaining players, built a team with zero attacking prowess and no width, didn't prepare for the euro legs well enough, brings in no competition for Van Veen who is far too lazy, different line ups every week, clueless subs every week, gave out long contracts to average players willy nilly... The list is endless and he's left the club in a bit of a state I saw a big of an enough response on Saturday to reaffirm my views that GA was the problem and not totally the players underperforming. I'm happy O'Donnell has come out and indicated that there's been a problem, I think the fans need some inclination into wtf actually went wrong, and coming from a good pro like SOD, I tend to back him. Alexander used to have a nosebleed when SOD, or anyone for that matter, ran forward. SOD had a downturn in form, but that does not make Mugabi a better option at RB, and quite frankly, everyone was rotten for a large period of time. It's bonkers making a player captain, and then instantly losing faith in him. I have no idea on the next manager, but we need someone who can bring some positivity and enthusiasm to the club. That's why I'd patch Lambert, he's far too dull and arguably as arrogant as GA was at times. Simo could be a risk, but so is anyone from the current suggestions His enthusiasm in applying three times, and club experience is something that should hold some weight. We can't appoint anyone who thinks they are too big for the club
  8. Agreed. People still have PTSD from him playing out of position at left back. Our most important player since the turn of the year.
  9. My enthusiasm is dropping week after week. There's minimal joy in watching this team, even when we win It's just so hard to watch.
  10. Never rated O'Hara so I'm not too bothered that he's away. One of these players who seemed become better to the longer he was injured. He is no better than Slattery, Goss or Donnelly IMO.
  11. Yes, this is it. I feel exactly the same.
  12. I've never really called for a managers head, but Alexander is pushing it. It seems like he has less and less of a clue every single week and I think his luck is running out. Even at the beginning of the season, the games we won, we won narrowly and the performances were similar to how they are now. We were giving up a huge amount of possession, and just getting away with it a lot of the time. He just makes some bonkers decisions though, for example, I have no idea why he isn't starting Woolery, who has been by far our most threatening player the last few games. The majority of chances come from him ,and when you combine that with things like: never playing Slattery, persisting with Shields, and playing centre backs at wing back - it becomes pretty hard to see any positives. There is no doubt in my mind that the front three, or two, should be a combination on KVV, Woolery and Roberts, they are clearly the best we have. He really needs to stop dropping players that are having a good game, I can't imagine the constant switching will be good for morale. I don't think our squad is particularly bad, he just has no idea what to do with the players. He needs to be held accountable as it's basically his team now, he's signed the majority. I think the level of rage is probably a bit over the top, but it's really hard to see positives sometimes when the starting 11 continuously changes and the football in general is so eye-bleeding.
  13. Never known a manager seem so blatantly clueless. Struggling to see how he comes back from this, especially if we get hammered.
  14. The booing can fuck off. I absolutely hate it.
  15. Worst game I've been to in recent memory. Carroll was particularly poor last night, his distribution was really bad, his challenges rash, and he constantly turns his back on crosses. He is certainly no better than McGinley, especially from a defensive standpoint. O'Donnell also had a shocker, bad distribution and a lot of terrible touches. Thinking back a few seasons, even though the crowd had it in for him, Josh Law was a better fullback than any of our current offerings, and that was with a defense shy Ainsworth playing in front of him. Midfield is a mess, and up top I have no idea what Shields offers aside from being fast. Additionally, when KVV is off it, he is so so bad. Only good performance last night was from Woolery, seemed to be playing with more confidence so hopefully he can keep that up. I'm still not sure why Slattery has been left out of the team, he is by no means the silver bullet, but we win more games with him playing. I like Alexander, but the football is really hard work. Is he better staying in the stand? Last two games he's changed the team considerably at half time and it's made a difference, I was really surprised to see no changes at HT last night. However, the constant chopping and changing leads me to believe that he generally has no idea what to do a lot of the time.

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