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  1. If you added Lambert and Coyne to the 91 team they would have been a force, think you could argue you'd need to add more from 91 team to 93/94 to challenge, player for player.
  2. Good to go into the last game with something to play for and it not be relegation.
  3. Don't think the construction would allow that
  4. Yabba's Turd


    If Forbes scores the game fizzles out 6-6
  5. By that token, the main stand is the Iain St john stand and the east would be the Tom Boyd
  6. I was. Sanctimonious St Mirren and Falkirk fans everywhere. Not looked in 10 years
  7. He has a big vault supplied by others
  8. If you pump the elephant you'd be historic, just saying.
  9. The club crest has only existed since the 80s. I remember 81-82 season our badge was a shield of half fir trees and something else for a TV logo, pretty sure the badge first appeared on the Patrick strip.
  10. You really are an odious little cunt.
  11. His goals to games ratio at Fir Park is astonishing, 80 goals in 113 appearances. A truly phenomenal player.
  12. Craig Tanner off to Canada in April
  13. Well done man, but I'll bet you don't have a signed Gordon Marshall jersey
  14. Easy decision for the ref not to give it
  15. West Ham considering it, I think he'll stay in London tbf
  16. Aren't you quite the double edged sword of contrariness? Should have quit after your 1st statement.
  17. As long as there are no more photos of Frazzle.

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