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  1. Not exactly, but your opinion that he was "shite" is based solely on your opinion, the clubs he played for and their results suggest he was capable and in the upper 50% of all goalkeepers playing league football in Scotland at the time.
  2. Define shit? Shit among the elite? he's probably been in the top 20 or 30 Scottish goalkeepers during his career.
  3. Is there a paypal account for donations from those unable to attend?
  4. There's definitely less sense of duty to attend these days.
  5. Don't let last season's 2 cup finals cloud your judgement, last season was piss poor, we've been piss poor for a while. Whichever way you try and line our present squad up there are holes, we need to find the best fit and fast.
  6. Big mistake to look at the table in September, get one round of games in and see where we are, at this stage there's no point analysing anything
  7. Will this service work for those with US IP addresses? Asking for a travelling friend
  8. Still unsure why current employers should have anything to add to former employer/employee accusations. Some folk just like to stir shit then throw it at the club.
  9. Turn that design the other way up and a certain section of our support would love it.
  10. Yeah bit of a wildcard shout with Boyd, to some extent Andy Walker could have been said to have a similar career with the exception of Walker doing well with Bolton and Boyd being homesick at Chelsea.
  11. Lambert, McAllister, McClair, Boyd in my lifetime
  12. I think we have done business exceptionally early in the close season, not the Motherwell way in times gone past, the club would sign players as close to the limit so as not to have to pay them over the summer when there was no turnover. Changed days.
  13. £70 in the pot, we have until Monday evening to fuck over donate to this worthy cause. Make it happen bass player.
  14. Old bone idle brigade those two. Strips are alright, not wow, not shite.
  15. So did Derek Wilson, so much so he brought a book out.
  16. We're almost half way, I might even put a signed jersey up for raffle for every fiver donated.
  17. I would genuinely sponsor your shirts as a site mate yes, there's no malice and just the kind of nonsense that keeps the spirit of OSB alive. (You may or may not recall the OSB team's 1st ever fixture as a team was played wearing Accies strips against your lot) So IF we reach target then we'll sponsor your shirts.
  18. £60 in the pot, 1 day of nonsense and we're over 1/3 of the way there, I'm going to take this to facebook and spread the word.

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