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  1. 1-1 boys, you dominate, don't take chances and, boom, it all goes wrong.
  2. Don't say that, I have BTTS and you lot to win.....................I have food to buy.
  3. It's working? Pictures or audio? Sorry, audio only.
  4. BTTS and Motherwell win gives 15/4, better bet IMO.
  5. Called that right. Never seen 4-4 right enough.
  6. I think the ball will rank up the air miles.
  7. Thanks mate, not see me, up here in Arbroath, settling down for Champions League and watching Bet 365 for the scores. FWIW can't see us winning in normal time, ET and penalties is our best bet.
  8. Saints fan here guys, what's the weather like through their? Our forums full of drama queens, running around, holding their skirts up screaming "rain/snow/hurricane. .
  9. Hello from friendly St MIrren supporter. Been reading over the posts on this thread with some interest. Some fair and accurate posts, we have turned things around after a horrendous start, quite a rare thing without changing managers or recruiting some new players in key positions. Also true most of our points have come against the teams in the bottom 6. Before reading the posts on here I was off the opinion that we have a decent record against Motherwell, no matter how well you are doing, and we are capable of a draw, at least. Pity it's looking like the weather could have an influence, both sides have players who can play decent football and the conditions might not allow them to show what they can do. Anyway, hope it's a good game and may the best team win.
  10. Ca-ching. Mostly good things to say on behalf of both teams. Appreciate the fair views and, like I said before the game, two decent teams, trying to play football. Keep up the good work guys, see you soon.
  11. That's downright nasty. Wonder why the odds are so high?

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