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  1. It would be quite funny if Marv and Fringes knew each other and didn’t realise it. I quite enjoy the snippets of “in the know” information, so keep them coming both of you please.
  2. What a bloody mess this season is. I wasn’t happy with Gallagher’s comments earlier in a Not the Old Firm article about the player’s being boys not men and that Daily Record one just doesn’t sit right with me from our captain. Do we get rid? Normally I would be we’ve no one else anywhere near competent at centre back just now. I’d be removing him as captain regardless. I’m totally scunnered with us this season. We’re too close for comfort to the bottom on points per game if the season does get stopped early again. The new manager has one hell of a job on his hands.
  3. I can login on my phone and my laptop but I can’t log in on my PS4. Any ideas? ETA Problem solved. The live site kept taking me to the season ticket holders login page instead of the ppv login page. Had to delete cookies and then managed to log in after that.
  4. When did Seedorf become this season’s target for the booo boys? Aye he’s been pretty poor off the bench in the last couple of games but he’s also had very good spells as well.
  5. If we could have got Cole on a permanent deal I’d have been all over that.
  6. Trevor Carson is being linked to Swindon this morning. Via Alan Nixon on Twitter.
  7. Aye I saw that. Decent assist just there to be fair to Marvellous.
  8. Euan Murray and Danny Johnson on bbc Scotland just now. Randolph and Marvin Johnson starting for Middlesbrough tonight as well.
  9. I’m sure Shrewsbury were raging when we got Humphrey for nothing as well.
  10. When are we likely to hear how much we’re getting for Hastie?
  11. Football tops are bad for the nipples.
  12. Aye. Gordon Young is Paul Hartley’s assistant manager at Cove.
  13. On the fringes has a subtle dig at Craigan in a post a few weeks ago as well and he seems to be ITK. I’ve heard nothing.
  14. Watching on Linfield Tv Facebook. Great composure by Long for his goal.
  15. It would be good if we could do something with the O’Donnell stand so we can stay at Fir Park.
  16. I’d imagine it would be a very defensive announcement for Main and Ash Taylor, going by Aberdeen fans’ reaction on twitter to the rumours. Similar to our announcement of Sammon last summer.
  17. SuperJoe and Mark Reynolds starting tonight’s playoff game on BT Sport. Looking forward to seeing Polworth as well.
  18. I watched the highlights last night and the ball clearly strikes Kipre on the chest rather than a hand. It’s not the first time he’s incorrectly been sent off.
  19. gdalli10

    retro kits

    I like the tracktop but I’m not spending 55 pounds on it.
  20. Would we still get compensation if he goes to the MLS?
  21. The quality of some of our play and more importantly a lot of our goals has been superb in 2019. I haven’t enjoyed watching us this much in ages. Probably since the Higdon, Ojamaa, Murphy and Humphrey team. It’s just a shame we can’t keep the nucleus of the starting line up for next season.
  22. Main’s flick to Frear was one of the very few things that actually worked/stuck for him. I think a lot of people are fed up of him constantly jostling with defenders instead of trying to keep the ball. That and his poor finishing. The guy clearly tries his heart out but I don’t think he’s good enough for this league.
  23. McCormack could do with the fitness plan McGhee gave Jim Paterson and Steve McGarry all those years ago.
  24. The club have already said ATS won’t be offered a new deal. It was on his loan move announcement.

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