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  1. How about variations of the word shite? I have the following so far. Turd Poop Crap Jobby Poo Feces Excrement Dump Toaly (Possibly colloquial) Think of the endless laughter when informed you're shitting, sorry sitting, at the Jobby table. No? Okay, I'll get my coat.
  2. Interesting to note the old advertisements around the ground too.
  3. That's a great team and not far away from mine. The only exceptions being Keith MacRae in goal and Tam Forsyth at centre half. Hard to leave McFadden out but equally hard to find a position for him.
  4. The Skipper

    St Johnstone

    I thought Ainsworth was always a threat and deserved his goal. He just nicked it from Lasley who was excellent.
  5. The bigger issue for me is the safety of our supporters and innocent folks walking the streets on game day who are subjected to threats and abuse by supporters of the evil two when they are in town. As long as the damage to our stadium is paid for by their team, and they are subsequently banned and arrested by the Police, that'll do for me. I've been to Fir Park as a youngster back in the day when there has been upwards of 15,000 Celtic / Rangers supporters at the game and to say it was scary is putting it mildly. It was a terrifying experience and has probably put a generation of Well fans off attending these games thereafter.
  6. Criminal damage and flare throwing is an offence which the Police and Stewards should be dealing with. Same as ensuring the safety of everyone walking the streets minding their own business when the filth shows up intimidating passers by with their bullying behaviour. The Police should herd the scum on the streets and lock up anyone pissing in the streets or causing damage to property. Celtic FC should then ban the offenders for life and we slowly eradicate the problem. Before anyone says double standards, I would expect the same treatment for Motherwell fans behaving the same way.
  7. We're not scoring enough and therefore 2-0 Killie
  8. Had a tear in my eye watching that again. Wullie Pettigrew was fantastic. It has already been said but we truly didn't appreciate how good he was. Not enough is said about his link-up play but he also played in Bobby Graham a good few times as was shown in the Celtic game. He had everything, pace, desire, touch, bravery and he was a phenomenal finisher. Cheers WP we'll never see your like again at Fir Park.
  9. The second half was one of the worst games of football I can remember seeing in a long time. Every player, (apart from Sutton who at least tried to bring people into the game) no matter where he was on the pitch, no matter which way he was facing and no matter who was beside him, hoofed the ball as far up the park as he could. Faddy couldn't control the ball, lost possession and looked like he's lost his first touch. We couldn't string two passes together or keep possession and it looked like nobody knew what they were supposed to be doing. With injuries and lack of quality to bring in, we will really struggle over the next few games. However, a win is a win.
  10. Aberdeen are a better team than Motherwell right now. That's a fact we can't deny and I expect them to beat us or at least draw for the games we have left against them. Going down to ten men sometimes works for the other team as has been shown time and time again. Teams who can pass and have creativity in midfield or pace can exploit the space and take advantage of the extra man. We have none of those qualities in the team and therefore the result is not surprising. They scored from a set piece and another when we were chasing the game. Oh and the comments from the Faddy sycophants is embarrassing. He is not the player he was and not even good enough to get in the team right now. If he is injured why is he even on the bench? If he is fit that speaks volumes for the Manager's opinion of his contributions lately.
  11. I fail to see how this is trolling. Yes the poster might have a different and somewhat negative view to others on the forum but he calls it how he sees it. Nothing wrong with that in my view or should we all blindly beat the same drum when the truth is staring us in the face?
  12. Aberdeen have beaten us already this season, they played well again today and will have one more day to recover than we do. Not confident on this at all.
  13. There is nothing wrong with a defensive game plan against the best team in the country if you have a counter offensive strategy too. Do you think the bottom half EPL teams go to Old Trafford, Etihad and Emirates stadiums with an offensive strategy? No, they defend from front to back and hope to get something on the breakaway.
  14. Your poem doesn't rhyme Verv
  15. That would appear to be the reason there were apparently no offers (or acceptable ones at any rate) for his services prior to him signing with us. Possibly he lacks motivation as he feels he should be playing for a 'bigger' team. In the games I have seen he has been poor and he can't be far away from a wee spell warming the bench.
  16. Taking smoke bombs into football grounds is not permitted. What bit of that is difficult to understand? Unless they change the rules, anyone doing it runs the risk of being lifted and causing a problem for people in the immediate vicinity who are obeying the rules. I would be really pissed off if I was beside someone who lit a smoke bomb and I was lifted by association. If you don't like the rules don't go.
  17. Why give the Police any reason at all to be "heavy handed"? If there are no smoke bombs there is no issue. Don't take them to the game it's not clever and it's not fair on the surrounding supporters who are innocent bystanders and are herded by the Police as they were in the same area. The Bois are a credit and well liked by other supporters due to the atmosphere they create. Don't let them become an embarrassment.
  18. I know a Saudi Prince, he is a partner in a Joint Venture we're putting together there. I'll ask him if he's familiar with the mighty 'Well and if he would consider investing.
  19. Is it down to finances or lazy coaches?
  20. Never thought he was very good and indeed was poor in the games I saw. Very limited in what he could do and no great loss IMO.
  21. Sad news, too many ex-players dying at a young age. Was he ill?

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