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  1. It’s a matter of time now. Shooty-inny this half
  2. Roy Keane ..... purely to see him run on the park and knock [email protected]@k out of polworth for his non commitment
  3. Fair play to SR for not holding off for a pay off. He’s resigned which shows what he’s like as a guy and how much respect he has for Motherwell as a club. im disappointed as he did well for us but he had what looked like potentially the best squad we’ve had in years at the start of the season and the football has been simply appalling. Players aren’t playing for him and it’s cost his job but the buck does stop with him. As much as the majority don’t like the guy I think we’ve missed out on Hughes who always spoke positively about Motherwell and his teams always play decent football and most importantly his players go through walls for him. I think he’s an underrated coach, his main problem is he comes over a big daft guy in interviews. I don’t want Lasley as manager as I think he’ll always be a number 2. Craigan... please god no...Tommy Wright would get football stopped. Worse style of football than SR. I have no idea who we can get, we need someone positive and full of enthusiasm. Get the most out our underachieving players. Not many of these guys about?
  4. When you see Brown with the cigar out you know you’re playing sh1te
  5. Absolute sh1te. Started flat, no energy, training game for those fu###rs
  6. On a positive this has been the best stream I’ve had all season.
  7. Will Jake Carroll ever be fit again? Even Dunne is better than some of these guys
  8. We certainly don’t have enough (any) quality defenders.
  9. Just try and keep it respectable. I’ll take 2-0 just now . Let’s hope they get pumped out the tournament in the next round. Horrible lot
  10. Worst game I’ve seen Gallagher play. Absolutely abysmal
  11. Clear red card..... the guy charged at it him wtf
  12. Especially when we can’t defend them
  13. I don’t want to jump on the Lamie is a bomb scare brigade. But he is. Mcginley doesn’t inspire confidence either

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