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  1. On a positive this has been the best stream I’ve had all season.
  2. Will Jake Carroll ever be fit again? Even Dunne is better than some of these guys
  3. We certainly don’t have enough (any) quality defenders.
  4. Just try and keep it respectable. I’ll take 2-0 just now . Let’s hope they get pumped out the tournament in the next round. Horrible lot
  5. Worst game I’ve seen Gallagher play. Absolutely abysmal
  6. Clear red card..... the guy charged at it him wtf
  7. Especially when we can’t defend them
  8. I don’t want to jump on the Lamie is a bomb scare brigade. But he is. Mcginley doesn’t inspire confidence either
  9. Link 2 is a blurry mess for me but it’s the only one with pictures
  10. I don’t seem to have this facility on my Nokia 3310 :)
  11. Forgive my lack of technological knowhow, but can we watch this via bbc red button on the tv?
  12. Likewise. Thrown me out completely
  13. Goal went in and it’s chucked me out. Verizon media, we will be back shortly.... laptop is going out the window
  14. Thanks, I’ll have to reboot:(

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