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  1. What a day/game that was. I vividly recall a bellend supporter screaming at coyne all game how he’d never score against Celtic. He got shut up when coyne scored and then coyne proceeded to score nearly every time he played celtic. Great striker. Three most memorable games semi final replay v celtic (1) dortmund away (2) rangers at ibrox midweek when we won 2-1, Dougies winner (3)
  2. As long as Alexander doesn’t do a Wallace and go out on the first day of the season and clap all the rangers support and ignore the motherwell fans !! Never forget that, even as a kid I thought that was out of order.
  3. I get why folk might not like it or are into retro kits but for me I think it’s brilliant. I was 8 when that came out and I had the full kit which I wore to death, as soon as I saw it On Twitter I just thought of me as a wean playing down the park with all the other kids wearing rangers tops and a few aberdeen ones thrown in. Proper nostalgia trip for me. Love it
  4. It’s like watching celtic play an U13 team time to cut the grass
  5. I agree the shape of that team is ok but we need to bite the bullet and have van veen up front. As much as he frustrates, when he’s not there I just do not see any spark or matchwinner in that team. We have nobody that can change a game. Not one player. Watt could do it and van veen can…. When he’s in the right frame of mind. id rather see him play in the hope he can add a spark rather than shields who I cannot see as a player, he can charge about but if you look at the times he can’t hold the ball up and loses possession it’s just not acceptable.
  6. Aww FFS in my 40 odd years watching Motherwell I don’t think I’ve ever had less faith in a team than this one. We are horrible to watch.
  7. We are extremely fortunate to have Kelly otherwise we’d be fighting it out with Dundee and St Johnstone this season. I’m dismayed by Alexander in general but for a guy who’s had a long career as a defender his inability to recognise a decent defender(or play them in the correct position) is outstanding. We have players there, I personally think odonnell mugabi and even Carroll are ok but they’ve been shifted about all season and they look lost half the time, that lies at the feet of GA. ojala is awful, don’t care what anyone says and the love for Sol is beyond me? As much as he seems a lovely bloke he’s a good level amateur player at best. If he was Scottish he’d be destroyed by our fans every week. we’ve got the top six and have an outside chance of europe which is incredible. Hopefully we can show some fight in the final games and nudge ahead of united and county which is possible if that idiot puts the right team out. Onwards we go on the rollercoaster
  8. Can’t deny how shit we have been and how miserable the past 6 months have been watching this Alexander team play but getting top 6 is fantastic for our club financially and we still have a chance of getting a European place,,which is utterly staggering. it’s completely papering over cracks, but I’ll accept it tonight.
  9. Ohara is one of the few genuine talented players we have. I sort of despair of supporters who don’t recognise this. Everyone has an opinion I suppose. They can’t always be correct like me
  10. mio


    100% Jack Ross. His teams play good attractive football and I think he’s been harshly treated at a couple of clubs. unfortunately I don’t see GA being sacked or walking away. we have decent players in this squad which is the frustrating thing…. They all look lost and devoid of any idea of what they are meant to be doing.
  11. Please blow the final whistle now
  12. I think this is our main issue as supporters when we criticise our current left back incumbents. When you look at Carroll and Mcginley they are just not in the same ballpark as we’ve been used to in the past and we have been spoiled and expect a higher level of player. Joe wark, Tom Boyd, Rab McKinnon, Stevie McMillan, Stevie Hammell. we really had a run of tremendous left backs and the current crop are just not anywhere near it.
  13. Wow, can’t believe Mutley got that job. If you’re a Dundee fan you’d be raging. i still have a soft spot for McGhee in a strange way, he had us playing some great stuff first time around and you could never criticise him for the way he led us through Phil’s passing. good luck to him…… but I can only see failure at that club.
  14. We’re extremely fortunate to have Kelly as our keeper. Imagine the damage that could happen if we had a craig Samson or lee hollis in that team.
  15. Tierney and Efford looking busy and have made an improvement

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