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  1. For some reason I have us playing a midweek game, possibly in the league cup or Scottish cup at fir park against Ayr utd?? Which makes little sense to me as they play in white and black. Might well be wrong but I remember being confused as a kid about it and I have a memory of my dad going on about why are Ayr playing in yellow and us in white?
  2. I was positive we played another game in that white adidas kit. I was a kid but I’m sure there was another midweek game a year later we wore it too? During the promotion season?
  3. This team gives me the fear. I don’t see anything other than a defeat.
  4. Jesus... why does Cole not attack that ball to force it in? Standing claiming it’s over the line!!!
  5. Take it all back. The guy is a genius
  6. We are a poor lot. Has Alan Campbell ever played well against decent opposition? Run 10yrds ..... turn.... and pass 20yrds I can’t just blame Campbell tho, some poor displays out there
  7. It’s a matter of time now. Shooty-inny this half
  8. Roy Keane ..... purely to see him run on the park and knock [email protected]@k out of polworth for his non commitment
  9. When you see Brown with the cigar out you know you’re playing sh1te
  10. Absolute sh1te. Started flat, no energy, training game for those fu###rs
  11. On a positive this has been the best stream I’ve had all season.
  12. Will Jake Carroll ever be fit again? Even Dunne is better than some of these guys

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