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  1. I don’t care what anyone thinks, if a player (no matter if you believe he always gives 100% or not) has signed a pre contract with a rival team, his head will be on securing his future, maintaining his fitness…. Eg not getting injured ,, therefore in my view he will not be running through walls for Motherwell. if we can get money for him in January…. Six figures would be great.. we should get rid of him. Either that or he’ll be a wage thief until his contract expires in June. i get the feeling GA won’t be too keen to play him either(rightly imo) so I just don’t see the point in him winding down his contract. Not that I’m too interested in watt or dundee Utd but it does them no favours either. He’s not exactly a guy who keeps himself in peak fitness, sitting on the bench will make sure he adds the excess pounds he had last year and probably make him slower than he is already. We’ve lost way better players in Tony watt and I won’t shed any tears with him leaving. He’s done fine for us and we’ve been good for him but if he wants to kiss another badge and fawn false love for another club all over social media good luck to him.
  2. Magic sponge retro have produced this belter. £45 and £5 delivery. I believe they still have a few left. Looks pretty decent, the band is maybe slightly wider than the original but a good effort
  3. Love those short corners. don’t know why we don’t do more of those
  4. Dreadful game. The lack of any decent football from both sides is frightening. The less said about the goal the better
  5. Kent off for them now too. Excellent !! Keystone cops defending for Lyons second goal. looking good for us to pump them on their marching celebration of orangeness on sunday…… sorry “flag day”
  6. Flag day??…. What a joke club. Wouldn’t dream of attending that piggery anyway. I only hope our players manage to get there and back without catching the orange mutant covid variant.
  7. I firmly believe if we had big sieb in mcleish’s first season we’d have won the league that year. Woods was an awful goalkeeper, maybe not thee worst I’ve seen for us but definitely up there in the top 5. the only goalie I’ve ever saw who on a one to one with a striker he’d make the goal look bigger. Running out to the striker with his arms rigid to his sides…… still makes me shake with fear.
  8. That’s what happens when you put him in a Livingston strip
  9. Compare this game to day one last season v ross county and it’s Absolute night and day. loads of positives to come from that. Kvv was outstanding, slattery when he gets up to speed will be excellent, looks a classy player. Barry maguire I thought was great, worked his arse off. Carrol did well and will get better. minus points for me was lamie again, hopefully the big Fin will replace him. Disappointed with Donnelly, I just don’t see it in him? Woolery could be frustrating but I’ll give him time. I had an absolute fear about the game today and season ahead but I think I’ve seen enough to think we will be ok.
  10. mio

    Stevie O'D

    I thought SOD had a poor game yesterday and there were a few cringe moments. One where he just ran into Christie when Christie was shaping up for a potential chance (whether that ended up in row z is irrelevant) regardless of SOD limitations he was not the only one who was poor yesterday. So frustrating as I think a win was our only chance of progressing, the Czechs weren’t great but did a professional job on us. They had that added bonus of having a good striker. As much as I can understand Clarke playing that team, tournament football is ruthless, top international managers are ruthless. They need to be brutal and in my view Gordon is a better keeper, I saw enough from Forrest playing against the Dutch to see he could do well as a wingback instead of SOD . Mcgregor and Christie should be out and gilmour and Turnbull in. And Adams should always start. If the same side as yesterday or similar shape of team goes out against England I fear a disaster.
  11. mio

    Big Dec

    As big, slow, immobile centre half’s go, he was up there with the best of them. I thought he did really well in his first season, motherwell got the best out him and he did well out of motherwell. He did well for Scotland, his best game being against Serbia but you have to look at the style of player he was up against that night. Mitrovic is a good big player but he has been out of sorts all season, he goes in huffs when he’s not happy and he’s also big and one paced. A perfect player for big dec to shine against. When Dec did play against a quick decent striker he struggles. He was horrendous against Hapoel for example. I don’t wish him any ill will, he did well for us and he’s off to get more money elsewhere. But I’ve seen much better centre half’s play for us and I’m sure I will again.
  12. For some reason I have us playing a midweek game, possibly in the league cup or Scottish cup at fir park against Ayr utd?? Which makes little sense to me as they play in white and black. Might well be wrong but I remember being confused as a kid about it and I have a memory of my dad going on about why are Ayr playing in yellow and us in white?
  13. I was positive we played another game in that white adidas kit. I was a kid but I’m sure there was another midweek game a year later we wore it too? During the promotion season?
  14. This team gives me the fear. I don’t see anything other than a defeat.

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