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  1. Scottish Premiership Game 31 :Celtic (H) 18/03/18 14:15

    One of the performances of the season all things considered I think. A terrific response to the disappointment of last weekend and we looked a much better balanced team with another striker alongside Main and a lot more width than was evident at Hamilton. I thought we were unfortunate not to be ahead by the time Kipre was red-carded. Main was unlucky with the header, and it was interesting to see the power generated in his free-kick too. Bowman was also unfortunate with his volley. Add in the amount of times we were getting crosses in, forcing errors deep inside their own half and the few chances they had been limited to it was a very encouraging start to the game for us. And then the sending off. From my perspective it looked retaliation at the time as you could see Kipre's foot in the air but having seen clips since it seems incredibly harsh, though hardly surprising. The evidence speaks for itself over an increasing number of game that we need not do very much at all to coax Mr Thomson into action. The second half was just a wonderful example of what can be achieved when you have organisation, determination, good players who are on it, and of course a wee bit of luck. Early on it seemed like it was going to be only a matter of time but we grew into the game more and more as the half wore on. For a minute or two I even had a wee feeling it was going to be one of those special afternoons but whilst that never quite materialised I think all concerned can be proud of their efforts. I must admit it for all the chat about new scoreboards and screens I was pretty happy I was in blissful ignorance as to how long was left as that second half wore on. It was only when the injury time was announced it dawned on me how little time was left and the nerves really kicked in, albeit we'd a few close shaves before that. In truth I think the result means little in terms of top six, if not perhaps league position, but it sends out lots of signals to McInnes who was there and to Celtic themselves should we have a further encounter with them at Hampden in May. We've had two draws against them this season but I think it says much about our performances against them that I still don't quite think we've had the rewards our displays against them have meritted. It would be so so sweet were we to make good on that in the Cup Final.
  2. Celtic Man of the Match

    Your thoughts and votes please...
  3. Scottish Premiership Game 31 :Celtic (H) 18/03/18 14:15

    Top trolling by the SFA! Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Tapatalk
  4. Scottish Premiership Game 31 :Celtic (H) 18/03/18 14:15

    The thought struck me as we began to look ahead to this game if the Accies line-up was not some kind of preparation of sorts for the game against Celtic this weekend, given that we knew Cifti would be unavailable. Would it be that implausible there might have been the thought amongst the coaching staff that we could take care of a depleted Hamilton whilst seeing how Main might perform leading the line on his own? I suspect not in truth but it would go someway to explain the single forward choice and the seeming unnecessary delay in bringing on further support for Main when It was obvious to all sundry it just wasn't working last Saturday. Like most I think the team pretty much picks itself for Sunday. I hope to see a reaction to the Accies disappointment and that, what surely will be a feeling of unfinished business against Celtic, is channeled in the right manner. It almost feels like a free hit giving that were almost safe and almost certainly bottom six. Either way there's little pressure or expectation on us so just get fucked in about them really.
  5. Hamilton Man of the Match

    Abolutely no idea what you're on about....
  6. I've been critical of the performance and the team selection myself but I can't honestly say that any of those three things happened yesterday. Despite being far from our best we never at any time being outplayed. They scored from a break of the ball after a scramble in the box and a cock-up in midfield that allowed a free run in on goal. They had considerably less possession. Our keeper did not have a save to make. It was indeed a very poor performance lacking in creativity, imagination and threat. Outfought, outbattled and outplayed however we were not.
  7. There has been much to complement about our team and management this season, but this isn't one of those times. I thought we were way off it on and off the park today. I understand the thinking that you win the battle and you then impose your game on the opposition but we set ourselves up for a midfield battle that simply never happened and as a consequence the minute they went ahead we were chasing the game with a setup and formation that did not give us the best chance of remedying the situation. It was all the more curious a decision when you consider that the formation and line up of recent games was sufficient to win games where we've been on the back foot and the front foot. Why the lack of faith that it could take care of a depleted Hamilton side? What I would say is that I couldn't fault the team for effort and they kept going until the end. Nor were exactly under the cosh at any point, they have beaten us through getting a break off the ball and a defensive balls up. But in terms of us actually attacking we were so lacking in quality, nous and imagination and when openings did come we blew them, such as Cadds dancing along the touchline only to put his cross straight out and Main standing unmarked waiting for a pass from Cadden that never reached him. That second opportunity was particularly galling given the fuck up that came a couple of minutes that gave Accies their second. Oddly I find myself not that upset at losing because it was Hamilton and a derby, nor the fact that it kills off any lingering top six hopes, but with St Johnstone and Hamilton gaining ground and some difficult fixtures ahead of the split it leaves that annoying lingering whiff still hanging around that we might get dragged back in. Over the season this team have accumulated a lot of credit in the bank but that was such a disappointing and lacking display today. Some reflection from the management team and a harsh word or two required I think.
  8. Hamilton Man of the Match

    Your thoughts and votes please...
  9. Scotland Call Up

    When Robinson said Cadden I thought yeah possibly. When he said Campbell I thought yeah possibly. When he said Tait though.... I'd be very very surprised. Even if he was deemed good enough for inclusion in the squad which I'm not 100% sure of I rather fear he'd be experiencing the "Joe Wark scenario" where one of Robertson or Tierney will be switched across to the other wing so that both can be included.
  10. Stevie Woods

    I just wish there were as many Cup Final wins to reflect upon as there have been 'Stevie Woods is the worst keeper in the world. Ever' threads. See you again in six months Stevie!
  11. Top 6?

    Fair points all but you've got me with the part in bold. By all accounts a home fixture against either can garner a significant sum. It would be especially so if God forbid one of them had the chance to win the title on our hallowed turf. Perhaps you're making the assumption that we wouldn't get another home game against either but it wouldn't be the first time we've had 3 fixtures at home against one team, or three away for that matter so that may not be the case, however slim.
  12. Scottish Cup Semi Final V Aberdeen(Hampden) 14/04/18 12:15

    Ahh the 1985 Semi Final. We were in the East terrace because they were doing Hampden up at the time and only half that end had been completed. I was in the enclosure at the front of the Main Stand, young enough not to quite fully comprehend the magnitude of the occasion but the angst of the Motherwell support around me when Graeme Forbes late header flashed past the post has never been forgotten!
  13. Scottish Cup Semi Final V Aberdeen(Hampden) 14/04/18 12:15

    We should definitely push for the East Stand. The comparison between East Stand for the Semi Final and West Stand for the Final was night and day. Off at Polmadie, few hundred yards along the road and the bus is parked up and you're in the Montford Arms, pint in hand in less than 5 minutes after coming off the motorway. Contrast that to the pissing about at the Final, going right past the cut off at Polmadie, spending the next half an hour stuck in traffic jams and doing a near full circuit of Hampden was murder and definitely impinged upon the pre-game build up.
  14. Scottish Cup Semi Final V Aberdeen(Hampden) 14/04/18 12:15

    Quite a day! I know Robinson was referring to McHugh when he made his remark about it being the stuff dreams are made of, but hey let's be honest was that finale not the kind of thing you sit and while a moment or two away daydreaming about when the situation allows? It was a terrific first half throughout which we were well on top. I can't say I felt that any apprehension that we were only one goal up, although the failure of McHugh to shoot, or put through one of his team-mates did appear an opportunity lost. From what I've read and heard by the letter of the law it would appear Dallas has been correct to disallow Cadden's goal. Clearly immense credit is due for the way he came to his decision in the blink of an eye. Despite having plenty more time to aid his decision making however he was well off the mark with several other of his calls. It seemed incomprehensible for example that yellow cards were being issued instantly to those in claret and amber whilst their opponents appeared to enjoy the luxury of being able to foul, be spoken to, foul a bit more and still avoid action. Second half was altogether more tricky and the tie did seem to be slipping away from us for a time. Again by all accounts it would appear that Dallas got the penalty correct. I am absolutely convinced however that by fair means or fouls Naismith was hitting the deck in the box no matter what kind of challenge Kipre made. Carson making his weekly jaw-dropper seemed to change the momentum slightly. I don't know if you could say it was a wake up call or whether down to the tweak in formation but at the very least we were giving as good as we were getting. It was a fitting way to win any Cup tie and I'm pleased for McHugh. He has been much like himself since the turn of the year in particular and even goal apart he did very well in putting in such a comitted and disciplined performance despite being booked so early. A bit different to how we won our Quarter Final earlier in the season, nowhere as emphatic but still a game that will live equally long in the memory.
  15. Scottish Cup Semi Final V Aberdeen(Hampden) 14/04/18 12:15

    Ha ha ha. Look! There's a bandwagon I see before me! Wonder if I can jump on it. Good try though.

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