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  1. Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    I don't think he got more than a couple of first team appearances if I remember rightly. Was sacked after he smashed Jim Griffin in training.
  2. The League Cup 2018'19 Thread

    I don't know whether it was coincidental it happened to us but if the last two years are anything to go by as the top seeds we should expect to face the next most difficult opponent (Queen of the South) at home, as happened with both Rangers and Morton. Otherwise really what's the point of having a seeding system if you don't give the higher seeded team an advantage. If that's the case obviously you're looking at two from three of Edinburgh City, Clyde and Stranraer for your away days.
  3. The League Cup 2018'19 Thread

    I quite like the format of the League Cup, but the regionalised nature of it means it has the potential for throwing up the same combinations of teams quite often. That's Stranraer and Edinburgh City twice in three years now. Still on the whole the competition has provided us with some new opposition to face and the chances to reacquaint ourselves with teams we haven't faced for long and weary.
  4. The League Cup 2018'19 Thread

    Seems a fine suggestion to me Jim!
  5. That Numbers Discussion Again

    You have to, and club obviously are making efforts on a few fronts in terms of making pricing as keen as possible, making the "match day experience" as enjoyable as it possibly can be and the work going through all the Community initiatives. That goes I suppose as much for retaining support as building on what we have. The demand for the two Finals I imagine will have been useful in giving the club a rough guage of what potential currently exists out there. It will also have been a wonderful opportunity at raising the profile of the club locally. NLC putting up banners, bunting in the streets, seeing shop and premises windows all decorated is publicity that you can't really buy. I suspect that everything that came with the Cup Final despite the fact we didn't actually win it will have had much more impact and a positive effect on potential supporters as the seasons we were finishing second or third. Like Katie though it would be interesting to see how the schemes like Wellevate have been performing. There was a degree of satisfaction at the beginning of the campaign that home supports were nudging above 4000. It will be interesting to see where we are at the start of next season and if we've been able to capitalise on the Cup Final. I also think that whilst we look to the club to see what they are doing there is a, perhaps responsibility isn't the right word, but a role for all existing supporters in doing what we can do ourselves. There are no better people to sell the club than of those of us who already live and breathe the club, and it was good to see that resource tapped into with the likes of the season ticket ads last summer and the cover of the programmes etc.
  6. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    Which obviously you would have to do as buses have different capacities and the club have been booking with those capacities in mind. If you're just randomly allocating numbers on the day then it would have been a disaster. If the club have earmarked 80 odd people to go on a double decker bus (say the yellow double decker from hell that was bus 18 yesterday) and then on the day because it happens to be 18th in line someone decides bus 18 will in fact be a single decker you are going to have a stack of irate supporters getting increasingly tetchy demanding to know what bus they're going to get to the Final on. They should ideally have been lined up in numerical order but from what I saw all buses were clearly marked with their numbers and people were taking the common sense approach of just keeping walking until they got theirs. No big deal.
  7. The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    It's a curious thing. He's obviously a half decent player and when you factor in the level of commitment, determination and desire he shows you would think those would be qualities and characteristics you would desperately want to have in a side battling against the drop. But seemingly not.
  8. The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    You're right of course. Hence the reason for my very deliberate "others I've forgotten" get out of jail card... In truth Aldred fitted in so seamlessly and approached his time at Motherwell in such a professional and committed fashion that, not for the first time, I actually forgot he was just on loan. It's the way of the game these days that loan moves are so common but whether through level of performance or for the way they've "got" our club some live in the memory longer than others. He's perhaps not quite Ruddy or Jutkiewicz English Premiership/Championship level of quality but he's right up in that bracket of terrific loan signings. Hope we can make it a permanent deal over the summer.
  9. So at the time of writing we know... IN Nobody confirmed as yet OUT Luke Watt, Nadir Cifti (loan return) and Stephen Hendrie (loan return) CONTRACT EXTENSIONS Charles Dunne, Cedric Kipre, Ryan Bowman, Richard Tait, Andy Rose, Liam Grimshaw and James Scott. And probably others I've forgotten about. Close season now open for business...
  10. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    A deflating day, although I must admit, my disappointment eased a touch having gone back to Fir Park after the game for a bit. It was nice to be around like minded souls. Obvious stuff but the game was won and lost in the first half. It was just such a disappointing first half performance from us. I think just about everyone bought into in the air of assurance and confidence that all at the club were showing beforehand but I think that just made the tentative and hesitant performance in the opening half hurt all the more. We performed much more creditably in the second half but Celtic obviously had the two goal cushion and had no real requirement to push on at that stage. If Bigi's free-kick had gone in or Cadden's header gone in or even veered further in the direction of Frear, who knows how the last few minutes might have panned out but the better team won and on this occasion we only have ourselves and not Craig Thomson or any official to blame this time. I think there's definitely a debate to be had about where we stand currently and what we need to do to progress and move forward but are those few minutes after full time when the rawness after a Cup Final loss is at it's greatest the time for that? Or when some of the contributions smack of capitalising on an opportunity to air negative opinions when morale has taken a hit. Rather than any perceived failing on the support I actually thought that most waiting around to applaud the team after the game and when they got their medals reflected well on us. A fact remarked upon by one or two in the media and some of the opposition support. I've seen loads of finals where the losers have fucked off pronto but I think it's to our credit as a support that we've sucked up the results of the League Cup and Scottish Cup Finals and hung around to show appreciation to the team. It can surely only enhance the rapport between the players and supporters and be viewed as a positive when attempting to attract or retain players. So, a disappointing end to the season without question but undoubtedly a season that's been a success on so many levels be that the improvement in league position, the success we've achieved in Cup competitions that have been so coveted and are so valuable to the club financially. But the club's Twitter account is right, it doesn't end here. It can't end here. A success it has been but there remains a fairly high ceiling in the league for improvement, an opportunity to expand upon to the style or at least add a variety to the type of football played and of course we will always retain aspirations of lifting silverware again (oh for the fortune of playing a non-Old Firm side in the Final again!) I'll be renewing the season ticket next week!!
  11. Your thoughts and votes please...
  12. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    I know they want everybody there and all but crikey, I've left later to get to Dundee!!
  13. Cup Final Strip

    I would find a change of badge odd on a couple of levels. For one thing I would think it might warrant some consultation, perhaps a selection process that involved supporters or at the very least some advance notice. Secondly it doesn't seem that long ago that Flow was going on about ensuring the "correct" Motherwell badge was been used consistently across our "brand" something he acknowledged hadn't been properly adhered to both inside and outside the club (you might have noticed that the banners NLC have put up for example don't have a white ball). But you never know I suppose.
  14. The Great Rebuild 2017'18

    The two new deals strike me as being sensible rather than spectacular. We know what we're getting with both ability wise, particularly Rose - Grimmy hints at having a bit more potential to develop and show greater consistency and they are both sufficiently youthful that their fitness levels aren't going to fall off a cliff during the summer. It would not be unreasonable to think then we're going to be no worse off next season than where we are now with them. And that's not to suggest where we are with them just now is a bad place. That for me gives us a solid platform to develop from next season. When you think of the injuries to the likes of McHugh and oddly enough both Grimshaw and Rose over the past couple of seasons I see it as no bad thing to have that depth in midfield. A depth that is hopefully going to be deeper still with the emergence of Turnbull. In a ideal world we let David Turnbull continue from where he's finished the league campaign this season and we perhaps don't need one or the other. The likliehood is though he's going to be eased in and out the side in much the same way Campbell was. Rose and Grimshaw are going to help with that easing in and out process. I think it's interesting that they are both one year deals. It doesn't suggest that there is a long term vision to build the midfield around them that's for sure. Rose I think will continue to be a useful player to have around the squad for as long as is required until the likes of Turnbull or whoever come on and push him further back in the queue, or of course he decides to relocate. Grimshaw has really come in the last couple of months and I think faces a challenge to see if he can replicate that form on a longer term basis to earn an extended deal this time next year. So aye, good solid and sensible planning to get them both tied up for another season.
  15. The Great Rebuild 2017'18

    Are you sure he wasn't just upset at the fact it was Motherwell who signed him? Raised over in the dark side of the M8 I also have numerous mates who support Airdrie and whilst friends for the best part of thirty years they may well be the signing of Ferguson and us effectively being something of a "parent club" in recent times with the numerous loanees we've sent their way is viewed as a none too pleasant and continual reminder of their current status.

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